Zodiac Signs Exemplified By Crazy People On The Subway

In case you’ve ever wondered what the astrology signs look like in the form of crazies on the subway, look no further! Okay, so you probably have never wondered that in your life, but we hope you’ll still get a kick out of these pics. Although they may make you want to go out and buy your own car afterward…

This woman is about to throw what appears to be a brick at a car or a person… What Horoscope sign do you think she is? We’ve compiled (12 WTF Pics) of all of our beloved personality traits of each Zodiac signs… taken on the subway. What’s your sign and do our subway images reflect your unique trait?

Aries (The Ram) Mar. 21 – April 19

Aries! Everything is a competition. Always ready to fight/argue. Love to intimidate you. The guy is on a subway train hanging from the hand rails, for what? Its not necessary but that’s Aries. They do it because it’s what nobody else is doing. If a Aries is upset just Let Them Win! If it’s dangerous it looks like fun to an Aries!