World’s Most Unexplained Mysteries Ever Captured

Nobody wants to be in the near vicinity of anything mysterious or the unexplained (real ghosts). But, what if you have no idea that it is right behind you? The feeling is certainly nerve wrecking isn’t it? Now think about the reactions of people who found out later that their pictures have something they didn’t know was present nearby. They haven’t yet gotten over the shock and we totally understand why.

Whether spirits, ghosts, and supernatural entities exist or not is a centuries old debate; even modern science is unable to categorically reject or accept their existence. But, we can prove that supernatural entities do exist and are indeed a reality.  Here are some of the strangest unexplained mysteries captured on camera that will reinstate your belief in supernatural phenomena.

Let us find out what some of the most famously unexplained captured images since the invention of a camera.

1900 Belfast Photo

This photo was taken at a linen factory mill in Belfast, Ireland at the turn of the century (circa 1900) which features sixteen young workers at the linen factory. Everyone in the picture has their arms crossed except the the moxie lass in the third row on the far left. What’s daunting about this photo is the mysterious hand. Who’s hand is that? In 2016 when this photo was printed as part of an exhibit of what life was like in Northern Ireland at the time, a lady by the name of Lynda contacted the original writer of the article and claimed that one of the young girl in the photograph was her grandmother by the name of Ellen Donnelly. Apparently her father has the original “family ghost photo.” Until this day, no one know who that extra hand belongs to as this is the original photograph that HAS NOT been Photo-shopped.