World’s 25 Most Dangerous Destinations for Travelers (Updated 2021)

International traveling is supposed to be a fun-filled and exciting time. You look forward to enjoying the time abroad and have a memorable vacation. However, without proper planning you cannot expect a worthwhile time, and this involves checking the security level of your desired destination. With terrorism at its peak and political instability on a rise almost everywhere around the world, it goes without saying that personal security should be your top priority. You need to avoid cities that aren’t tourist friendly.

These are not countries who are currently at war. These destinations are just your every day cities around the world that happens to have the highest murder rates. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has been locked down and tourism has completely tanked but if you decide venture out for quick get away…that may be your last, we have listed 25 such cities that you might want to avoid unless you’re only of those who likes to travel dangerously.

25. Cape Town, South Africa

South Africa has a reputation of being the most tourist-friendly destination in the entire continent. However, the city of Cape Town is not an ideal option from tourism perspective as it is known as the murder capital of the country. Given the overwhelmingly high number of people living under the poverty line, it is not too surprising that the city is plagued with violence. In fact, a study by the Mexican Council for Public Security and Criminal Justice ranked it the world’s 11th most dangerous city. You may travel through Cape Town but don’t ever travel alone, always travel in groups and avoid going out during nighttime.