Ultra-Talented Wives and Girlfriends of NBA Stars

NBA stars have the world under their feet. Money, fame, influential status, star power, and gorgeous Wives and Girlfriends (WAGs), is there anything in the world that’s missing from an NBA star’s life? Probably not!

However, the notion that the NBA stars’ wives and girlfriends are famous only because of their husbands’ celebrity status is completely wrong because they are as talented as their male partners. In fact, they aren’t any less than a celebrity themselves given their many achievements and talents. So, let’s celebrate womanhood by admiring these amazing WAGs who are no less precious than their superstar partners.

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Dwyane Wade, Gabrielle Union

An actress by profession, Gabrielle has featured in many hit movies since her debut in 1999. Many of her movies turned out to be highest grossers of the year, such as the classic teen rom-com She’s All That, or the cult classic 10 Things I Hate About You. She got the big break in 2000 with the role of Isis in the record breaking hit Bring It On. So far, Gabrielle has starred in many movies and TV shows. She started dating Dwayne Wade from Miami Heat in 2009. Interestingly, Wade is nine years younger than Union, but their age difference didn’t make a difference at all and the two got married in 2014.