15 Photos That Proved The Wind Is Not Our Friend

While some people dislike cold weather, others are terrified of high temperatures and humid weather. The truth is somewhere in between because there is something worse than both of them. The worst weather is the windy weather when everything seems it could fly, hairstyles look like bad hair days, and women don’t wear a skirt for a reason. 

We think the windy season is the worst of all, and the photos you will see will prove it correctly. This season exists even though not many people consider it! 

In a perfect place, the weather would be warm, but not hot, humid, but not rainy, and the sky is always blue and clear. We don’t live in such a world, but what we hate the most is the strong winds that change the day altogether. 

It’s best to lay back and prepare yourself for the 15 photos of the windy torture that can destroy every human’s day.