Portraits Of Unlikely Animals Who Are Best Friends

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The UK-based company, Warren Photographics specialized portraits of cuddly creature that are unlikely to be best friends. Here is a sample of some of the oddest yet cutest images you will see. Enjoy!

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“I just adore you.”

Ginger kitten, Tom, 8 weeks old, and Mallard duckling

“Hey shorty.”

Chocolate Muscovy Duck and Lionhead-cross rabbit

“Com’on wake up already!”

Young Grey Squirrel and sandy rabbit

“Enough with all the love already!”

Baby Grey Squirrel kissing a tabby kitten

“Psst… I need to tell you a secret.”

Lamb and white rabbit

“Quit posing and look at me!”

Whippet bitch, Tally, and Siamese kitten, 10 weeks old

“I wonder if we’re cousins?”

Dalmatian bitch Spot with spotted rabbit Womble

“I surrender!”

Airedale Terrier puppy, Molly, 3 months old, and ginger kitten, Butch, 10 weeks old, in playful confrontation

“I’m sorry, please stop yelling at me!”

Kitten facing House Sparrow (Passer domesticus) fledgling

“He’s our brother from another mother.”

Baby Tawny Owl and Somali kittens

“Hey cutie, are we related?”

Tortoiseshell kitten with baby tortoiseshell Guinea pig

“Hey, wake up already and play with me.”

Dogue de Bordeaux puppy, Freya, 10 weeks old, sleeping with Grey Squirrel under her ear

“Love you forever.”

Guinea pig with a tortoise

“Just want to let you know you’re my hero.”

Silver spotted kitten Zep meets Toggenburg kid.

“Hey, come closer I want to tell you something.”

Tabby-and-white kitten and baby rat

“Muah! Love ya babe.”

Young Badger (Meles meles) and black-and-white Border Collie, Phoebe

“Oy, I’m being sandwiched.”

Playful cream kitten, 8 weeks old, with sleeping Yellow Labrador Retriever pups, 6 weeks old

“Excuse me Mr. Hedgehog…”

Tabby kitten inspecting a Hedgehog

“Besties forever.”

Ginger kitten rubbing against a young Sandy Lop rabbit

“Hey, did you hear what I said?”

British Shorthair brown tabby female kitten with young agouti ‘windmill ears’ rabbit

“Ahhh, quit looking so grumpy and smile.”

Light Sussex bantam hen and black-and-white rabbit, Bandit

“Awe, you’re so soft.”

Cute tabby kitten, Fosset, 9 weeks old, rubbing against a yellow gosling

Family portrait.

Netherland Dwarf-cross rabbit, Peter, with a tortoise and yellow Guinea pig

“…I think you should look straight at the camera.”

Silver Exotic cat and two silver baby rabbits

“I wonder if she’s friendly because I really want to be her friend.”

Tabby kitten inspecting a tortoise

The odd couple.

Lamb and black-and-white Border Collie, Phoebe

“I think these are my kids.”

Silver Exotic kittens with silver Lop rabbit

“I really wish Piglet would stop talking.”

Dachshund pink piglet

“Hey you, wanna play?”

Silver tabby kitten with silver Agouti Lop rabbit

Fawn-Rabbit kiss.

Fallow Deer (Dama dama) fawn and Sandy Netherland-cross rabbit, Peter

“You’re over-(rabbiting).”

Young Grey Squirrel and fluffy rabbit

“O.M.G. did you hear about the latest gossip…”

Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) cub vixen, sitting with Netherland Dwarf-cross rabbit, Peter

“You’re my BFF.”

Toy Labradoodle puppy and Lionhead-cross rabbit

“I’m listening….”

Silver-spotted kitten with silver Lop rabbit.

“Ha! I got you!”

Fox and Kitten playing, 9 weeks old. (16 May)

“Strike a pose.”

Black kitten with black Lionhead-cross rabbit

“Hey, that’s mine!”

British Shorthair brown tabby female kitten with young Agouti ‘windmill ears’ rabbit

Hi, wanna be my friend?

Red tricolour Border Collie Chester, with a pair of lambs

“I wish they would get off of me.”

Cute tabby kitten, Stanley, 9 weeks old, with yellow ducklings

“Are you our mom?”

Guinea pig and Mallard ducklings

“I so have to tell you something.”

Chocolate Muscovy Duck and Netherland Dwarf-cross rabbit

“Thanks for listening.”

Ginger kitten, Butch, 10 weeks old, and baby Jackdaw (Corvus monedula)

Love has no boundaries.

Baby Hedgehog and Agouti Lop rabbit

All in the family.

Pygmy x Golden Guernsey female goat kid and Red Pomeranian dog

I hope these uber cute photos made you smile and giggle… please share it to also make someone’s day.

Cute tabby kitten, 4 weeks old, mewing and smiling.

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