Unbelievably Weird Shoppers at Walmart Stores

There is definitely no dearth of departmental stores in America. The likes of Target and Wal-Mart are always full of shoppers, some of which might be a little different from the rest. In these places, we are bound to meet people in most weird getups or doing something obnoxiously out of the ordinary. For some shoppers, visiting a departmental store is much more than buying a few packs of Extra Bold Chex Mix, it is an adventure for them and they try their best to let the world know about it.

So, let’s check out some of these extraordinary shoppers from across the country. 

Feeling High Yet?

Girls will be girls. They like to dress up a little, we all know that. But going to a departmental store in such high heels is definitely not a good sight. Whatever happened to smart casuals? Perhaps, she didn’t want to ask for anyone’s help in lifting the items at the top shelves and that’s why she wore these high heels. Or else, she was just trying to see how it feels like to be tall man. But she forgot that this isn’t the right place for this experiment.

Can you imagine all the different side-eyes looks she must have been getting from all the Karens you find at Walmart? And the pain, our soles hurt just by looking at the picture. Walking in high heels like that all over Walmart might be our biggest nightmare, but not for her. Honestly, she looks extremely uncomfortable walking in those shoes. Judging the rest of her outfit and her shoes, this girl needs a fashion intervention because she is not doing it right. Somebody needs to tell her that these shoes are not for places like Walmart. This is a decision she will probably regret for the rest of her life. Well, we all learn from our mistakes.

When You Have To Shop No Matter What…

It is the year 2021 and the world is still living in the middle of the COVID19 pandemic. In South Africa, it is a criminal offense that can be fined and imprisoned up to 6 months if you are caught not wearing a mask in public as was declared by the Prime Minister in December, 2020. So an unnamed woman in South Africa was waiting in line to check out at the supermarket, a staff guard at the supermarket asked her to leave as she was violating the store rules for shopping at the store without a mask on. She refused initially and when the staff guard was about to call security to escort her out of the store, the shopper, irritably and frustrated, as she just wanted to pay for her shopping… she bends lows and whips out her black thong underwear and put is over her face, using it as a makeshift mask. She then gave the staff member a thumbs up and said “Happy?”

‘Well personally I find it acceptable, it is a mask…And quite frankly I think the bacteria on your knickers is less than on the mask. Well done to you. Brilliant.”

Staff Guard at the Pick and Pay Supermarket

So even though this incident took place at the Pick and Pay Supermarket in South Africa, and not at our beloved Walmart, we wanted to share it with you and let you know, that there are ‘weirdos’ literally all over the world. Yes, the shopper in this footage was incredibly selfish and didn’t seem to care much about protecting herself or her fellow shoppers by having the audacity of entering the store without a mask in this day and age of living under COVID19 pandemic.

Nap time

When all you want to do is take a nap but your mom and grandma drags to you the market. Well, it’s not exactly a nice comfy bed but it’s flat and it might just work. We all had our days in childhood when all we wanted was to stay at home and nap or probably play video games, but then your mom forcibly takes you out to run errands. Isn’t that the worst feeling ever?

That is perhaps what happened with this boy as well. We all hate going grocery shopping with our parents unless it’s for something of our interest like toys or candy. Grocery shopping has to be one of the most boring things on the planet. When you feel the drowsiness hitting, there is no need to worry because this young boy has come up with the perfect way of getting a midway nap. It might be uncomfortable, but it will serve its purpose. Isn’t this what the lower part of a shopping cart is made for? To carry big and bulky things that cannot carry themselves or fit in the upper part. This approach might not work if you’re taller than 4 feet and we recommend taking a pillow with you if you plan on doing this the next time you go grocery shopping. This kid might look stupid, but he may be on to something.

Ain’t got time for walking

That moment: When you are so damn lazy that you say “f*ck walk’in!” Just push my fat ratchet ass around in the shopping cart! No sense of shame here… it’s a free country and she will do whatever the heck she pleases.

This scenario is actually much more common than the other ones on this list, but we usually see kids or “adventurous” teenagers doing this as an idea of fun. However, this girl is neither of those and is way too big to fit into the cart. We get it, you’re tired grocery shopping isn’t exactly a leisurely walk in the park, and you feel your legs giving up but honestly, this isn’t the way to make it better. And we get the whole, I don’t care attitude, but there is an etiquette to follow even in grocery stores. You will only end up disturbing the other shoppers while hurting your back and butt because a shopping cart isn’t exactly comfortable.

Parenting 101

Raising a child is not an easy feat to accomplish, and we have no qualms in admitting that. But this parent may have taken the saying in its literal sense as we cannot find another excuse to explain this situation. The mother might be trying some new DIY trick to increase the height of the toddler. All our sympathies are with the kid and we hope he reaches a decent enough height to meet his mother’s standards.

We cannot clearly understand what is happening in this picture. Is the mother trying to increase the toddler’s height, or has she come up with an innovative new trick to pick up stuff from the shelves she can’t reach. We see many weird things at Walmart, but sometimes we learn many new things from there as well. Now we know how to get stuff from the top shelf. However, coming back to this picture, we don’t think that the kid can help in picking up the heavy water bottles, so we really have no idea what is going on. What if the mother is just having fun with the baby and holding him up in the air because he wanted to see something.

Store-ing Memories!!!

We know it is difficult for people to afford pricey getaways to romantic places like Venice and Paris for their wedding. But choosing a departmental store for official wedding photo-shoot is not a good decision too. There are plenty of exquisite sites locally where they could have gone to get cozy and take pictures. But, let’s appreciate the photographer for respecting the couple’s choice of location though.

Every woman loves to shop, and when it is the sale season, they are bound to head to the superstore no matter what. So, if you want to propose to your shopaholic girlfriend in the sale season, you know where to find her.

Every girl has dreamed of the perfect proposal from their soulmates. Most of them prefer a romantic dinner; some prefer getting proposed to in front of the Eiffel Tower, while some prefer a very low-key proposal. We don’t know exactly what happened here. Was this the girl’s preference, or the boyfriend was the epitome of laziness that he decided to propose to his girlfriend in Walmart. If you look at it from a different angle, it can be considered a grand gesture, it’s a public place, so there are probably many people there cheering you on as it happens in movies. However, we just cannot get over the venue selection, it is just too bizarre for our taste, and we believe that unless the girl wanted this, she should have had thunk it over before saying yes. Making an effort is key in a relationship, and this proposal lacks everything related to an effort. Sale season might not be your best pick for proposal timing.

Entertainment unlimited

You have just spent half of your salary on groceries, so you deserve to be entertained.. right? How else would you justify a boxing ring placed in the middle of a supermarket?

Grocery shopping can be stressful; there is so much to buy, everything has gotten expensive since you came in last time, your kids are probably annoying the hell out of you, and you see the queue at the cashier increasing. The grocery shop knows about all your worries and is considerate enough to offer mid-shopping entertainment to you guys as a break from all the stress-inducing shopping. There is no better entertainment than a boxing ring with actual live boxing matches just nonchalantly going on in the middle of the grocery store.

Maybe there is the option of the shoppers participating in the matches as well. You can blow off some of the pent up steam you have gathered by boxing it all out. We guess it can be a fun activity to watch or participate in a full-blown boxing match in-between your grocery shopping, but we have to agree that it is weird. Why a boxing ring? That is the primary question mark. We appreciate the little efforts that the grocery shops make to keep us satisfied.

Feeling lucky yet?

This woman is visibly proud of her interests but we aren’t sure if she would be able to find both the items at the same rack. We aren’t even sure if she can find the second item in the grocery store at all; if she needs guidance, we can surely guide her to the stores that sell that kind of stuff. Maybe in Europe, you can find both biscuits and porn in one shop; however, you might have trouble finding anything of that sort in the United States of America.

For obvious reasons, kids come into grocery stores at all times, and America does not want to traumatize them as the legal age would vary from region to region. Additionally, “viewers discretion advised” is practiced more strictly in the United States of America. We are genuinely intrigued to get to know the woman and why she decided to buy this shirt and, better yet, wear it in public. There is no doubt that the woman’s kids, assuming that she has kids, are more than embarrassed to be seen with her whenever she wears this shirt. For similar reasons, she may be subjected to constant mockery and harassment. Most of any given population still views pornography as taboo and a controversial subject that is rarely touched upon in public.

Proudly Perioding

Gone are the days when even discussing womanly things like the monthly periods was a taboo. Today, women don’t feel embarrassed about having periods and telling the world about it too and this woman is a living example of this… may be. We are not even sure of what that even is, it a piece of toilet paper that got stuck after she went to the washroom, or is it a sanitary pad cover that she forgot to take out.

We feel horrible for her, how embarrassing even though periods are no longer a majorly taboo topic, but a period stain might be less awkward. Periods are not easy, they’re painful, uncomfortable, and distressing, and we agree that maybe the girl was just too unbothered or spaced out to realize the mishap. We hope that the person who took the picture told the poor girl about it, although taking a photo was a dick move in the first place. As much as the world has progressed regarding the women’s monthly cycle, there is still a stigma surrounding it and women are a victim of that stigma. As funny as this might look, you feel pity for the girl creeping in after the initial laugh.

Bonding unabashedly

Okay, we have no reservations with mother and son bonding in the public but this is seriously not normal behavior. And, we aren’t buying the excuse that they have separation anxiety because it is something kids experience when they are away from their parents. We know mothers can tend to be publicly affectionate towards their sons, sometimes the tables turn, but there is an appropriate limit.

This mother-son duo crosses all lines of any reasonable limits. We think that this is crossing even lines of unappropriated. This behavior is wrong behind closed doors, and they are shamelessly acting this way in the open public supermarket. Also, let’s talk about another significant wrong thing in this disaster of a picture. The boy definitely looks under the age of eighteen, and I’m pretty sure this is considered pedophilia. This picture is not weird it’s just wrong on so many levels that we might just call 911.

Softer side of cops

We all believe that cops must be really strict with their family members. But, this picture tells a completely different story as we see cops raiding the Hallmark aisle at midnight desperately searching for birthday cards to wish their wives. Sweet isn’t it! Now cops have that tough, macho guy exterior, but most of them are soft as butter from the inside.

They are humans, after all; they have hearts too and can be sensitive when it comes to their families. This picture depicts that perfectly, as we see a group of cops in uniform, picking out cards for a special holiday for their loved ones. This is such a heartwarming picture, as cops are so busy on duty that they don’t get to spend time with their family, but when it’s a special occasion, they make the best out of what they have. Don’t we just love love? Especially when tough men and women show such emotions.

Summery vibes in the store

Either this particular grocery store was a little too hot for this couple’s liking or they are somehow marketing for the latest swimwear because we don’t see any point in strolling around a grocery store right after sunbathing. This is a huge fashion faux pas, ladies and gentlemen, so better not to follow it.

Who in their right mind shops for cereal in their bathing suits. Well, the man doesn’t even seem to be wearing a bathing suit rather just his tighty whiteys. It would be justified if they were emergency shopping after having a swim like maybe they forgot their sunblock lotion or lost their clothes, but this is simply too bizarre. The least they could do was cover themselves with a towel if it was too much of an emergency. People sometimes end up making the worst decisions when they are dressing up to go for groceries. There might be a whole funny backstory about why they came to the shop like this, but all we see is an almost naked duo.

Strolling trolling

This guy has taken strolling around a supermarket too seriously. We really didn’t believe someone could be THIS lazy until we had a second look at this picture. All we can say is that couch potato seems like a thing of the past after seeing him.

This is bad, but it is better than moving around in a shopping cart. Hoverboards have been the new in thing for quite a long time now; it has been popular with kids and men with the maturity level of a thirteen-year-old. This guy seems like one of them. It’s outrageous that he could bring himself to walk on his feet even in a grocery store; it’s not IKEA, how big can the store be. Laziness is a disease, and technology is only further feeding that disease to grow. We have no hopes for people of the future; the picture of overly obese people doing everything with the touch of a button is quite apparent to us.

Beauty Cart-Sleep?

This is modern day sleeping beauty, symbolizing everything that ardent feminists vouch for. Today’s woman can decide what she wants to do in her life, how she wants to dress up, and where she chooses to sleep, even if it is a cart in a grocery store.

Sleeping in a cart might be the new trend, we guess; everyone seems to be doing it, may it be kids or women. What if it’s the time to get your beauty sleep before the event tonight, but you’re grocery shopping, don’t panic; you can take a nap in the shopping cart. If you’re petite enough to fit in the cart comfortably, then grocery shopping is about to change for you. There are probably no legal restrictions in doing this as well, so no one can stop you from doing this or wake you up in the middle of your nap. Be cautious that no one steals your cart while you’re sleeping in it.

Dad’s the Boss

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People like to have children for various sentimental reasons but this guy has a totally practical approach towards parenting. The way he has stuffed his kid with grocery items is downright appalling. We wonder what his wife would have said after seeing this picture.

How hard is it to get a shopping cart from the shop entrance, put your kid in the baby seat, and begin your shopping? It seems like the dad was not ready for that route. He was probably in a hurry, chucked everything into the baby stroller, and maybe forgot that his kid was also in the stroller by the looks of it. The poor kid is hidden behind the pile of items. This is highly irresponsible from the father’s side, he can easily hurt the child, or maybe the child is in discomfort but is unable to say so because of the groceries on top of her. This dad is not winning the award for the best dad ever any time soon.

Multi-tasker Mom

You would agree that a majority of the times we see moms running frantically here and there in the grocery store, trying to juggle between handling kids and getting stuff. But, this mama is an exception. She doesn’t care about the world when it comes to parenting not even her older son, who probably is traumatized for life.

Parenting is the most challenging job in the world, especially when you are parents to more than one kid, and they are almost of the same age. You are surviving frantically, multitasking to the maximum level, and raising your kids. This mother is one of the perfect examples of those moms who are so used to multitasking that they don’t care anymore. However, in this scenario, we believe it is more the kids are doing than the moms. The kid got hungry, and when he got the chance, he took a leap towards his food source. Anyhow the mom seems unbothered by the action of his little one and continues to shop. The mama probably needs a break from the kids.