The World Was Crippled by the 1918 Spanish Flu

It is shown in the photos how the world was brought to its knees by the flu pandemic in 1918. One third of the world’s population was affected by influenza pandemic in 1918 and lives of 50 million infected patients were claimed at least. Theatres, churches, schools and public meetings were closed in the United States of America due to virus. 675,000 people died in America in just a year. Virus, springing up from an avian strain, which is now called H1N1, was originally called the Spanish Flu. The terrors of one more pandemic have been sparked by the upsurge of novel coronavirus these days. The lethality of this 1918 influenza is shown in these images.

In recent times, this pandemic was worst of all. Death of 50 million infected patients at least occurred worldwide by the spread of the 1918 Influenza Virus. The cities were deserted and law enforcement agencies were forced to put a stop to public gatherings, shutdown schools, churches, theatres and even the funerals are banned in America. The H1N1 killed 675,00 Americans overall and it was named where it first appeared in Spain.  

Terror of one more pandemic was spread due to the new coronavirus. 51 countries with United States leading the number of deaths totaling worldwide of over 1.3 million people and over 54 million have been infected by it. This outbreak is currently an international public health pandemic until we find a vaccine.

The destruction of the pandemic and the way the world was brought down not too long ago by the Spanish Flu is shown by these photos.