The Funniest Coronavirus Masks You Will Ever See

Scientists have recently discovered that the corona-virus not only can make you sick and it can possibly kill you, but it can make you stupid as well. Since there is a shortage of N95 masks available for the public, there are indeed a few really “creative” individuals out there who have discovered new ways of up-cycling everyday items to use as masks for protection.

Find out how creative some people can get when they are desperate…. They must laugh at themselves for these inventions and more over, wearing them in public. These images will guarantee you’ll have a few laughs yourself.

Thong mask

It is now 2021, and there are plenty of n95 and surgical masks available. Unlike all the poor folks featured in this article, this woman was caught on camera violating the country and store policies by not wearing a face mask while shopping and waiting in line to pay for her groceries. When a staff member at the local Pick and Pay supermarket in South Africa approached her and asked her to leave, she made a big fuss about it and initially refused to leave. It was only when the staff member was about to call security guards that she bent low, tugged at her panties, pulled it from underneath her dress and put it on her face to use as make shift mask. Though the staff member found it quite un-sanitized, she allowed the shopper to stay and check out her groceries.