The Brightest U.S. Presidents Ranked By IQ Score

Could there be some criteria for smartness and intelligence that entitles one to become the president? Do one have to exhibit above-average intellect to be allowed to lead

a nation? Maybe yes, and perhaps not. There could never be a definite answer to such queries. However, as they say, the more, the merrier; we wouldn’t mind having a leader who’s blessed with the best of both worlds. And, nowadays it is possible to measure the intelligence level of any individuals, including our leaders.

A University of California at Davis psychologist and researcher, Dean Simonton, did exactly what we wanted to know at a time when the nation hasn’t completely overcome the election vibes. Simonton quantified the intelligence quotient (I.Q.) of U.S. presidents. To do this, Simonton used various factors, including “openness”, “intellectual brilliance”, etc., and was able to get a clear picture of our leaders’ smartness level. We have collected the accurate data of American presidents’ I.Q.s after the age of 18.

For your information, around 70% of the people in the world have an I.Q. ranging between 85 and 115. And, for running a country, one definitely would need more than that.

Some U.S. President scored higher than others…and surprisingly there are U.S. President that we had no idea were as intelligent as they were rated. Some who we thought were clearly much smarter than others were indeed completely not whatsoever. Find out who of these U.S. Presidents is the smartest of all.

Ulysses S. Grant – IQ Score: 120

As per Simonton’s research, Grant had the lowest I.Q. among all the U.S. president elected prior to 2006. Ulysses Grant was the 18th U.S. president (1869-1877). During his youth, his classmates mocked him a lot and called him a Useless guy. Grant always struggled to fit into school and wasn’t interested in studied at all. However, he chose to join the hardest and most demanding of all professions, the Military. After graduating from West Point, he joined the Army and served with distinction. Grant was a courageous soldier and reached the position of a Commanding General. Before becoming the U.S. president, Grant led the Union Army’s Vicksburg campaign to regain control of the Mississippi River and played a fundamental role in winning the Civil War. During his presidential tenure, Grant achieved many significant milestones.

For instance, during Reconstruction, Grant cooperated with the Radical Republicans with the sole aim of protecting the Black community. He also worked hard to reestablish the public credit and in the rebuilding of the U.S. Navy, which lagged behind other powerful navies in the world, such as Spain. Born and raised in Ohio, Ulysses Grant possessed exceptional skills and could handle horses incredibly well. This skill helped him a lot throughout his military career. Unfortunately, Grant’s entire presidential run was marred by corruption rumors. He couldn’t stop the great depression of the late 1880s, which resulted in making many people bankrupt, including Ulysses Grant himself.

Joe Biden IQ Score: 124

Joe Biden is the newly elected president of the United States. Biden has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Delaware. The U.S.’s 46th president is a double major in History and Political Science and later earned a law degree from Syracuse University. However, he wasn’t one of the brightest students in the class and was even suspected of indulging in plagiarism in college. He chose to focus more on his political career and didn’t work much in the private sector. Therefore, there aren’t many achievements of Biden to measure his skill level.

In fact, Biden has spent almost half a century in politics. Biden faced one of the worst tragedies of anyone’s life when his first wife and two of his four kids, an infant daughter and an adult son Beau, died of brain cancer. Joe Biden has served as a civil servant since 1972. He is the 5th youngest U.S. Senator in the U.S. history and the longest-serving Senator for Delaware.

George W. Bush – IQ Score: 124.88

George W Bush is the 2nd son of a U.S. President to occupy the Oval Office. John Quincy Adams was the first such president, who became the president in 1825. Presidency seems to be a tradition that runs in the Bush family. Another rule is sending kids to a boarding school. So, following this tradition, George Bush was also sent to a boarding school. However, initially, his academic career was quite challenging. In many of his interviews, Bush narrated how a straight C-student eventually became one of the most successful presidents in U.S. history.

As a president, Bush’s biggest challenge was addressing terrorism. It was during his regime when the unfortunate attack on the World Trade Center occurred, an incident commonly referred to as 9/11. In response to the terrorist attacks in September, Bush established the Department of Homeland Security in 2001 and initiated the War on Terror in Afghanistan. he also signed the much controversial Patriot Act and made it into law. The Patriot Act allowed surveillance of suspected terrorists.

In modern times, President George Bush’s first term is regarded as the most consequential in the U.S. history. The U.S., along with its coalition partners, launched the war against global terrorism. Still, he received immense criticism over the Iraq War and his administrative actions during the devastating Hurricane Katrina. Bush had to deal with mean memes, endless jokes, and media trials throughout his tenure, but he never complained about it.

(tie) Andrew Johnson – IQ score: 125.65

Andrew Johnson was the seventeenth U.S. President who led the nation from 1865 to 1869. Johnson was born and raised in a lower-middle-class household and, therefore, couldn’t afford to receive formal education and became a tailor. Luckily, he got married to Eliza, the daughter of a famous shoemaker, who was well-educated and helped him learn mathematics and improve his writing skills. However, he still wasn’t as skilled to make a favorable and lasting decision as a president. Before becoming the president, Johnson occupied several key positions, including the Governor of Tennessee. Johnson was a Democrat who supported states’ rights and was the only Southern Senator during the Civil War who remained loyal to the Union Army.

After Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, Johnson became the president, an incident that occurred just six weeks after he was inaugurated as the Vice President. John was the first president in the U.S. to be impeached, and his policies sharply contrasted those of his predecessor. Johnson allowed Southern states to create their civil governments, due to which many freed slaves lost most of their civil liberties. Johnson also opposed the provision of rights for African-Americans. His presidential tenure is regarded as among the worst in American history.

 (tie) Zachary Taylor – IQ score: 125.65

Zachary Taylor isn’t the smartest president on this list. However, we do believe that he was an interesting study. Taylor was revered by the public and declared a National War Hero as he played a key role in battles like the Mexican War. He served in the U.S. Army for about four decades before becoming the 12th president of America in 1849. During his tenure, slavery and Southern secession were the most prominent national issues.

Zachary Taylor led the troops against Native Americans and studied the main elements of their warfare style as well as how to defeat the competition. Taylor served as the commander of U.S. troops in five battles, including the Mexican-American War, and won all five. He was a courageous soldier who defied orders and pushed the undefeated forces to as far south as Mexico.

As much as Taylor’s career in the military was successful, his brief presidency was beset with various problems. The most perplexing of them was the controversial issue of extending slavery into the newly acquired Mexican areas. It wouldn’t be wrong to state that he was elected because of his successes as the commander. However, as a president, he couldn’t deliver much. One reason could be that he was in office only for sixteen months and died of Cholera. However, in such a short time, Taylor tried his best to keep slavery out of California, Mexico, and Utah’s developing states.

James Buchanan – IQ score: 125.93

James Buchanan was the fifteenth president of America (1857-1861). He started his political career as a Federalist party member. However, being a savvy businessman, he quickly identified that the Federalists had no future. Hence, he chose to become a Democrat. Buchanan is referred to as one of the worst presidents ever to rule America primarily because of his ignorance towards vital issues like the Southern states’ secession, slavery, and most importantly, the establishment of the Confederacy. Historians claim that his ignorance brought America to civil war.

Buchanan was a lawyer and had amazing oratory skills. From 1814 to 1816 he served in the Pennsylvania legislature, from 1821 and 1831 in the House of Representatives, and in the U.S. Senate from 1834 to 1845. Buchanan was also part of Andrew Jackson’s presidential administration. He was a talented politician with incredible professional integrity and skills.

Buchanan had immense legal knowledge and was apt at balancing differing coalition agendas. If his presidential tenure wasn’t marred with so many complex issues, he might have become the most successful president of the U.S. The problem with the era was that there were too many forces trying to tear the country apart during the late 1850s.

Andrew Jackson – IQ score: 126.25

The early-to-mid-1850s was a difficult period for America. It was the most troubled time in U.S. history. Andrew Jackson, the 7th president of America, and his successor James Buchanan became presidents during this turbulent time and had to deal with various controversial issues. Jackson’s presidential tenure is a lesson for all politicians as it is an example of how bad decisions keep haunting us even after we are gone.

Jackson was a wealthy plantation farmer and commanded troops during several key conflicts, and based on his recurrent military successes. He is mostly remembered as a president who supported slavery and opposes the abolitionist movement. However, historians’ views on Jackson were quite positive in comparison to other presidents during that time. That’s because he promoted democratic principles. One of Jackson’s most memorable achievements, something that no other president could achieve after him, was that he paid off the national debt completely.

Jackson is fondly remembered as the people’s president. There are several remarkable achievements of Andrew Jackson apart from making Americans a debt-free nation. Such ass he destroyed the Second Bank of the United States, laid the foundation of the Democratic Party, supported institutional policies and individual liberty, which forced the Native Americans to migrate.

William Howard Taft – IQ score: 126.9

William Howard Taft is the best example of the importance of work ethics, honesty, and dedication. Taft achieved so much during his tenure (1909-1913), which many other presidents couldn’t. When he was a student, his teachers didn’t think that he would go far in his career as he wasn’t too brilliant. However, his parents always motivated Taft and pushed him to improve and excel in whatever field he chose. That’s why Taft was able to emerge as a topper in law school and finished second in a class of 121 students. Later on, he developed a greater interest in working as a lawyer. Taft served as a lawyer, local and federal judge, the U.S. solicitor general, and the U.S. secretary of war. He was the 27th president of the United States and served only one term. However, he later occupied another pivotal position in the country, the Chief Justice of America. His presidential tenure is remembered for his trust-busting efforts, empowering the Interstate Commerce Commission to determine railroad rates, supporting constitutional amendments to mandate a federal income tax, and enabling people to elect the senators directly. Through his reforms, Taft managed to address progressive democratic, economic, and social welfare goals.

Gerald Ford – IQ score: 127

Gerald Ford, the 38th president of America, was all set to go to law school soon after completing his bachelor’s. However, due to his impressive career in college-level football, many NFL teams offered him lucrative contracts. Nonetheless, Gerald Ford decided to study law, and law remained his first and foremost priority. He also worked as an assistant football coach.

Ford’s vice presidency was full of scandals and controversies. He was roped in after Vice President Spiro Agnew resigned. And when President Richard Nixon also resigned, Ford stepped up and occupied the position. He served as the American president between 1974 and 1977. That particular phase of American history was marked with rising inflation, unemployment, and the Vietnam War. It was a challenging era, and along with that, Ford experienced assassination attempts not once but twice.

It is a fact that despite inheriting a plethora of challenges, Ford remained as upright, honest, and straightforward as he was before becoming the president. He was a staunch supporter of equal rights to all and worked for promoting education for children with special needs. Gerald Ford remained the president for 895 days, which is the shortest duration for a president who didn’t die in office in American history. Some of his notable achievements as a president include signing the Helsinki Accords, cutting the inflation rate by half, and getting nearly 4 million people employed.

Calvin Coolidge – IQ score: 127.1

The 30th president of America, Calvin Coolidge, was a man of few words. He believed in acting rather than speaking, and many even referred to him as the Silent Cal. Coolidge believed that “The words of a president have an enormous weight and ought not to be used indiscriminately.” Coolidge served America as president between 1923 and 1929. He was a conservative Republican who believed in limiting the scope and size of the federal government. Coolidge was among the most progressive presidents as he fully supported the Suffrage movement.

After becoming the president, Coolidge immediately implemented measures to reduce taxes and federal spending. He is one of the few presidents who left office with a budget deficit and smaller national debt than his predecessors. One of the most significant achievements of Coolidge was the signing of the Immigration Act. Through this act, he imposed restrictions on immigrants from southern and eastern Europe. When America dealt with economic issues, Coolidge made significant tax changes to boost the economy, supported racial equality, and brought together the nation. He is still counted among the few very popular presidents in America.

Harry Truman – IQ score: 127.55

Harry Truman was America’s 33rd president. He remained in the office from 1945 to 1953. An interesting fact is that president Truman never got a college degree and was blind in one eye. His path to the presidency was rather unconventional. He cheated in a vision test to enter the military. After his troops achieved consecutive successes in World War I, the countrymen noticed the amazing leadership qualities that he possessed.

Truman served as the vice president for President Franklin Roosevelt in 1945 for just 82 days. After the demise of Roosevelt, Truman took office. He wasn’t too experienced in political or foreign relations, but historians declared his presidential tenure as “near great.” Truman’s policies were entirely different from Roosevelt’s as he implemented an internationalist foreign policy.

The most impactful event that occurred during Truman’s presidency was the atomic bombing against Japan. In fact, Truman was the one who decided to use the atomic bomb to end World War II. Then he also helped in the rebuilding of Europe after the war was over. His role in the downfall of the Soviet Union cannot be neglected. His foreign policy helped American counter Soviet actions successfully. It wouldn’t be wrong to claim that the Truman Doctrine set the framework of how the U.S. should conduct itself in the post-war world.

Lyndon B. Johnson – IQ score: 127.83

When Lyndon B. Johnson, fondly remembered as LBJ, was just 12-years-old when he declared that he would become America’s president one day. LBJ dreamed big, as he had seen his parents struggle to make ends meet and closely experienced how inflation affected low-income households. Johnson wanted to become successful and worked tirelessly to achieve his goals.

His primary goal was to enter the White House and occupy the country’s most influential president position. However, the circumstances under which LBJ managed to achieve his goal were anything but normal. He was sworn in as the country’s 36th president after the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

After becoming the president, LBJ launched an ambitious array of progressive reforms to create a Great Society for the nation. He developed programs that had a lasting impact on the American health care, economic, and education sector. He launched programs like Head Start and Medicare and signed the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act. However, despite several remarkable achievements, his legacy was marred by LBJ’s inability to lead the nation out of the Vietnam War quagmire. He decided to retire in 1969 after serving one term.

Herbert Hoover – IQ Score: 129.78

Herbert Hoover had a flair for business management from the beginning. He couldn’t get into Stanford, something that he regretted. Hoover had studied geology at school and managed football and baseball teams. He also did laundry for fellow students as a side business. After finishing college, Herbert Hoover started working as a mining engineer in Australia. He was involved in the country’s gold mining industry as a financier, investor, speculator, and mining-related developmental works manager. He also delivered lectures at Universities. Many of you must have heard about the Hoover Institution, the conservative research organization. Interestingly, it was founded by Hoover as a library. Today it is an influential organization that strongly promotes conservative ideology. Through his gold mining business, Hoover became quite rich and earned worldwide fame.

Although a successful businessman, Hoover wasn’t a successful president. The 31st president of the U.S. was an unpopular public figure. He occupied the office during 1929-1933 when America was going through the Great Depression. We cannot blame him for the country’s devastating economic condition back in 1929 when the financial crisis broke out. Yet, his legacy as a president is linked with it.

Ronald Reagan – IQ Score: 130

Ronald Reagan once said that his parents always taught him to remain impartial when making decisions, always be good to others, and maintain a sense of faith. Reagan was the 40th president of America and remained in office from 1981 to 1989. His road to the White House was very unusual as he first earned success and fame as an actor and then became the president. Reagan was the president of the Screen Actors Guild and worked for General Motors as a motivational speaker. Reagan served two terms as the governor of California and tried his luck for the presidency several times before winning the office in 1981. Even though many of his policies were criticized, he stayed true to his values. He left the office with a massive 68% approval rating, which is the highest ever rating for a departing president in recent times.

Some of the notable achievements of president Ronald Reagan include cutting domestic discretionary spending and taxes, increasing military spending, and taking on the public-sector labor unions. He survived one assassination attempt and also stimulated the War on Drugs. The main pillars of his economic policy were the reduction in government spending, drop in the federal income tax, reduction in government regulation and capital gains tax, and tightening of the money supply to decrease the rate of inflation. His economic policy was nicknamed Reaganomics. There’s no doubt that even after so many years, Ronald Reagan continues to be one of the most popular and loved presidents in America’s history.

George H.W. Bush – IQ Score: 130.13

The 41st president George H.W. Bush studied in Ivy League school. Before graduating from Yale University’s enhanced program with a BA in economics, he served the Navy. Along with he was associated with Delta Kappa Epsilons and the baseball team’s captain. Although he was the least intelligent president in history, he launched successful military operations against Panama and Iraq. However, his fame was ruined by the economic depression at the time.

William McKinley – IQ Score: 130.18

William McKinley, the 25th president of America from 1897-1901, served as the subordinate of Rutherford B. Hayes during the Civil War. Interestingly, both of them eventually became the presidents of the country. If anyone wants to brush up on networking or mentorship skills, McKinley and Hayes are the perfect case studies. McKinley’s presidential tenure was quite successful, mainly because he had the full support of Hayes.

McKinley inherited a thriving economy. He initiated and ultimately won the Spanish-American War, which historians claim is the hallmark of his tenure. A significant achievement of William McKinley as president was gaining Guan, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines. McKinley also signed a resolution to annex Hawaii to the USA. McKinley’s primary focus during his presidency remained on the expansion of American industry, and he supported an increase in protective tariffs, the result of which was the Dingley Tariff Act. He also promoted the gold standard and rejected the expansionary free silver monetary policy. He advocated for Sound Money and believed that higher tariffs would help in restoring prosperity. McKinley strongly denounced class warfare advocates like Bryan, his opponent in the 1900 presidential election, and defeated him to occupy the presidency for another term.

James K. Polk – IQ Score: 130.2

The 11th president of the United States, James K. Polk, occupied the office from 1845 to 1849. He is known for adopting the strictest work ethics and was widely praised for his dedicated efforts. However, one thing that cannot be ignored is that he compromised his social life and personal health to achieve success. Polk was an extremely hard-working individual and one of the most impactful, effective, and influential presidents of the time. James Pol fulfilled every major policy promise he made to the public and prepared the nation to become a world power.

James K. Polk is known for expanding the U.S. territories via the Mexican-American War. He was the youngest successful candidate for the presidency during that time. In fact, throughout his presidency, the U.S. underwent massive territorial expansion with the Republic of Texas’s annexation, the Mexican Cession after American won the war, and the Oregon Territory. It would be fair to state that James Polk achieved enough success to last several lifetimes during his presidential tenure. He died only three months after exiting the White House.

Polk’s life and career are the perfect examples of how to balance work and life. He chose his cabinet minister wisely and employed a diplomatic approach in every aspect of running a government. He wrote once that all his efforts were driven towards compensating for the fact that he once was “the meager boy, with pallid cheeks, oppressed and worn with disease.”

Grover Cleveland – IQ Score: 130.95

Grover Cleveland was the 22nd and 24th president of the United States of America. His dedication towards making the country a better place was seen throughout both his terms as President. He had respect for high values and principles, which made him one of the top presidents to come into the office. His determination towards success could be seen when he could not afford college but could pass the Bar by studying on his own. He then went on to start his firm after working three years for someone else’s law firm.

He joined politics and soon became the mayor of Buffalo, New York, and later won the elections as Governor of New York. In the first four years of his presidential term, Cleveland was beloved by many. However, he still fell short during his second election and could not stay in office because of his campaign issues. He ran again in the following elections and came back into office as the 24th President of America.

Richard Nixon – IQ Score: 131

Richard Nixon, the 37th president of]the USA, was a star kid throughout his academic life. His grades were outstanding, he was exceptional in all the extracurricular activities he took part in, and he had ambitions to learn. Nixon chose to become a lawyer and graduated from law school. He had planned on joining the FBI was unable to do so. Hence he got a job in an ordinary law firm where he worked hard for years to become a partner finally.

Nixon wasn’t only academically gifted; he gave a stellar service in World War II for which he was awarded two commendations. Nixon joined the presidential race two times but won only in the second try. Richard achieved many targets using his phenomenal intellect to win over many foreign policies. However, Nixon faced many scandals while he was the President; his achievements were eclipsed because of his defamation. He’s the only President who resigned from office.

Dwight D. Eisenhower – IQ Score: 131.9

Growing up, Dwight Eisenhower wasn’t very much into academics. He had more interest in sports. He was a great athlete, but his academic record was not up to par. He was also known as a delinquent when he attended West Point high school. After his graduation, he joined the military, where he earned a good reputation and standing.

He was posted to Washington after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in world war two. He was asked to draft the plans that would be used to defeat Japan and Germany. His work in the army was much appreciated and commended. After the military, he was positioned as the first Supreme Commander for NATO. Following NATO, Eisenhower became the 34th president of the United States of America. He belonged to the conservative party. His presidency was applauded by many because he led the expansion of Social Security. Scholars and historians have talked about how Eisenhower became one of the top US presidents from being a below-average student.

Benjamin Harrison – IQ Score: 132.15

Benjamin Harrison was also a lawyer by profession and was quite successful at it. He was known as a politician and a church leader before running for President and then becoming the 23rd president of the United States in 1889. His grandfather William Harrison was the ninth President of the country. This was the only grandfather and grandson duo that have become presidents. During his presidential term, America prospered significantly. Under him, national forest reserves came to being, there was an addition of six western states into American plus he helped build the Navy.

He faced many losses during his terms, such as not winning the bill for funding education and allowance of the African American voting rights. By the end of his tenure, he was not that popular with America’s people because he spent a lot of the country’s money. The press, public and opponents highly criticized his high expenditure on luxuries.

George Washington – IQ Score: 132.5

George Washington did not have as high of an IQ for the gentlemen of his time. Compared to the other Presidents of hi generation, George Washington did not have an academic upbringing as he did not have any education further than elementary school. He still however became the first president of the United States in 1789 despite the fact that records have shown that he took the position with resistant as he just wanted to be a private individual after the American Revolution was fought and the colonies kicked out the King George and the British army.

This achievement proves that people do not need to have a degree to create history. He had an unfortunate childhood; his father passed away when he was in school; his family was poverty stricken, so he had to drop out of school to help out. However, Washinton was an intelligent kid; he had great knowledge of mathematics, drafting, making maps, and surveying, which ultimately led him to become a colonial surveyor at just seventeen years of age. He got a job at the colonial military, where he spent six years. He helped draft maps for the military at times of war with the French and Indians. He had highs and lows, sometimes even epic failures, which led him to believe that the states require a stable democracy.

Martin van Buren – IQ Score 133.35

The eighth president (1837-1841), Martin Van Buren belonged to a Dutch family, making him the first non-British background President of the US He was raised in a traditional dutch community and household in New York. Dutch was his first language, so he had to learn English as a second language making him the only President ever.

He played several roles while he was in the democratic party regardless of his non-British background. He ran for President, became the President, all while being from a different background. His term as President, however, was not very successful. The country went through economic depression, plus he refused Texas from entering the Union. The people of the country were least impressed by his work.

Moreover, the press had a party with his downfall. As predicted, he lost the second term election, and William Henry Harrison became the new President. He blamed the bad economy on Martin and named him “Martin Van Ruin.”

Rutherford B. Hayes – IQ Score: 133.93 (Tie)

The future 19th president (1877-1881) Rutherford B. Hayes studied law at Harvard Law, and before his admission, he used to work in a law office for almost twelve months. He was a huge supporter of equality and was a staunch abolitionist; he believed that blacks and whites were equal. When he worked as a lawyer, he would fight cases for slaves that had run away. He was popularly known as an idealist. He also believed in meritocracy above contacts and affiliations.

When he became the 19th president of the United States of America, Rutherford promoted civil service reform, plus he fixed the issues left behind after the Civil War and Reconstruction. As mentioned above, Rutherford B. Hayes worked hard for civil rights for the African Americans; he tried his best to end the political and social differences between the two races. His attempts went unsuccessful as he could not reach a solution. Hayes pledged not to run for reelection.

William H. Harrison – IQ Score: 133.93 (Tie)

Even though William Henry Harrison, the 9th president (1841) came from a wealthy family, he got next to nothing in his inheritance because being his parent’s final child out of seven. He was intelligent, so he knew he could do much better than his inheritance. He joined the military, where he had a prosperous and fruitful career using his intellectual abilities and other talents. William Harrison led the country’s infantry and cavalry through many battles.

After the rewarding time he spent on the battlefield, Harrison became a part of politics. He became the first governor of Indiana. Harrison then went on to become the ninth President of the United States of America after defeating Van Buren. He had the shortest presidential term because after he was sworn in, he caught a deadly cold. Harrison died after 30 and a half days ending his extremely short presidential time sparking a very short constitutional crisis.

Franklin Pierce – IQ Score: 134.78

Pierce had a pretty easy life; his father was the military leader during the Revolutionary War, and that brought many benefits for his family and him. It was almost like he was a celebrity in New Hampshire. His family background easily got him into politics, which eventually led him to become the USA’s 14th president.

He did not earn a good reputation during his term. He did not live up to the people’s expectations, and historians refer to him as one of the worst presidents today. He had good intentions because he built up accountability in government sectors and wanted to start building railroads.  However, his achievements were overshadowed by initiatives that weren’t so liked by people. Those included the Kansas-Nebraska Act, amongst many more. The Kansas Nebraska Act gave new territories the right to decide if they wanted to allow slavery or no. Many violent riots took place between the pro and anti-slavery parties. This act laid the foundation for the Civil War.

Millard Fillmore – IQ score: 135.98

Millard Fillmore was the 13th president of the United States. He had an inspiring story in which the son of a sharecropper became the President. His family had no money, so Fillmore never got to attend school, but he was able o teach himself enough to start earning with his intellect. He became a judge’s assistant, which helped him become a lawyer without ever acquiring any degree.

He lived in New York buffalo, where people treated him with respect both as a lawyer and a politician. Later on in his life, he ran for vice president along with Zachary Taylor. They both won the elections; however, Taylor’s death resulted in Fillmore taking his place. He chaired in tough times, such as riots for slavery rights and many more. His policies regarding those issues were not widely acclaimed.

After the end of his term, he became a founder of the State University of New York.

John Tyler – IQ score: 136.2

John Tyler was a prominent and famous lawyer in his youth. His Clients were so fond of him that they pushed him to become a politician. He became the President without getting elected after the sad demise of William Henry Harrison. He was the first VP ever that became President without an election.

He was the 10th president of the United States; he had issues with most people working in his party and the bills they passed. Soon after his swearing-in, more than half of his Cabinet had quit. He was called “His Accidency.”

Tyler had a strong faith in manifest destiny; most of his work was to broaden America’s borders. However, he was unsuccessful in doing that because slave labour was present to push America’s boundaries. He is one of the least remembered that never made a mark in history or scored a seat in the top US presidents.

Franklin Roosevelt – IQ score: 139.6

Franklin Roosevelt remains one of the most legendary and influential presidents that America has seen in modern times. He was so good that he was elected for three full terms. He remains the only one to do so. He came into office as the 32nd president of the United States while the Great Depression was in full force. Right away, he got to work to provide America relief from the economic disaster by launching programs through New Deal. The social security program that the US still has is the courtesy of president Roosevelt.

Roosevelt was the reason America was able to defeat Japan and Germany after the attack in WWII by declaring war against them and personally monitored the atomic bomb production. He even helped lay the preliminaries for Europe after the war. He a=was in affiliation with several countries that helped him create a framework for the United Nations.

Barak Hussein Obama – IQ score: 140

After years of slavery, systematic racism, oppression, and hatred, Barack Hussein Obama made history in 2009 by becoming the first ever black African-American President of America’s United States. He belonged to the Republican party and came into office as the 44th president, and since then, he has won a Nobel Peace Prize. Some people argue that he is not deserving of the prize since he did not do any commendable thing when he was in office. He did sign off on many landmark bills during his first two years as President. He fought for the inclusion of LGBTQ rights and abolished the ban on same-sex marriage in the whole country.

Before becoming President, Obama was a junior senator in Illinois. He is a very intelligent man with a high IQ. Barack Obama put his stellar intellect into use. After finishing his undergraduate at Columbia University, he studied law at Harvard Law.

James Madison – IQ score: 141.25

James Maddison is the shortest President that the United States have seen till yet, at five feet 4 inches. Madison became the fourth president of the country. His height did not affect his intelligence; he had an exceptional IQ of 141.25. Madison finished his studies from the College of New Jersey. He majored in the classics, then in political philosophy. Political philosophy created the drive within him to start a career as a public servant.

Madison played a significant role in outlining the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Hence he has been given the title of “Father of the Constitution.” His wife also paved the path for the role of the First Lady in society and philanthropy. He spent two full terms in office as President. He supported the progress of a having a stable military plus a national bank after the disorderly war that took place in 1812.

Chester Arthur – IQ Score: 141.5 (Tie)

Chester Arthur was the vice president for President Garfield; after President Garfield’s sudden demise, Arthur took his place in the office as the 21st president of the United States of America. He was a just president; he wanted merit to be the sole reason people would get government positions rather than through contacts and affiliations.

He lost the election for the second term regardless of his high intellect and values; historians claim that it was because of a bad reputation that he had gotten from the job he used to do in former years. He had been criminally charged with performing bribery plus corruption when he used to work as a Collector of the Port of New York. The charges were never proven, and he never got convicted, but his reputation was stained, and it cost him a second term as the President. He was also criticized for not being able to increase the country’s surplus.

James Garfield – IQ Score: 141.5 (Tie)

James Garfield lived a very short presidential term, one of the shortest in fact. He didn’t have a financially stable background while growing up; he came from a low-income family. James used to work as a boat worker; then, he became a carpenter that got him into college. From college, he applied into the Ohio state Senate.

James Garfield did not intend to apply for the presidential race. He gave a really powerful and well-appreciated nomination speech for John Sherman. When the other hopefuls were not picked due to lack of support, Garfield was chosen as a nominee for the presidential race. He ran the election to become the 20th president of the United States of America.

His main focuses as President were abolishing corruption from the post office and broadening the US Navy’s influence. He also advocated for the civil rights and livelihood of the African-Americans. He was assassinated through a gunshot after six months of winning the presidency.

Theodore Roosevelt – IQ Score: 142.28

Theodore Roosevelt remains the youngest President to ever come into the office in America’s history. He was the vice-president for William Mckinley, who was assassinated in 1901. After Williams’s untimely demise Roosevelt, who was just 42 years old, took Williams’s place as the US’s 26th president. He remains one of the most legendary presidents. He was respected, well learned, intelligent, and worked on making America a better place for its citizens. He proved that he was worthy of becoming the leader America deserved.

Some of his many works include providing clean food, medical aid, and clean water. Moreover, he set up the establishment of several national parks, extended the Navy, and initiated the building of the Panama Canal. Roosevelt also led negotiations that ended the Russo-Japanese war. He did a lot in his time as President, the people of his country much appreciated him. He received several rewards and honors for his contributions. He was granted the Nobel Peace Prize of 1906.

John Adams – IQ Score: 142.5

John Adams was the United State’s president number two. Before becoming a president, he was also the leader of the American Revolution to kick out the British from America. John Adams served as the Vice President under Thomas Jefferson for two full terms before becoming the President himself.

He came from a well-respected family, had a good education, was a lawyer, politician, plus diplomat. He graduated from the University of Harvard University. Many people think that Adams’ IQ is miscalculate and it is highly possible that his intelligence level is above Einstein’s IQ! Adam strive to create an American Naval military to help push out the British who had colonized America. He accomplished his aim of setting up a Navy in just eight months. The new Navy consisted of eight sailing ships, ten gun carriages, many swivel guns. 13 warships were still under works, two Marine battalions, and a general commander who led eighteen naval officers. Adams was the sole writer of the Massachusetts Constitution in 1780, which became the foundation for America’s own Constitution.

Woodrow Wilson – IQ Score: 145.1 (Tie)

Wilson was an underachieving law school dropout, yet he figured out how to breeze through the Georgia bar exam. Subsequently, he attempted to open a law firm, but he left just for being bored. 

Finally, he attended school and studied political science. Eventually, in the long run, he was elected as the 28th president (1913-1921). Woodrow Wilson received the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the field of political science. Before he was a president of the USA, he was the president of the University of Princeton.

Jimmy Carter – IQ Score: 145.1 (Tie)

Jimmy Carter did not come from a humble background, rather his family was wealthy, but his inheritance was not exceptional. He inherited a peanut business that was on its deathbed. Soon Jimmy had to move with his family into public houses. Carter did not back down; he, along with his wife, did the required research while learning about agriculture and accounting to restart the peanut growing business. Carter then joined politics and became the governor of Georgia, and then he set his mind on going for presidency.

He became the 39th president of the United States, but he had come into the office at trying times. The country was going through the after-effects of the cold war; there were rising conflicts in the middle east, and the country’s economy was not going great. He did not get to stay for a second term because he lost the elections; however, his writing has been significant. He has written over twenty-five books since his retirement.

Franklin D. Roosevelt – IQ Score: 146

Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 32nd president (1933-1945) who also commonly went by “FDR” was one of the most influential leader of the nation during the Great Depression with over 13 million people unemployed and entering World War II until one year before the war ended. He is the only United States President to serve four terms (12 years total) as up until that time, there were no set term limits.

He was also the first President in U.S. history to try enlarged the Supreme Court beyond 9 the seats. At the age of 39, he suffered from polio and this persisted throughout his life until the day he died from cerebral hemorrhage on April 12, 1945, while at Warm Springs, Georgia. To provide economic relief, Roosevelt launched several programs in the wing of New Deal, which includes the program of Social Security that we have till today.

Bill Clinton – IQ Score: 148.8

Before becoming the president he served as an Arkansas governor. Apart from lacking common sense and involving with infamous Lewinsky scandal, he was the smartest of the bunch.

Bill Clinton, the 42nd president (1993-2001) of the United States, had a difficult childhood; his family life was not stable and was surrounded by drama. He didn’t let that phase him, he strive to do better, and his same determination got him to be the President of the superpower of the world.

In high school he was a top-grade student, his academic standing was stellar, leading him to represent his school to meet JFK who became his inspiration. He depended on scholarships that got him through college in Georgetown, then at Oxford University, and then his last stop at Yale Law School. He met Hillary Rodham, his wife while studying in Yale. Although he did not obtain a degree at Oxford, the university honored him during his presidency for being “a doughty and tireless champion of the cause of world peace.”

He started his political career in Arkansas where he was the Governor and then became the President in 1992. He was intelligent and survived his terms without getting impeached. His biggest accomplishment while being President was the North American Free Trade Agreement. There was a huge scandal when Clinton confessed to having an affair with a White House intern. Apart from lacking common sense and involving himself with the infamous Monica Lewinsky scandal, he was by far one of the smartest of the bunch.

Abraham Lincoln – IQ Score: 150

The 16th president (1861-1865), Abraham Lincoln had a humble beginning. Unlike other leaders, he was not formally trained in an Ivy League school. Although he never attended college, he had a lifelong desire to learn. He used his brain to solve problems. At a very young age, he patented a steamboat invention.

Lincoln has to be the most known President of all; he was the 16th president of the United States of America. With one of the highest IQ on the list, the President is considered a legend in America. He did not come from a wealthy household, but he was rich in knowledge and intellect. His determination led him to leave his mark in history.

He first tried his luck in business but failed miserably, so he took his chances in politics. He had great public speaking skills, along with leading skills, which he showcased as a captain in the Blackhawk war. Even with such a great skill set fell short in the Illinois General Assembly. He even learned law, which he taught himself, going on to become a successful lawyer. He openly opposed slavery and had a firm belief that all men are created equal. His legendary decision was to abolish slavery in America also divided the nation and led it into the Civil War.

That on the first day of January in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-three, all persons held as slaves within any State, or designated part of a State, the people whereof shall then be in rebellion against the United States shall be then, thenceforward, and forever free; and the executive government of the United States, including the military and naval authority thereof, will recognize and maintain the freedom of such persons, and will do no act or acts to repress such persons, or any of them, in any efforts they may make for their actual freedom.

Emancipation Proclamation, or Proclamation 95

The four year (1861 to 1865) war was a huge turnaround for the nation as it finally became a United States where all men were free brought on by signing the Emancipation Proclamation.

John F. Kennedy – IQ Score: 150.65

John F. Kennedy, aka “JFK”, was perhaps one of the smartest and most charming presidents in the USA’s history not to mention the youngest president in U.S. history. However, he wasn’t just smart; he was a fighter. He fought with chronic illnesses throughout his life and never even thought about giving up or giving in. John F. Kennedy attended Princeton University for a short time but left Princeton due to his illness. Kennedy was reportedly a below-average student and was more interested in games and sports. But, he turned things around for him and eventually graduated from Harvard University in 1940. Later, JFK joined the navy and won a Purple Heart in WWII for his heroism in the South Pacific.

Before becoming the president, JFK was elected to the House and Senate. JFK was the second-youngest president in U.S. history and the first and only Catholic premier. During his tenure, the most prominent issue was the Cuban Missile Crisis. JFK was responsible for authorizing the Bay of Pigs invasion. Apart from creating the Peace Corps and passing the Civil Rights Act of 1964, JFK also won a Pulitzer Prize, something no other president could achieve.

The 35th president managed to sign the Equal Pay Act of 1963 and propose the Civil Rights Act of 1964 for going toward a more equitable future. We can’t help thinking that America may have turned out differently if he wasn’t murdered.

Thomas Jefferson – IQ Score: 153.75

Thomas Jefferson, the 3rd president (1801-1809) of the U.S., was also a lawyer, planter, and politician. Additionally, he had extensive knowledge of architecture, mechanics, mathematics and could speak several languages. At a very young age 16, Jefferson admitted to the College of William & Mary in the departments of mathematics, metaphysics, and philosophy. Within two years he graduated.

Thomas Jefferson was extraordinarily intellectual. Jefferson was a busy man as he had a massively wide range of interests, which he managed through adopting a strict schedule. His mornings started as soon as the sun rose, he had breakfast at 8, a fulfilling lunch at 3, and he never forgot to write the day’s events in a notebook.

As a president, Jefferson’s key achievements were in sectors like food and wine, economics, agriculture, astronomy, architecture, paleontology, writing, and music. Not many know that Thomas Jefferson was a skilled surveyor. He also wrote the Declaration of Independence, and with the Louisiana Purchase, he doubled the country’s size in 1803 and his contributions made him a true leader in the country’s early development. Jefferson also negotiated peace with France; along with developed American trade.He was the founder of the University of Virginia.

Donald J. Trump – IQ score: 156 (reported & self-proclaimed); ~125 (estimated)

Many articles have estimated Donald Trump’s I.Q. to be 156, making him smarter than almost 99 percent of the population. In fact this would make him the second smartest President in U.S. history. However, these are false claims and highly inaccurate reporting about one of the United States’ most controversial presidents in modern times. Trump’s I.Q. realistically ranges between 120-130.

Donald Trump is a graduate of the prestigious Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania. However, he didn’t get an MBA degree, something that’s the USP of Wharton, but he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Anthropology. An interesting fact is that Trump didn’t go through the normal admission procedure and was transferred to Wharton from the main university during his first year at Wharton. The admission conditions for such candidates are not as rigorous.

But, let’s not jump over to conclusions because not having a Wharton MBA degree doesn’t mean Trump is dumb. We cannot overlook the fact that Trump graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, which is an Ivy League school. Trump never shared his High School or College-related information, as he didn’t prepare the Dean’s List, which is why it is difficult to determine how he ended up at Wharton. What we do know is that he didn’t graduate with any honors. According to one of his classmates, Trump “was not first in the class. He was not known on campus for any reason at all. I have no memory of him whatsoever.”

John Quincy Adams – IQ Score: 168.75 (Highest)

John Quincy Adams is the most intelligent president of the U.S. ever. Adams was the 6th president of the U.S. between 1825 and 1829. A Harvard graduate, Adams was a challenging lawyer while he served in a court. He wanted to study and attended academic institutions worldwide, which helped him become fluent in as many as seven different languages. When he was studying at Harvard, he became romantically involved with a local female, a union that his parents opposed so that he focuses on his career. Adams did listen to their advice and eventually became the president of the country. Historians state that he is one of the country’s most productive presidents as he possessed exceptional diplomatic skills. With his efforts, the Treat of Ghent was settled, and the War of 1812 came to an end. He also purchased Florida from Spain.

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