The BEST Home Office Equipment [Reviews]

COVID 19 has changed the way we work and live.  People increasingly understand the need for social distancing and the use of face masks in public.  Perhaps no other area of life has been more affected than how we perform our work in this new, more restrictive, dystopian environment.  The days of work cubicles placed side by side in an open floor plan is now a thing of the past.  Businesses have had to adjust, and increasingly people are working from home via teleconferencing.  

This new work arrangement brings with it tremendous potential, both as a result of economic savings as well as increased personal flexibility.  People can now consult and work with each other from different corners of the country, or even the world.  It’s not clear that even with the availability of an effective vaccine, that people will revert to the old ways of doing business.

None of this, of course, would have been possible without the widespread improvement in computer and internet technology.  As teleconferencing becomes more widespread and increasingly accepted as the preferred method of human interaction, the equipment and peripherals required for this will need to be improved as well.  We hope the following reviews will be useful and informative for our readers.

A BETTER MICROPHONE: The Maono PM461TR Portable USB Microphone

We’ve been using this USB tabletop condenser microphone extensively, and so far we are very pleased with its performance. Out of the box, the microphone comes supplied with a Manual, a USB cable, the condenser microphone itself, and a functional foam windscreen that helps to suppress popping and improve the recording quality. Also included is a sturdy desktop tripod that can be adjusted a full 180 degrees. The mounting mechanism allows the microphone, which is screwed onto the mounting plate, to be turned and angled freely.

We love this feature! The microphone has a built-in gain knob that allows for direct volume adjustment, a feature generally found on more expensive mics. It is compatible with Windows PCs, Mac OS and PS4 platforms. The microphone is a true plug and play microphone, with a 3 feet long USB cable that connects directly from the microphone to the PC. Using Windows 10, we were able to plug and play without any additional effort.

In our experience, this is quite impressive. There is no hassle with external power supplies or extraneous wiring, just plug and play as described.For the price, the sound recording quality is truly outstanding, offering very a very clear, but warm crisp sound at 192Khz and a 24bit sampling rate. We found that the Cardioid pickup pattern helps to suppress unwanted background noise while capturing the best sound directly in front of the microphone facing. This microphone works very well for as a general microphone for telephony or conference calls; but it really shines when used in gaming, podcasting, or even as a studio microphone for doing streaming and voice overs.

The microphone itself is very light and portable, compared to more expensive models, but this doesn’t appear to have any adverse effects on its functionality or performance. The only feature we missed is a jack for monitoring headsets, but that’s typically a feature found only on more expensive models. We recommend this for its portability, solid construction, great performance and affordability. It’s a great microphone in a light and tight package.

The model reviewed currently available on Amazon for $27.99: