Re-Open America Protest Messages

2020 will be a year few will forget, when the entire world was shut down by the Wuhan COVID-19 virus. In the United States, we have seen that there are anti-lock down protests going on amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Most working people are furloughed and some have completely lost their jobs and unemployment have reached 15%. Most small business owners have to shut down their operations and only a few “essential” businesses are allowed to be opened. Different people hold different views regarding those protests, and they have the right to do so. Amongst all of this uncertainty, here are some of the Messages of the Signs that have been seen in those protests.

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Covid is a Lie

Over 200 people took to the beach streets of San Diego to protest against the stay-at-home orders. Few were wearing masks but none were practicing social distancing during the weekend protest which they demand the mayor and county to re-open the beaches of Southern California as well as all businesses.

Don’t cancel my Golf Season

The very first to catch our eye from those signs is this. During one of the demonstrations, a person was adamant that he be freed from the restrictions—so that he may enjoy golfing. “Don’t cancel my golf season” is all he wants. The most interesting part, here, is that there is a flag of the US there too—an epitome of Freedom.

Give Me Liberty or Give Me COVID-19!

The second on the list is the sign. One of the protestors, donning a shirt that looks like a US flag, was photographed holding a sign that said, “Give me Liberty or Give me COVID-19!” The man in sunglasses seems so much frustrated that he is ready to choose the contraction of nCoV rather than being locked inside home.

Set Us Free

A protestor in Madison, Wisconsin took the streets to voice his frustration with the stay at home quarantine that is imposed by the Democratic governor. Notice he is not wearing a mask, chances are he’s not practicing social distancing of at least 6 feet apart and clearly he’s not at home. These are the 3 most important action that when all of us take part will end the spread of this virus and will ultimately Set Us Free.

My Body, My Choice; TRUMP 2020

Feminism has come a long way. From demanding abortion rights under the slogan “My Body, My Choice” to being adamant on not wearing face masks, it has been quite an arduous journey. In this picture, a protestor is using the Feminist slogan to show that she does not want to wear face masks amidst the situation. Either she is very much brave or she is stubborn!

The Curve Is Over!

Another interesting sign that caught our attention is this one. In this picture, a protestor is holding a sign that says, “The Curve is Over!”. Well, if one looks at the reports, the Curve is not even flat—let alone over. This person needs some education probably.

COVID-19 or COVID-1984

Hold on, this is not a common sign—it is literary one! Those who have read 1984 by George Orwell may well understand it. The novel underlines the results and undesirable consequences that emanate from authoritarianism, over-surveillance and repressive policies.

The person must like the novel. He is holding a sign that draws an analogy between that novel and the policies that resulted in the wake of COVID-19. Intelligent, interesting and literary!

Freedom Over Safety!

Being inside home for a considerable time may be displeasing, disappointing and definitely not desirable. But for this person here, it has been much more. That is why, he is asking for the “Freedom” even at the cost of “Safety’’! Quite a compromise, we must say.

We Demand Haircuts

Now, we know if there is lock-down—there will not be barbers. This is right. This cute and chubby guy here is innocent by the way he is protesting against the lock-down.


The eight picture taken during the protests is this one. This man here is holding a sign that says, “Fight the Virus not the people.” On the face of it, it looks like a legitimate demand. But, what if there is no way—as of now—to fight the virus?


Another of those brave people who are fed up being locked inside the walls. The person is holding the sign, and clearly looks resolute enough to go outside—even during the pandemic. If she is allowed to enjoy the “dangerous freedom”, and if she contracts the virus, how long will it take her to realize the mistake? Just a question.


Corona Virus (COVID-19) and all of his mates may be feeling belittled at this moment. Shot on camera, this protestor is of the view that Fear is the real virus. If that is the case, did fear cause nearly 200K deaths worldwide?

Don’t Believe Bill Gates of Hell

Err, this is enigmatic—and technically wrong. Can someone tell that protestor that Bill Gates did not create the virus we see in Windows (OS)? Instead, he has been trying to solve the problem.


Two US flags, and a sign that says “Spread Facts Not Fear”. Either this person has not read the facts or that he is unmoved by them. I mean, if the COVID-19 is a hoax, why is the whole world shut down? And, more importantly, what explains the deaths?

Covid Slave

This image was taken during of the anti-lockdown protests in Ohio. The sign reads “Covid Slave”. Could someone explain to that person is precaution or measured steps is not always slavery?

Don’t Hoard Me

If we look at the face value, this sign is quite right. The person just wants that the tissue paper, bought in bulk amidst the fear of pandemic, not be hoarded. But, if someone really think about it, it is a demand that no stores be closed—which is going against the lock down orders. Quite a play of words, genius!