Outrageous Photos Of People Who Couldn’t Care Less

Most of us are trying our best to live a life which is good, healthy and long. Our conscious efforts are always to be better in every walk

of life, and sometimes we get stressed out in pursuing it. But, these people have taken it to the next level.

These are the people who, out of their boldness, have done acts which are risky and hilarious. This will not only make you feel better but also gives you hope that you are playing way safer than many people in this world.

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Royal Selfie

There is no doubt that the Queen of England is one of the most loved personalities not only in the U.K but also in the world. And the kid is also a part of that fraternity. But, one must understand that even if you love or admire someone, there are some limits that need to be followed for expressing love. And if it is the Queen of England for whom you are expressing your love, the limits are way stricter than any other. But I guess the kid is willing to pay any cost for a selfie with the Queen.

Elizabeth, Queen of England

Even the Queen of England can’t resist the idea of photo-bombing these besties, team members from the Australian hockey team as they posed for a selfie in 2014. Gotta give it to the Queen, she’s got quite a personality!

All aboard

Somebody please tell this flight attendant that this is not the right way to aboard a plane. Even if she isn’t interested in doing her job, sitting on the engine is definitely NOT the best way to show disinterest. I hope she doesn’t end up in something bad.

Mommy Look!

The kid is probably saying it as “Mommy look I have found something interesting here, please tell what is this and I want to have these”. I don’t what she would have replied but I am sure she would be thinking about his father. Parents must be aware of the content available in the environment so that their kids don’t become adults too early.

No Shame In Her Game

The girl clearly wants to show that she is bold and wants to have fun, even if it goes against societal values. The way she is holding the box in the subway is an open announcement that she is going to have great fun on this weekend and there is nothing shameful about it.

Took Things Too Literally

We all heard that saying “YOLO” (You Only Live Once) or “Risk it all and live your life to the fullest” but I guess this guy took it way more personally than any of us. The mixed expression on his face clearly shows that this is not something as cool as he thinks and he won’t be repeating it.

What’s Left

I don’t know what is going on in his mind, but I am sure he is not in the mood for following the rules. Look at the way he is committing rebellion on the sidewalk of the road. He is surely a great grandson of some rebel of the past. OR MAYBE HE JUST DOESN’T CARE!

Thank You, Next.

I think the sign was placed too early on the road. If it was placed a couple of yards away, the driver wouldn’t go easy on the steering wheel and thus an accident can be saved. But one lesson is to be learned here, never go easy while driving anything can happen in seconds.

Living on the edge

Living your life on the edge may sound cool but it isn’t in real life. No one should be allowed to play dangerous with his life especially kids. Now look at this kid, a slight slip and he will have a bad injury. I don’t want to say this but his parents seem very irresponsible.

No Tolerance For Discrimination

There must be zero tolerance against people who do discrimination among different groups or ethnicities. We must protest if there are any who do it! Err, wait, it is not THAT China; the sign warns about the fragility of the patio since there is no CHINA. Still, we ought to protest and face every danger in the way—like this girl is for the patio!

Notorious Nuggets

Well, I know how good the McDonalds’ nuggets taste, and also I understand that no one wants to share them with others. But this is not something I expect from a nugget lover. I don’t know if it tastes the same after this but the guy has some real trust issues.

No Shame In His Game

Some people grow up way more perverted than others. Look at this little guy who out of no shame is doing such an act. I don’t know what kind of curiosity he is holding in his mind but one thing is for sure: he is not afraid of anyone to pacify it.

Riding In Style

You might have heard that saying “In a car you are taken but on a bike, you ride”. I believe that bikers are passionate people who know how to take their lives to another level. But the picture shows there are many other species who want to taste the same thrill. I don’t know whether it is safe for the dog, but fortunately he is wearing a helmet.

Cooking in Class

We all know how boring a lecture can go and most of us can’t take much of it. But this guy is savage. He is cooking in the middle of the lecture and he is putting up that face in front of his teacher. I hope his teacher is hungry, that’s why he is allowed to do it.

Numbing the Pain of Graduation

Saw that guy who was cooking in the class, this would be him at his graduation ceremony. Graduation ceremonies are most of the time hectic and if they happen in summer, they are almost unbearable. But this guy finds a solution to it by taking a swig in the middle of the ceremony. This will surely make him last till the end.

Strict Rules

I think so the signboard wasn’t meant for these students, otherwise they have behaved much more responsibly. When there is clear writing that sitting on stairs is not allowed, why the hell these youngsters are sitting right there-violating the rule. Are they that lazy, that they can’t find any other place to sit or is it just that they don’t care at all.

Sassy & Shameless

Being shameless and being sassy go side by side. Both of these qualities reinforce each other. Look at the guy—the way he looks both shameless and sassy with his outlook. And I find nothing wrong about it. If this is what it takes to express yourself, then you should be it.

A Free Country

We all know that America is favored by the Providence, and is the land of free people. But, I don’t think this is the right way to express freedom especially in sending mail. There are procedures set for sending the mail, and one must follow them if he is willing to send it to the right place. This is something stupid and must be avoided.

Hit Them Where It Hurts

We all are of the view that if we want to take the best type of revenge from someone we should hit them at their weakest point, where it hurts the most. But I don’t think this is what the road sign means. And I am sure this guy would end up hurting himself. This shouldn’t be the way to kill boredom. He must have taken the sign way too literally, perhaps!

A Personal Engagement

Marriage and engagement are the most delightful events of one’s life. And these celebrations often involve cake cutting that involves both person names over it. But, in this case, someone must be envious of the groom’s fortune that he took his name with his piece of cake. I hope the groom wasn’t angry over it.

Police Problems

The guy is committing some serious act, which is against the law and the police officers are very concerned about it. But why would someone even do that? These police officers are for everyone’s protection. He has gone against the SOPs, but it shouldn’t be this way.

Life’s A Playground

People are always looking for fun even if it costs them their safety. Have a look at this kid who is standing on the railing for maybe some thrill—without even caring that he might fall down. Well, boy, your mother might be waiting for you, so you better follow the right procedure!

Capturing All Angles

We all know that photographers can go to any extent for covering all angles and making their work crisp. This is a pictorial explanation of how deep they can go. But I wish, he shouldn’t have done this.

Casually Chilling

This wasn’t the type of wave which the sign is denoting. But let’s just ignore the man, one shouldn’t be standing near the beach as it is very dangerous for one’s life. But, he doesn’t care about the safety of his life; he wants to have some adventure!

Grandma’s Got It Going On

What a rebellious grandmother she is? It is clear from her facial expressions that she isn’t doing it intentionally but the heavy meal which she just ate is the reason that she fell asleep. But I guess she is not even interested to have a look at the sign.

What The

Remember that biker guy who was taking his dog on the bike, I guess he should follow this dude for taking his dog on a ride. In this way, both of them are safe and can enjoy themselves freely. Although it may cost them their reputation, but safety comes first.

A Dangerous Track Record

We are often told that before hiring or to date someone, we must pay a look at their past records. If they are having a sound record, they should be allowed to enter our lives. Now, look at this girl, how carelessly she is doing yoga on the rail track. She must be wanting to have a dangerous track record or else this is who she is.

Rules Are To Be Followed

We are often told that before hiring or to date someone, we must pay a look at their past records. If they are having a sound record, they should be allowed to enter our lives. Now, look at this girl, how carelessly she is doing yoga on the rail track. She must be wanting to have a dangerous track record or else this is who she is.

No Shame

I don’t understand why people pretend that they are invisible and no one can see their shameless acts in the public. I hope that parents are aware of what their kids could end up being. We must teach them basic etiquette of society.

No Means No

We all have to agree that when there is something that you are not allowed to do, you must refrain yourself from doing it. No matter how stimulating it is, no diving means no diving. See this excited scuba diver who has decided to dive in this pool leaving all other places. A pool which has clear instructions that diving is not allowed.

This Wasn’t Reverse Psychology

We often use reverse psychology for getting things that we want. We tell people that they shouldn’t do something that we want them to do, hoping that they might end up doing the opposite. This guy has also tried to use reverse psychology but failed terribly at it by taking an office stapler on his holiday. The instruction was to never remove the stapler but he said “who cares”!


Yes, we all believe in YOLO! And also that we have very limited time on this planet. But this phrase shouldn’t be used as a pass to do anything stupid. The girl performing yoga at that height must be aware of how dangerous it can go. There are some limits and rules for fun, but I don’t think she is interested in either of those.

Two For One

Indeed, in many cases if we are able to find two for one deal, we will rush to take it because it is in our interest. But, I think the same deal shouldn’t be followed while taking medicines or pills because medications and pills are having specific amounts of elements according to the need of a body. So, if someone alters his medication intake, he’s clearly not interested in his health. No, Karen, you cannot surprise bacteria by this way!

Rules Are Not Suggestions

We all grew up listening to our parents and teachers that rules are something that must be followed without any leniency. Otherwise, we would end up in trouble. But kids of these times are not that much concerned as we were. Take a look at this kid as an example. I hope somebody made him aware of his mischievous behavior.

Whatever You Say

Isn’t it hilarious that the administration has put up a notice of reporting graffiti to them and someone has done graffiti on it? I must say people will always find something to make fun of even if it is risky for them.

Before Eight

Well, we all have met someone who wants to stand apart from the crowd; who wants to do things by his way and who finds nothing wrong in doing mind games and hilarious acts. This guy is also the same, because he is enjoying his after eight chocolates after eight.

Oh Yes He Did

The sign says “No one thinks of parking here” and this guy here standing is exactly doing the thing which he is not supposed to do. He is breaking the rule which can end him in trouble, still he has no element of fear on his face. I must say he is living a life much wilder than any of us.

No Line For Him

During our school time, we all faced the problem of getting into line for a microwave and often ended up without food because of the limited time of the recess. But this kid has found a solution to it by bringing his own microwave in school. No line, no hustle, just 2 mins. and your food is ready. Yes, modern problems require modern solutions!

Pathetic Parking

Finding parking is really a hectic job, especially for regular drivers as they have a hard time parking their cars in tight spaces. But, wait a minute, what is wrong with this driver?! He has a lot of spaces for his car, still he parked in the middle of the compound creating problems for others. This is not something good and it should be discouraged at all levels.

They Even Said Please

I don’t know why people are always into things which are not meant for them. Why are they always breaking the rules? Look at this guy, I know he has rightly understood what is written on the floor and also that the sign has the “Please” word in it, still he is messing with it. I don’t know what reward he has got after doing this.

Drive Safe

We shouldn’t be careless with our driving even if we are driving a trolley in Walmart. Because if we do that something like this or even worse, this can happen.

Lying on Lies

Want to see someone “lying on lies”? Look at this guy, who is doing exactly what he is told not to do. I don’t know why the guy is considering himself something great that he thinks he is above the law and no one can stop him while lying. Lying. Lying. Lying. Impressive, boy!

Just Because

If I ask them why they are doing this, they most probably won’t reply to me. Even if they do, it will be that we just wanted to do it so we did. They may be enjoying the perks of a free country, but they should remember that liberty doesn’t mean to violate laws.

Timeless Rebel

While in most cases we have seen teenagers or youngsters doing rebellious acts, this picture shows us that rebellion is not something linked with age. Any person can be a culprit of it. According to my opinion, the old man is just trying to revive his young soul while doing this outrageous thing.

Never Judge A Book By Its Cover

We all heard it countless times that never judge a book by its cover and to go deep while assessing something. So if any of you have failed to apply this in your life, you better learn from this guy. Look at him, how he has completely ignored the cover of the book and taken it for read. He must be having something great going on in his mind while reading it.

Prohibited To Pass Out

There is a clear writing on the wall that no one is allowed to pass out here. But this guy has just done it under the nose of the sign board. I don’t know if he was so dizzy enough that he couldn’t read the sign board or was too tired that he just fell asleep in no time. God knows, but I should say he must not be laying there at all.

The Ultimate Risk Taker

If you can label a person “The great risk taker” it would be Arnold Schwarzenegger. The famous actor-politician is a real time action hero, someone who is not afraid of anyone and can take up any challenge placed in front of him. But, I don’t think that a legend like him would be doing such an unheroic act. I hope he is doing it for a photo and nothing more.

Seat’s Taken

The seat is clearly meant for those with a good mood and the person sitting over it does not even intend to have a good mood. Well I don’t think we should bother him that much as his mood is already undesirable and by mocking him will make it worse. Let him sit and wait for the change in his mood.

Grandpa Knows Best

Our parents and grandparents are always those people who want what is best in our interests. They are always trying to give us advice and pearls of wisdom, out of their life experiences. Just take a look at this grandpa, who is wearing a t-shirt in support of YOLO, but also saying that we should practice it to the limits. As it may hurt us.

You Only Lay Once

Well, probably, but it’s safe to say that most of us wouldn’t be choosing the McDonalds sign. I think the guy has misinterpreted YOLO and understands it as “You only lay once”. Like he is of the view that his life is limited and if he is allowed to lay for one time in this period, he should choose something special and this is something special for him, I guess. But I am sure someone passing through the road must have told him the right meaning

Everything Is Open To Interpretation

Dogs are no doubt one of the cutest creatures on this planet. Moreover, they are the best companions of humans too. That’s why there is hardly any place where a man can go for enjoyment without taking his dog. As a result of it, there are some rules set for these dogs too and one should follow them at all cost. The dog can’t read that sign, thus it is the duty of his owner to do that. I wish someone would have realized him of his responsibility.

What Happens In Vegas

Sometimes the truth yields more than the lie. Take this Elmo man as an example, he is just modest enough to tell the world what he wants and he is not ashamed of it. The way he is sitting on the stool clearly shows that his trick is working.

Headphones Party

Headphones discos are trending very much. Youngsters are vying to go to a club where they can put on headphones and enjoy any song that they want. But, here it seems that someone has told this idea to the old man and he is copying the trend with his own age equipment.

Obsessed with Oreos

Dying your hairs like this won’t be the best way to show that you are obsessed with Oreos. Here are three possible bad scenarios that can happen to her after this: Either she won’t be able to find a boyfriend as most of the people are not that much obsessed with Oreos, or no one will allow her to work in his company with this head, or maybe she will be causing trouble on the roads as people will be focusing on her instead of driving.

Can’t Be Safe

There is no doubt that a bus is one of the safest ways of commuting. But unlike this bus, which is having a YOLO sign over its body-an indication that you only live once. The bus is surely for those people who want to have some thrill or they have very less years left in this world.

Hanging Out (And On)

We all hang out with our friends and there is nothing wrong with it. But once we add the element of “Hang On” in it, things become way more complicated. Just take the example of these guys who are hanging out in a jeep and, then, someone suddenly added the element of hang on in driving and as a result the people are changing the tires of the jeep while it is being driven on two wheels.

Ready For A Heart Attack

Worried about the fast food you ate and how unhealthy it can turn out to be? Now, they have a solution for it: an ambulance is placed right behind the McDonalds. Just in case! Nothing to worry about.

Make A Wish

Kids love their birthdays because they are going to get whatever they want. And parents are also very generous to them on this day. But it’s their birthday doesn’t mean that you’re out of love for your kids will go to any extent like taking them on a bungee jump from this height.

Life Isn’t A Circus

Life is not a circus—this is something we all have heard it before. And it is also true for those who haven’t figured out its meaning. I must say you won’t have to go in complications while proving that you can go into the risky business because it may end badly.

Baby Boss

We all have watched that movie “Baby Boss” in which a baby is ruling over all places. But one must understand that it was a complete fiction and there is nothing to be reciprocated in the real world especially this stunt in which the baby is controlling the steering wheel. This is way more dangerous than it looks.

Do Exactly What You’re Told Not To

I don’t believe when they say that life is all about taking risks and living your life on the edge. This is not something feasible in the real world and may get you in trouble. Just like in this case where a soldier is standing on the roof of the car, while there is a clear sign of not doing it. Man you are a soldier, at least you should have avoided doing this!

Curly Hair Don’t Care

Many times we don’t get enough time to prepare for our jobs or other routines. Just like this grandma who has gone for exercise with curls in her hair- unprepared. It is clear from her face that she isn’t very much concerned about the way she looks. All she wants is a good workout.

Cheers to Class

It is always good to raise your beer glasses in the air and say cheers while looking at your buddy. By doing it, your mood will be lightened and you will feel good. But as with any other way of celebration, there are some desired timings which should be followed while celebrating. Not like the way these kids are doing it in their math’s class. I hope their teacher will be teaching them a lesson after it!

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