You Have Never Seen Animal Photos Like These Before

Animals are beautiful, right? No, animals are dangerous, terrifying, and awful. These scary (and kind of hilarious) photos absolutely prove it. So grab your phone or computer and

prepare to go on the world’s most haunting safari… inside.

Welcome to hell!

On your left, you’ll see a hermit crab using a doll’s head as a shell. This literally looks like one of Sid’s botched toys from Toy Story. Shudder.

Look at this.

Near the lake, you’ll see a fish who looks exactly like Mr. Burns from The Simpsons. You can see him saying, “Smithers, come here immediately!”

Alien-Predator Fish

Cymothoa Exigua- Parasite Enters Fishes Gills, Eats The Tongue, and Replaces It

It’s not a snake.

Oh, that? That’s just a snake’s head caterpillar. Isn’t it terrifying? If I saw this, I would assume a disembodied snake was coming to get me, and that God was punishing me.

Ice worms

Have you ever seen a worm from Antarctica? Well, here you go! It’s called Eulagisca Gigantean, and it has TEETH. I guess climate change will end this species, but it will end the human species too, so, oh well.

In the waters…

…you’ll see an entire floating island made out of fire ants. Do not touch it. This is real. It happened in Houston after the Hurricane Harvey flooding. NEVER touch these islands.

In the grass, you might notice a PLANT eating a SLUG.

That’s a Venus Fly Trap, and it eats meat. You’ve probably heard of it, and seen it portrayed in cartoons and stuff, but have you seen one in real life? Don’t ever feel sorry for plants again!

Ever seen the inside of a Sheephead fish’s mouth?

Well, here ya go. It’s teeth. It’s human teeth. This is terrifying, and when I showed my husband this image, he thought it was fake. It’s not fake at all. God is scarier than people on the internet with Photoshop.

Let’s head north on our hell tour.

On the arctic lake, you’ll notice a grey fox that has been drowned, frozen, and then extracted from the ice. What does the fox say? I think this fox said “blub.”

Look at the trees.

Up ahead in the trees, you’ll see a doll with an entire wasp nest in it. Can you people please stop leaving baby dolls everywhere? Because animals can’t handle it.

Want to go fishing?

You might catch a shark… inside of another shark. This is called sharkception, and it occurs when everything about the oceans becomes a total, living nightmare.

Look at this strange looking fish on the shores of the river.

This is not the villain of an anime, even though that’s exactly what it looks like. This is the Wallago Attu catfish, and it’s native to Southeast Asia.

Elsewhere in the water, you’ll see a giant Stonefish.

He dares you to step on him so he can sting you. The sting is said to be so painful that people have begged to have their leg cut off. And yet, people like to keep these as pets or even eat them.


This bizarre creature lives off the coast of south-eastern Australia and Tasmania, at depths of between 600 and 1,200m, where atmospheric pressure is several dozen times higher than at sea level. Its gelatinous body is just slightly more dense than water, and it spends its life “bobbing around” in the depths. In 2013, the blobfish won for the ugliest animal in the world from The Ugly Animal Preservation Society.

And over here, you’ll see a gecko with three tails.

For the extra “wtf” factor. Maybe this gecko was a comrade from Soviet Russia and then he got trapped in the Chernobyl disaster, and now has a few extra tails.

And it’s other cousin…

…eating its own tail. Either way, the gecko’s instinct was to amputate it himself and just regrow a new one. Eating the tail isn’t usual either. Many reptiles store a lot of fat in their tails (this particular species not that much, but still). So it’s just a way of trying to get back some of the resources lost. Lizards sometimes eat their own shed skin too.

If you look on this porch…

You might notice a centipede coming out of a snake’s side. That’s because the snake devoured the centipede, and then the centipede dug its way out of the snake’s insides. A win for the prey!

And here inside this house, here’s a frog that came back to life.

Just add water, apparently, and the drying, decaying corpse of a frog turns into Lazarus and comes back straight from heaven. Okay, that’s not terrifying or anything.

In this abandoned shed, however…

…hornets have built a nest by an abandoned wooden statue. This might be the scariest image in this entire article. Time to set the shed ablaze and never return!

Dead Lemmings Surrounding Owl’s Nest

A snowy owl nest wreathed by 70+ lemmings. The picture tells the story of rich times for one snowy owl; it had so much prey at its disposal that it couldn’t stop itself killing more rodents than it could eat.

Behind the electrical outlet.

Oh look! It is a a beehive so big it’s dripping honey. Uh, free honey, I guess? If I got some on my finger and licked it off, would that be weird and gross?

Centipede and Babies

Mama centipede protecting her babies

Wingless Fly Penicillidia- Attaches To Bat’s Body’s And Never Leaves

You think you have problems? Imagine that you have to live with a chicken-sized, blood-sucking parasite attached to your head. This poor Miniopterus bat that we caught during the biodiversity survey of Gorongosa National Park has to endure living with a wingless fly Penicillidia, which never leaves its body and loves to hang out on the top of its head.

The inside of a lamprey’s mouth.

Imagine your last moments on earth being trapped inside of a vortex of lamprey teeth. Some animals die that way every single day, and it seems like a terrible way to be at the bottom of the food chain.

If you look closely at this lobster’s claw, you’ll see… two claws.

And yes, they both worked. So, at Red Lobster, this would be considered a delicious delicacy to go with our cheddar biscuits and garlic-butter pasta. So, yum!

Fish skeleton

If you walk onto the beach, make sure to avoid stepping on this scary spiked fish skeleton. It looks just as terrifying while not alive as it does alive.

If you look into the branches…’ll see a bee hive that’s been made over wind chimes. Rethink that wind chime from the flea market, unless you want THIS situation to happen.

On the trunk of this tree, you’ll see a cicada shedding its shell.

I used to think cicada shells were kind of cute, but I no longer think that. Because this is what a cicada looks like when it’s naked. And that scares me.

In the sand or in the water, you might find a Portuguese man o’ war.

The Portuguese man o’ war (a kind of jellyfish) is also known as floating terror, so you know it means business. Its venomous tentacles can deliver a painful (and sometimes fatal) sting.

On the ground, you’ll see a lizard growing a new foot… on its tail.

We are so, so close to a species out-evolving us. Look at these guys regrowing tails with new limbs. When cats get opposable thumbs, it’s over for us.

If you look closely at this tiny black ant…

…you’ll see it’s actually carrying another insect’s head. The remnants of his vanquished enemy. So, you think ants are really weak, or only powerful together. Apparently not.

Look at these snakes that have just been born.

Not only are they creepy, but they segregated themselves by color within minutes of hatching. They learned bigotry within seconds, I guess. That’s scary.

Check out this python eating a flying fox.

Even the world’s largest bat is no match for this horrific creature, clearly. Python patience will lead to a pretty tasty meal, I guess, if you love bat meat.

And um, over in the distance…

…you’ll see a deer with another deer’s head stuck in its antlers. I guess we know who won this battle of the antlers. Let’s make THIS the icon for John Deere tractors.

Ever wondered what a lizard looks like being consumed by fire ants?

Wonder no more. This is why fire ants are the most terrifying small creatures in existence. I’m not sure why spiders are so scary to people when fire ants exist.

See the inside of this fish’s mouth?

Guess what’s in there… It’s an octopus. The real winner of this fight is the fisherman who caught it. Because now he gets to have fried fish fillet AND a delicious calamari appetizer.

Up ahead you might see an elk carcass literally pinned to a tree.

Apparently, this is what happened to the elk during an avalanche. Um, wow. Wrong place, wrong time for the elk. Now it looks like the cover of a metal album.

Here’s a man being attacked by a fully grown Kazakhstan Eagle.

Think humans are mostly safe from nature? Think again. We are never safe from nature. This is why I don’t want to go camping with you, thank you very much.

And here’s a toad eating a frog.

Frog and Toad are definitely not friends. It looks like Toad really was offended that Frog missed his invitation for afternoon tea, so Toad served Frog for afternoon tea instead.

The Eastern Long Neck Turtle

The Eastern Snake-necked Turtles’ native habitat is Australia are also known as Stinkers because of a pungent smell they spray when feeling stressed. Though they are protected, their numbers are declining. Male and female look exactly the same until they are 6 year old. They can live up to 50 years old and they produce a web-like slim around their body when they are swimming. The strangest part is they hunt like snakes with their heads tucked sideways in their shell and strikes at their prey just like a snake.

Have you ever wondered what the inside of a goose’s mouth looks like?

Well, here you go. Frankly, I was better off before I had this knowledge. I could have gone my entire life without knowing what the inside of a goose’s mouth looks like. Thanks, self.

And here’s a bunch of tadpoles eating a slug.

The babies of frogs require flesh to survive. Escargot is on the menu today, little tadpoles. But French people will eat snails AND frogs, so be aware that what comes around, goes around.

Look at this tigress hunting and killing a crocodile.

This is footage of Machali, one of the most famous wild tigers in the world, taking out a giant crocodile. In case you wondered who would win this predator vs. predator situation.

Under the sea…

This horse drowned. I don’t know the background. Sometimes they drop recently deceased animals in the ocean for testing purposes. Either way, this is a terrifying photo.

And in the trees it’s… omg.

Yeah, that’s a mongoose taking out a snake. In case you’ve never read “Rikki-Tikki-Tavi” well… spoiler alert. This is how it ends. Mammals win out over snakes this time.

Also in the trees…

This flying squirrel flew right into a spiky durian and died. Now, that’s a horrible way to go, in my opinion. Even beyond the spikes… the durian is SO STINKY.

This guy’s still alive, but maybe not for long.

See this tomato hookworm? Unfortunately for it, parasitic wasps have just laid their eggs onto its body, and they will slowly suck out its energy until they are alive and it is not.

Look at this uh… goat or ram.

Or at least, you know, it WAS a goat or ram. Now it’s the sort of thing that would be used in a Satanic ritual in the woods on the night of the Samhain.

This chicken got scalped.

By a hungry dog. It got away from the dog! Yay! But not before it literally had its skin ripped off of its head. But yet, it survived completely. Well, Mike the Headless Chicken survived an entire decapitation once, so, I guess they’re just versatile.

Have you heard of a robber fly?

A robber fly is the one on top. It’s the one eating the paper wasp alive right now. It also eats bees, which like, you know, we need to save the bee populations, so… beware of robber flies.

Carnivore squirrel on campus

Squirrels don’t always just eat nuts and acorns. It seems, you know, sometimes they go blood-crazy and eat actual entire birds. (Squirrels really are omnivores!)

Oh, remember the crocodile getting eaten by the tiger?

Well, don’t feel too sorry for crocodiles and alligators. Here’s a big alligator eating a smaller alligator. Apparently, this happens all the time in Florida.

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