Some Facts About Melania Trump You Probably Didn’t Know

What do we know about the First Lady of The United States? Melania Trump is one of the most least spoken and mysterious FLOTUS we have ever had

in recent year at the White House. We clearly know pretty much everything about her husband, Donald Trump through his uncontrollable tweets but what about his wife?

So we comb the web and gathered some interesting and unique facts about Melania Trump you might be interested in.

Melania’s Parents

Melania Trump is the part of the Knavs family and the daughter of Amalija and Viktor.

Her parents first came to America in 2004 and became US citizens in 2018. Melania’s father was a taxi driver and traveling salesman, while her mother worked in clothing industry in Raka. It is also known that her father joined the Communist Party in Sevnica not for belief but for connections and government opportunities.

Melania’s Sister Ines Knav

Younger sister of Melania, Ines Knav, lives near the Trump Tower in New York. Melania is very close to Ines. Ines was the maid of honor at the wedding of Melania and Donald Trump.

Melania’s half brother

Melania has maintained that she has never met him and for a while, denied she even had an older half-brother, Denis Cigelnjak. Melania’s father has never recognized his son publicly. Cigelnjak, 52, works at a supermarket in Slovenia, and has said that he wishes to meet his father and sisters one day.

Early Life and Education

In Yugoslavia (1970), Melania was born. When she was 5, she had a great style of clothing and liked the “catwalk” at her mom’s clothing shop.

She is a college drop-out. She studied architecture at the University of Ljubljan and after about one year, she left her education to pursue full time modeling. Working as a model in Italy, Melania she changed her maiden name from Knavs to the German version “Knauss.”

Start of Modeling Career

Melania came second in a famous magazine competition. She was signed to a worldwide modeling agreement. Melania’s agent, Paolo Zampolli, played an essential role in her life.

Modeling in US

Zampolli made her famous in the modeling world in US and introduced her to Donald Trump in 1998. They started dating soon after meeting each other.

Featured on Magazine Covers

She has graced the covers of all elite magazine likes Harper’s Bazaar, In Style Weddings, New York Magazine, Allure, Vanity Fair, Vogue and GQ (UK). Melania worked with renowned photographers in New York like Mario Testino, Patrick Demarchelier, and Helmut.

Viktor Knavs and Donald Trump

Melania’s father, Viktor Knavs, is a wealthy and successful businessman and a member of Communist Party in Slovenia. It is speculated that Melania got married to Donald Trump because her father and Donald Trump are quite similar. According to sources, Knavs also has a larger-than-life personality like Trump. Vixtor Knavs is 2 years older than Donald Trump.

Differences in Donald Trump and Melania’s Parents

It is said that Melania’s parents don’t agree with Donald Trump political views, and Knavs did not understand why Donald Trump wanted to become the President.

Donald Trump’s Short Visit to Slovenia

Donald had a very short trip to Slovenia in 2002. He was accompanied by Melania as well. Both of them visited Slovenia for just two to three hours to meet with her parents prior to their wedding.

Language Skills

It’s reported that Melania can speak multiple languages; her native Slovenian, Italian, Serbian, German, French, and English. Barron Trump speaks Slovenian (mainly to Melania’s parents), English, and French since he was a child.

Many other First Ladies were also used to speak multiple language. For example, Pat Nixon spoke Spanish, Lou Hoover spoke Chinese to make sure security was not able to eavesdrop.

Will the Real Melania Trump Step Forward

Melania is almost always polished and dressed to the nines when she steps out in public ever since becoming Mrs. Donald Trump. Since her marriage to the Donald in 2005 we have never once seen Melania go make-up free.This is the only known photo taken of Melania Trump without a trace of make-up taken on May 30, 2017 in Manhattan, New York. Melania is dressed in a casual white t-shirt, white jeans, and a suede camel overcoat.


She stands at 5’11 (1.80 meters), which made her ideal for modeling. Melania is one of the tallest First Ladies in the world. Her height, 5-foot-eleven, is same as Michelle Obama and Eleanor Roosevelt.

Meeting with Donald Trump

In 1996, Melania shifted to New York City. In 1998, she met Donald at Fashion Week party.

At the time of meeting Melania, Donald Trump was separated from her wife, Marla Maples, and was at the party with another date. Yet, Donald tried to get Melania’s number, which she initially refused. Eventually, she took his number.

Engagement Ring

Donald and Melania went to Mooma for their initial date. The couple fell apart for few months, until they reunited and eventually got married in 2004.  The two got married in January 2005.

Melania’s engagement ring was designed by famous jeweler Lawrence Graff. The ring has a 12-karat diamond and is worth about $3 million.

Lavish Wedding of Melania and Donald Trump

Their wedding was attended by various celebrities like Barbara Walters, Simon Cowell, Senator Hillary Clinton, former president Bill Clinton, and other celebrities.

Special Arrangements

Scrumptious meal was managed by the renowned French chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. Various musicians and celebs performed at the wedding, which included Billy Joel’s special version of “The Lady is a Tramp” dedicated to Trump. Melania also booked a whole orchestra, which included piano, saxophone, bass, and drums.

Wedding Dress

The wedding dress was extravagant as well as it had more than 1,300 hand-stitched crystals and pearls, along with a 14-foot beautiful train and a 15-foot attractive veil. Melania wore bracelets and necklace made of diamond as well. Vogue featured Melania in more than a 12-page spread of her $200,000 famous wedding strapless gown. Melania wore another dress as well.

Melania’s second gown was a tight Vera Wang gown, along with a knee-length skirt slit. She wore this dress at the Mar-a-Lago reception

Acting Debut in Ad

She made her acting debut in an ad in 2005. The ad was for Aflac insurance in which Melania and a duck switched personalities and at the end, she wakes up and quacks Aflac. Melania shared her excitement over her debut and said she hoped to become famous for saying Aflac just like Donald Trump had become famous by saying You’re are fired.

Becoming US Citizen

In 2006, she became the US Citizen due to her extraordinary abilities of sustaining national and international praise.

According to Melania, she became a citizen by following the rule and the process of getting US citizenship. She was used to travel back and forth in order to get approval and went through the whole process of getting the green card.

Birth of Baron William Trump

In 2006, the first child of Melania and Donald Trump was named Barron William Trump. The first name was chosen by Donald, while Melania chose his second name. Despite being a celebrity and living a comfortable lifestyle, Melania never appointed nannies.

Upbringing of Baron

In an interview, Melania said that spending time with the children is crucial and that is why she only has a cook and an assistant to manage other work, but she did not appoint a nanny.

In 2013, Melania was asked about expanding her family more, to which she replied that she was already too busy with her kid and her husband. Moreover, she called herself a full-time mom whose husband did not help her much in terms of taking care of the baby.

Donald’s Responsibilities

In 2005, Donald told in an interview that he loved kids, but he had no duties towards the children except giving financial help.

Melania’s Jewelry Brand

Along with being a successful model and a full-time mom, Melania Trump is also a business woman who launched her own jewelry line in 2010. Details of her brand are listed at the update website of White House.

Philanthropic Work

Melania is a representative of the American Red Cross. She participates in the police athletic league. Moreover, Melania has often worked with Love Our Children and Graham Dance Company.

Melania is not much prominent in her philanthropic role compared to the previous First Ladies. Although she is involved with several charities in her personal capacity, her efforts are not much prominent as FLOTUS.

Visit to the Vatican

After the Kennedys, Melania is the first FLOTUS to be Catholic. It was confirmed after Melania’s visit to the Vatican, she was secretly baptized in Slovenia.

Throughout the campaign, Melania had not indicated her religion, while Trump often referenced his religious beliefs.

Second Foreign FLOTUS

Melania is the second FLOTUS to not be born in US, and the first to belong from a communist state. She was born in Yugoslavia.

Louisa Adams, who belonged to London, was the first foreign first lady of US during 1825 to 1829. Louisa belonged to London.

Melania Avoids Limelight

During Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, Melania avoided the limelight as much as she could. This was very peculiar for the media and the public as typically first ladies are seen by the side of their husbands during the campaign.

However, it is harmless to say that Melania is unlike any of the previous First Ladies as she likes to avoid political media coverage even though the media loves to cover her.

Melania’s Secret Service Code name

Melania is called ‘Muse’ by the USSS.

Even though the secret names are not necessary in this era, they have become a part of the tradition. Previously, Michelle Obama was called, Renaissance, and Hillary Clinton’s code was Evergreen.

Move to the White House

Unlike her predecessors, five months after the inauguration of her husband, Melania shifted into the White House.

Many people were of the view that this delay was because Melania did not want to perform her duties. However, Trump said that it was to let Barron complete fifth grade in New York.

It is reported that Barron has a whole floor out of the three-story Trump penthouse in Manhattan.

Melania’s command over English

Melania is the First Lady whose mother tongue is not English. It is rumored that Melania avoids delivering speeches publicly due to her thick accent.

Third Wife of Donald Trump

She is also the only FLOTUS who is the third wife of a POTUS. Donald Trump was first married to Ivana Trump. They got divorced in 1992. Then, Trump got married to Marla Maples until 1999.

Talking about her role as the First Lady, Melania said that she would be traditional and supportive just like Jackie Kennedy and Betty Ford. However, Melania was not really enthusiastic about Donald’s presidency campaign as she said that the whole thing was not her ambition. It was the goal of her husband to become president.

Melania’s disagreements with Donald Trump

Melania has always maintained she has her own opinions about certain things and does not necessarily agree about everything with Donald Trump.

Be Best Initiative

Be Best is the major platform launched by Melania Trump in 2018. The purpose of Be Best is to protect the young people from cyberbullying and opioid issues.

While launching the Be Best initiative, Melania clearly stated that cyberbullying was a major issue she wanted to resolve as FLOTUS.

Relation with the Staff of White House

Once Melania shifted, the crew of the White House immediately liked her and developed a bond with her.

She was unlike the previous FLOTUS and it was obvious in the approach in which she behaves with the crew with kindness and acknowledgement.

Melania-Donald Relations

According to sources at the White House, Melania and Donald does not invest much time with each other. It has also been reported that they don’t stay in the same bedroom.

After his prior two failed marriages, Trump liked the Melania’s attitude towards limelight. Donald Trump said that his marriage with Melania is completely stress-free as they never had any argument as they are quite well-matched.

Personal Traits

People close to Melania has personified her as soft spoken and somebody who leaves the events early.

She does not imbibe like her husband. Moreover, she does not like to joke about Donald Trump in any manners like his hairstyle or political views.

Public Fascination

Melania is very unique compared to the previous First Ladies. Her decision to divide time between White House and New York and avoid media interactions has fascinated the public as well.

Breaks Protocol

On President’s State of the Union address, Melania surpassed the tradition by reaching US Capitol separately from her husband and instead arriving with her visitors.

Education Degree

Even though the First Lady had left her education after studying architecture for one year, she is featured on the alumni section of University of Ljubljana. She is the first FLOTUS to not have a formal degree.

During the Trump’s campaign, issue of Melania’s education was brought up again and again because Trump biography had indicated that Melania started modeling after completing her degree. In reality, she had left her education after 1 year at the university. As a result, her biography was removed from the website.

Transition of FLOTUS

The transition of the First Ladies is usually very smooth and friendly. Laura Bush had offered Michelle Obama to help in any matter. Similarly, Obama had offered the same courtesy to Melania Trump when she shifted to the White House.

In 2018, Michelle Obama said that Melania had never reached out to them in any regards. The White House responded that the First Lady was an independent woman who was making her own mark as FLOTUS, and whenever she needed any advice, a professional team was present at the White House to guide her.

Renegotiating Her Prenuptial Agreement

In Mary Jordan’s new book about Melania Trump released June 2020, she writes that the First Lady delayed her moved to the White House for approximately 6 months to leverage her prenuptial agreement re-negotiation with newly elected President Trump after news of infidelity surfaced during the Presidential campaign. Melania at the time claimed that she needed to stay in New York to take care of Barron until his school term ended. It is speculated that in the new prenuptial agreement, Melania made sure that Barron inherited equal shares of the Trump fortune as with the older three Trump kids.

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