Meghan’s Life With Prince Harry is ‘No Fairy-tale’

When most people imagine what it’s like to be a princess, they probably picture gorgeous gowns, twinking tiaras and waving royal subjects. What they probably don’t imagine is all the work that comes with the title. It’s no walk in the park, even though the gourmet food, designer clothes, and many staff members at your disposal might make it seem that way.

Meghan Markle went from a TV actress to Duchess quicker than you can say ‘royal baby,’ which might have made it seem like a dream to her. Being a royal isn’t something you can pick up and drop whenever it suits you, it’s something you are either born into or commit to for the rest of your life. Sources aren’t sure that this idea was evident to Meghan when she married Harry, and that she might be now rethinking her decisions.