Inside North Korea: The Pictures They Don’t Want You to See

“Preparation for War With USA is Complete” ~ North Korea Confirms

North Korea, the mystical hermit kingdom shrouded in rumors and tales, isolates itself from the rest of world since Korean War in 1950. Part of the Korean peninsula, the Korean Kingdom was historically a suzerainty (a state that is subservient to another state) of China Qing dynasty. It is wedged in between the power of China and Japan and has been the heart of conflict for hundreds of years. Since 1950, Korea has officially split into North and South Korea as part of power struggle between the US/West and Soviet/Sino power blocks.

With support of the communist east, Korea has been ruled by the Kim Il-Sung and his descendants and exercises isolationist policy towards the world. As a result very little information has been able to leave North Korea. We have assembled the few known picture of North Korea and we hope the shine some lights on the life and people this unknown realm.