Husband Expresses Happy Moments With His Wife Through Sketches

Curtis Wiklund has to be one the sweetest husband ever. To show his love and gratitude for his loving bride and now wife, Jordin. Curtis had an idea to sketch out the most precious or the best moments of their time spent together. He has drawn a series of little moments that are so pure that your heart fills with love, your eyes will fill with tears, and your stomach fills up with a million butterflies.

Fall in love again with these precious sketches that has every one talking.

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Everlasting Bliss

His drawings are not full of colors; instead, they are black and white. However, the little moments shared between the couple spread light over the black and white dullness. Sit back tight, maybe with a couple of tissues as we take you through the journey of Curtis and his wife. Beware if you’re single; this article will raise some unwanted feelings. 

“If we understand there is a certain belonging to each other, then it helps to go with the flow of life. Sometimes, people come together for a short time, as that is the design of that relationship. Sometimes, it’s a lifetime. Sometimes, it’s much longer than one life on Earth,”

Donna Goddard in her book Love’s Longing.

It is more the story of two best friends who understand each other in every aspect, give each other love regardless of their flaws, and make the best of the life they have together.