Hollywood’s Most Scandalous Celebrity Love Triangles

Do you think dating is hard? Well, try dating in Hollywood. For as long as there have been celebrity romances, there have been scandalous love triangles. From Elizabeth Taylor to Hilary Duff, many of Hollywood’s hottest stars have found themselves in quite a crowded relationship. Take a look at some of the juiciest celebrity love triangles.

Hilary Duff, Aaron Carter, Lindsay Lohan

We are taking it back to the ’00s! In 2001, Aaron Carter and Hilary Duff met on the set of Lizzie Mcguire and began dating. After a year-and-a-half, Carter “got a little bored so [he] went and started getting to know Lindsay, dating Lindsay” while he was still romantically involved with Hilary Duff. Although the hunky heartthrob broke things off with both beauties, things became heated between Duff and Lohan. In 2004, Lindsay Lohan staged a Saturday Night Live sketch mocking Hilary Duff.