Then and Now: Hollywood Couples Who Are Still Happily Married For 20+ Years

Who says that there are no successful marriages in Hollywood and people can’t stick long with each other? We have compiled a list of celebrities who have shown

that their love bonds are way stronger than anyone else. The list includes all those celebrities which are enjoying a healthy marital life till this day.

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Candace Cameron – Valeri Bure | Then

Candace Cameron with her husband Valeri was the first couple that comes in your list. The Russian hockey player and On screen beauty Candace have been enjoying their marriage from 1996.It is said that it was Candace’s uncle who was responsible for their marriage.

Candace Cameron – Valeri Bure | Now

They are now the parents of three kids, which makes them a complete family.

Kelly Rippa – Mark Consuelos | Then

Kelly Rippa and Mark Consuelos were both working as co-stars in the show named “All My Children” and got married shortly after that show in May 1996. It seems like the show has proved a connector in their case.

Kelly Rippa – Mark Consuelos | Now

They are now parenting three kids and it feels like age has nothing to do with this evergreen couple. Both of them have switched careers and it hasn’t affected their marriage at all.

Cindy Crawford – Rande Gerber | Then

Cindy Crawford has married twice. First in 1991 with Richard Gere which lasted no longer than four years and ended in 1995, while the second time, she chose a businessman Rande Gerber in 1998—and that marriage is still going on.

“I wanted to look like the best version of the girl Rande loves waking up to every morning,” she writes. “Rather than have my dad walk me down the aisle and ‘give me away,’ Rande and I chose to walk each other down the stairs that led to the beach and the ceremony.”

Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford – Rande Gerber | Now

Cindy has two kids, one son, Presley Walker and a daughter Kaia. Both of the kids are pursuing modeling and are doing great in their careers. Cindy once advised other couples as “Tequila is the reason behind their happy marriage”

Julia Louis-Dreyfus – Brad Hall | Then

Julia-The Veep Star got married with Brad Hall in 1987, when both were enrolled into Northwestern University. According to them, they were met on the stage when Julia was participating in one of the plays of Brad. They believe it is the love at first sight and they are made for each other.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus – Brad Hall | Now

Julia and Hall celebrate their anniversary on 25th of June every year. According to Julia, she shared many great moments of joy with Hall and some of them she can talk about and some she can’t.

Sarah Michelle Gellar – Freddie Prinze Jr. | Then

They were co-stars of “I know What You Did Last Summer” and they started their relationship while performing in the show. After that in 2002 they finally tied the knot with each other.

Sarah Michelle Gellar – Freddie Prinze Jr. | Now

Sarah and Freddie are way happier than any other couple in the industry. Once she wrote on her facebook newsfeed by uploading the snap, as she is in love with herself when she is with Freddie. And Freddie helps her in her pursuit of true self.

Faith Hill – Tim McGraw | Then

Faith Hill and Tim married in 1996. And from that day the couple has remained intact and often called the powerhouse of industry. They have always been successful in promoting the values of couples in Hollywood.

Faith Hill – Tim McGraw | Now

They have three cute daughters and both of them have played their part in making their daughters great human beings. If a couple wants to follow a lead, they should follow Faith and Tim.

Sarah Jessica Parker – Matthew Broderick | Then

Sarah and Mathew first met in 1991 and got married in 1997. Since the day they meet, both of them have remained loyal to each other and their marriage bond has always been stronger than ever before.

Sarah Jessica Parker – Matthew Broderick | Now

They are now the parents of three kids and currently residing in New York. Their happy faces in pictures clearly indicate the love they have for each other.

Oprah Winfrey – Stedman Graham | Then

Oprah and Stedman love bond is considered to be one of the oldest marriages in industry. They have been a couple since 1982 and it seems that they are made for eachother.

Oprah Winfrey – Stedman Graham | Now

Oprah and Stedman union has turned into a more or less a spiritual relationship, that it seems impossible that there would ever be a separation. God bless this beautiful couple.

David Beckham – Victoria Adams | Then

If there would ever be a couple whose beauty we all admire, it would the couple of David Beckham and Victoria Adams.

David and Victoria tied the note on July 4 1999 and still they shine like a bright star.

David Beckham– Victoria Adams | Now

David Beckham and Victoria have always been supportive to each other. There has not been a single a day that one has heard anything unpleasant happens between them. They are doing great with each other.

Julia Roberts– Danny Moder | Then

Julia Roberts and Dan Moder have been married since july 4 2004. Rumor has it that both met each other on Moder’s ranch based in Tao-New Mexico.

Julia Roberts – Danny Moder | Now

Julia said she is still in love with Danny Moder and she loves to kiss her husband. Both of them frequently share pictures of each other to express their love for each other.

Sylvester Stallone Jennifer Flavin| Then

Stallone, the all-time legendary actor married in 1997 with evergreen exotic lady Jennifer Flavin. Stallone made her, his all-time choice and I feel he had done something very right.

Sylvester Stallone Jennifer Flavin| Now

Jennifer gave birth to three daughters Sophia, Scarlet and Sistin. All three girls are the true picture of their parents’ love and affection towards each other.

Meryl Streep– Don Gummer | Then

After Oprah, if there could be any couple which is living the longest relationship is Meryl Streep and Don Gummer. Both got married in 1978 and have been into love from day one.

Merly Streep– Don Gummer | Now

Meryl Streep has revealed that her relationship with her husband has deepened as the time passes and she further added she wasn’t expecting how good a man can be with his wife. Her promise which she has taken with her husband is more meaningful for her than anything else.

Lisa Kudrow – Michel Stern | Then

An exceptional actress and a star of “Friends” Lisa Kudrow tied the knot in 1995 with Michel. Although it took 6 six years for her to reach this step, she had proudly taken it.

Lisa Kudrow – Michel Stern | Now

The CEO of a French advertising company and a glamorous actress of our childhood has done exceptionally well in taking up their marriage. She said that her matrimonial life is a success and she is proud of having it for almost 21 years.

Michael J. Fox – Tracey Pollan | Then

Michael and Tracey got married on the day of 16 july 1988. The wedding wasn’t as glamorous as the people are. But still it was enough to make everyone happy. Taking place under the tent, in the presence of 70 close people, the lady tied the note with this handsome guy Michael for eternity.

Michael J. Fox – Tracey Pollan | Now

Both are living up their marriage to this day. According to Tracey, the secret behind their successful marriage is their ability to give each other enough space that one can remain his true self. She further added that everyone has arguments and everyone has double views but it is one’s ability to understand that compels the other person to stick in a relationship.

Hugh Jackman – Deborra-Lee Furness | Then

Hugh Jackman decided to marry in 1996 and the girl he chose was no less than a fairy “Deborra”. Their love remained headlines for many years to come and was envied by many who can’t get to their levels.

Hugh Jackman – Deborra-Lee Furness | Now

It’s been over twenty years that both Hugh and Deborra have been living in a marriage. Both have brought two beautiful souls in this world and once Hugh said in his interview that He is very much into his marriage and the bond is intensified with every day that has passed in these twenty years.

Will Smith – Jada Pinkett | Then

Will and Jada got married in 1997 in the famous castle Cloisters of Maryland. Both met each other when Jada were giving auditions for “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” and it seems it was also a love at first sight.

Will Smith – Jada Pinkett | Now

Will is a hot guy and thousands of girls are ready to lay their heart for him. But, Jada was his choice and he means it. That’s why, proving all those rumors fake, Jada and Will are proving great parents for their two children.

Kevin Bacon – Kyra Sedgewick | Then

Kevin married Kyra on September 4, 1998. Both were participating in “Lemon Sky” a play by Lanford Wilson and met each other there. Kevin often declared his marriage as a blessing of God. According to him, while he was passing through his lows, God sent his wife Kyra for his help and to bring happiness in his life.

Kevin Bacon – Kyra Sedgewick | Now

Kevin has considered his wife a true partner and he has put every effort to remain with her. This is also true with his Kyra, which is said to be a great human being and is equally responsible for taking this relationship to a span of 28 years.

Goldie Hawn – Kurt Russell | Then

Married in 1983, the couple has attained levels of true affection. Both of them have truly accepted each other and are now proving a part of each other.

Goldie Hawn – Kurt Russell | Now

Goldie Hawn has never considered his marriage as a conventional one. Not a one that every one other has. According to him, both of the partners must accept each other’s flaws and qualities and by taking account of these qualities one must give each other enough room to live. Intentions are key and one should believe that a marriage does not mean to always say yes but to learn from each other.

John Travolta – Kelly Preston | Then

John Travolta and Kelly Preston met each other for the first time on the shooting of “The Experts” movie. Both got into a relationship after that and decided to marry each other four years later. The marriage ceremony took place in two different forms, one made on legal terms and other on the beliefs on scientology. Both then became the parents of three children. However, one of their sons died an early death in 2009 at the age 16.

John Travolta – Kelly Preston | Now

John Travolta and Kelly Preston always share smiles with each other whenever they come together. And most of the time, the photographers are vying for their pictures because of their originality in being with each other.

Steven Spielberg – Kate Capshaw| Then

Met on the shooting of “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” Both Steven and Kate decided the rest of their lives with each other. According to Steven she loves Kate the way he never loved another woman.

Steven Spielberg – Kate Capshaw| Now

After 25 years and deeply devoted to each other this stylish couple exude their overflowing love for each other at each star-studded event that they are seen.

Sigourney Weaver – Jim Simpson | Then

These stylish husband and wife dated for about two months in 1984 and then they got married. In 1990 they gave birth to a child whose name is Charlotte Simpson.

Sigourney Weaver – Jim Simpson | Now

Gladly, this couple is still married and having a happy private and Hollywood life.

Dustin Hoffman – Lisa Hoffman | Then

Dustin as everyone knows is a superstar and has earned groundbreaking awards since his first role in Graduate. Dustin divorced his first wife Anne Byrne and married Lisa in 1980.

Dustin Hoffman – Lisa Hoffman | Now

After more than 35 years Lisa and Dustin are still together living a happy life. They have got 4 children in which two are girls and two are boys. Although Dustin ended his first marriage badly but that end gave him a new happy start in the form of Lisa.

Jeff Bridges – Susan Geston | Then

This couple has a very interesting story. Jeff was a famous actor. He was once shooting for a movie in a restaurant where Susan was a waitress. He saw Susan and fell in love with her like a love at first sight.

Jeff Bridges – Susan Geston | Now

One would be jealous to see this beautiful couple still married after more than 33 years of their marriage. They have 3 daughters by now and still love each other. Nothing stopped them from being together.

Christopher Walken – Georgianne Thon | Then

Walken was an actor and Thon was a Casting Director. They got married in 1969. This couple has no children but still they are happy.

Christopher Walken – Georgianne Thon | Now

Even now when more 50 years have passed, this couple is still happy together.

Mark Hamill – Marilou York | Then

Then Being famous for acting in Star Wars as Skyler Luke, Mark had all the fame he could ever wish for. Still, he chose to marry a dental hygienist named Marilou York. Since 1978, the year the couple tied the knot, they have seen a lot of ups and downs in their life.

Mark Hamill – Marilou York | Now

Now As things stand now, this beautiful couple is still together loving each other. Even having some ups and downs, they didn’t break up. They exemplify that love does exist in this world.

Chuck Norris – Gena O’Kelley | Then

Norris is a renowned martial artist who is also known for his role in Texas Ranger. If we look at this private life, he could not keep his first marriage for long. But, when he married Gena (an actor and a sheriff) at the age of 58, he defied all the odds. He was 58 while Gena was nearly half of his age (30 years old). They said their vows in 1997. 

Chuck Norris – Gena O’Kelley | Now

Though there are not peers and they have a nice gap between the ages, the couple is happily living their marital life.  Both of them have no problem with the former families of the other: before marrying Norris, Gena had two kids, while Norris had three. After their marriage, they gave birth to twins. To be honest, they both have defied a lot of odds! 

Gene Hackman – Betsy Arakawa | Then

Gene was an Oscar winner. He could not keep his first marriage and broke up. He married Betsy in 1991, and the couple moved to Santa Fe, away from the all the limelight and cameras.

Gene Hackman – Betsy Arakawa | Now

They have not changed a bit even after 29 years. Though Hackman has retired from Hollywood, he is all happy with her wife  who is beautiful as if she has drunk a chalice or two from the Fountain of Youth. 

Denzel Washington – Pauletta Pearson | Then

Denzel Washington is one of those Hollywood Celebrities who are loved by everyone. All this love instilled more love inside Denzel Washington. And at last, he found the person to give all of his love: Paulette Pearson.  The American actor (and director and producer too) met Paulette Pearson in 1975 while he was shooting his first ever film i.e. Wilma. They became good friends, and eventually the friendship turned into a nice love story. As such, they married in 1983 and then again renewed their wedding vows in 1995 in South Africa when they were there enjoying their days off.

Denzel Washington – Pauletta Pearson | Now

Still looking young, this couple has spent most of their life together which is more than 33 years. They have four kids; the youngest two are twins. The Hollywood couple has also been a staunch supporter of the rights of the Black people.

Pierce Brosnan – Keely Shaye Smith | Then

One of the best Hollywood actors, Brosnan has acted in Cold War, Tomorrow Never Dies, The November Man and many other popular movies. He is versatile when it comes to his acting, and quite classy when it comes to his marital life. His first marriage with Cassandra Harris lasted for 11 years until a tragedy struck and she died. He mourned her death while saying that it was an excruciatingly painful and terrible loss. Three years after the tragedy, Brosnan met Keely Shaye. And things started to move into another unexpected direction. 

Pierce Brosnan – Keely Shaye Smith | Now

Brosnan and Shaye got to know each other really well, fell in love, and decided to tie the knots. It was 2001 when the couple went through the ceremony and said the vows. Though Brosnan had to go through pain, the reward of this could come in no better way. The couple now lives happily, and is quite vocal when it comes to the preservation of environment or animal rights.

Peyton Manning – Ashley Thompson | Then

On the right is a famous NFL player who used to play for Indianapolis Colts. The beautiful lady on the left is a well-settled businesswoman. This couple has been together since the time when the boy was not even in College. They loved each other from their first date, and at last married in 2001.

Peyton Manning – Ashley Thompson | Now

The ever-beautiful and ever-smiling couple has been living a dreamy life ever since their wedding. Though there are some ups and downs in every couple’s life, they really know how to face and solve the problem when it arises. Though Ashley Thompson has moved away from the limelight, she still handles her business along with taking care of her family.

Warren Beatty – Annette Bening | Then

Then Warren is a famous actor and also known for his charming personality. Due to his charming personality and handsome outlook, he was quite famous amongst the women. Even then, he chose to remain a bachelor till his 50s—hence there were some . . . rumors too. He met Annette in the 1990-91, she caught his eye, and he could not do anything except falling in love with her. Soon enough, they got married in 1992—giving a shut up call to all of those indecent rumors.

Warren Beatty – Annette Bening | Now

Hollywood is a place of a number of divorces—but not “Warrenette”. This beautiful couple has managed to live together happily for more than 25 years now. At every red-carpet, the couple shows up with more lively and happier vibes than before. They have got 4 children, one of which viz. Stephen is known to be a proud transgender and also a vocal activist for that community. To Warren, Annette and the kids is the best thing that has happened to him in his life. 

Clive Owen – Sarah-Jane Fenton | Then

And now a classic love story that took place at none other than the stage of Romeo and Juliet! Clive and this beautiful lady Sarah-Jane Fenton met at the set of Romeo Juliet when they were casting as the lead actor and actress for the movie. They started seeing each other off-set, that turned into a more passionate love story. Eventually, they uttered their I-dos in 1995.

Clive Owen – Sarah-Jane Fenton | Now

Now it has been more than 25 years since they have been together. The couple has acted in many movies, yet all of this exposure could never temper the bond that they share. Clive and Sarah-Jane are happily married with two daughters. The beautiful lady has left the life of cameras and shooting, and is now currently a researcher in Birmingham, UK. Clive has several awards to his name—a Golden Globe and an Academy nomination are the most significant of them.

Tom Hanks – Rita Wilson | Then

This smiling Hollywood couple is too hard to ignore! First, because of how pretty their smiles are. Second, because they have been smiling like this for more than 32 years! Tom Hans and always-smiling Rita Wilson met each other when the movie Volunteers was in the production in 1988. Their relationship grew, prospered and they started to love each other unconditionally. As a result, they decided to get married.

Tom Hanks – Rita Wilson | Now

Even after more than 30 years, Tom and Rita are still together and continue to glow like two stars. They have two kids.  The older one, Chester Marlon, is following in the footsteps of his parents and started his career in Hollywood. Chester has acted in some movies e.g. Indiana Jones, etc. and is on his way to a successful acting career.

Jeremy Irons – Sinéad Cusck | Then

Jeremy Irons has two marriages. The first was with Julie Hallam who starred in Softly Softly: Task Force. They had to part their ways. Few years later, Jeremy Irons met with his Irish peer, Sinead Cusack. She was divinely beautiful at that time. Jeremy fell in love with her, and the couple tied the knot in 1978.

The Brit Jeremy Irons’ Hollywood career went a step futher in 1981 when he starred in a romantic movie known as The French Lieutenant’s Woman.

Jeremy Irons – Sinéad Cusck | Now

It’s good to know that this beautiful couple is still together even after 42 years of their marriage. They are still doing well in their life, and it can be speculated that they will continue to go against the odds that are always there amongst the lights of glamor and fame. 

Sean Connery – Micheline Roquebrune | Then

Bond. Sean Connery was no ordinary actor; he was James Bond. Before meeting Micheline Roquebrune, Sean was married to Diane Cilento. After 11 years of their marriage, the couple had to part ways as a result of divorce in 1973.

Two years later, Sean met another fine lady whom he shared taste and liking. Micheline Roquebrune was a Moroccan-French lady, and an extraordinary painter. Both of them liked each other as their interests and preferences converged. At last, they tied the knots in an esoteric wedding ceremony in the city of Casablanca.

Sean Connery – Micheline Roquebrune | Now

One can see in the photo how adorable the couple looks! Sean and Micheline are still together, loving and supporting each other even after 45 years. They have not only children but grandchildren too. Sean got honored by Queen Elizabeth as she knighted him in 2000. There may be a lot of things which Sean is thankful for, and a wife who understands golf and encourages him to play is surely at the top! 

Michael Caine – Shakira Caine | Then

Wait, wait, look at how cute they look together! PS: My personal favorite couple. Michael Caine is loved for his acting in Batman, Prestige, Inception and so on. All of his starring seem equally impeccable and perfect. More perfect is the way he has handled his marital life. 

Michael and Shakira both belong to different cultures and religions, but that could never stop them from loving and supporting each other. They got married in 1973, and still are together!

Michael Caine – Shakira Caine | Now

It has been over 47 years now since the tied the knot. Thought their hair might have changed and become grey, their love never changed. Caine has won Oscar twice, and Shakira continues to pursue her interest in Fashion Designing. They said that the secret to their long lasting relationship is that both of them have got their own space—an advice which Kahlil Gibran shared with us a long before. 

Michael York – Patricia McCallum | Then

Michael was a famous actor and Patricia was a skilled photographer. They could never think of this possibility that they might be married to each other, and married successfully. Once, in 1967, Patricia was hired to take some photographs of Michael. This was the time when they fell in love with each other. After one year, they got married.

Michael York – Patricia McCallum | Now

Think for a second: A Hollywood couple married in 1968, still living like it is the last day of their life?! This beautiful couple has stayed together for more than 52 years now. One can understand how much they are happy together by looking at the smile of them both. The couple has one son—who is actually Patricia’s. The son, Rick, is known for his production works in Star Wars.

Ted Danson – Mary Steenburger | Then

We would like to give it a title: Third time’s the charm!

Ted had to see divorce twice due to some unavoidable problems, but when he met Mary Steenburger, it worked for him perfectly. He found something special in her and got married in 1995.

Ted Danson – Mary Steenburger | Now

It has been more than 25 years to the third marriage of Ted, and he seems all satisfied with his third wife. They do not spend too much time in the spotlight; they take breaks from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood intermittently, loving and supporting each other.

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Kirk Douglas – Anne Buydens | Then

Kirk and Anne first met on the set of a film where Kirk needed a translator for the press. Anne assisted him during his press and they fell in love with each other and finally got married in 1954.

Kirk Douglas – Anne Buydens | Now

This is the most lasting couple in Hollywood; they have lived with each other for more than 66 years! They loved each other until his death in 2020 at the age of 103. Kirk said that Anne has been gentle with a good sense of humor throughout her life.

Wayne Gretzky – Janet Jones | Then

Wayne met Janet on a show where he was given the role of a judge on Dance Fever. He saw her, and that was it: he fell in love with her. He went on one knee to propose Janet. She accepted his proposal and they married in an opulent manner in 1988. It was so luxurious that the Canadian Media labelled it as a Royal Wedding. 

Wayne Gretzky – Janet Jones | Now

They are still beautiful and still holding up together. They are hitting the red carpet even today. At home, they take care of their five kids.

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