Divorce May Kill You—and Not Just Emotionally

Studies have shown that 42-45 percent of first marriages in the US end up in divorce. When it comes to second marriages, the figure jumps to 60 percent. It is said that marriage goes until death separates the partners, but things don’t end up there anymore. They end up way sooner. 

Ending a marriage is one of the most challenging things you could do in your life. We call it heart-breaking because the pain is so high in those moments, and nothing can cure us in the short-term. Researchers have stated that every breakup, especially we talk about a marriage, puts significant pressure on the heart. The most affected people are women because they are known to be more sensitive than men.

Divorce moment brings an end to a relationship, and to other circumstances as well: both financial and emotional stability, social conventions. This problematic moment can make your stress levels increase, in fact it can raise your blood pressure, blood sugar, or cholesterol. 

Divorce can be contagious

A hand full of researchers from the University of California, Brown University, Harvard University, and San Diego looked at the divorce effects when it comes to social life. Their studies showed that for one it’s easier to cross the divorce crisis when friends or family pass through the same thing. The studies go further and state that one person is 75% more likely to get a divorce when their friends get divorced. You have a 33 percent chance of getting a divorce if a friend’s friend is getting one.