12 Disney Movies with Disturbing Original Stories

Disney movies are famous for taking their viewers on a joy ride. Its an industry built on magic, fairy tales, and happily ever after endings. For children, Disney movies serve as a reflection of their dreams. Stories like Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and Mulan, had inspired children and adults alike since the 1930s when Disney released its first animated movie. Several generations have grown up watching Disney movies, and their characters have remained role models for little boys and girls alike.

A general perception of Disney movies is that they are always positive and impart optimistic messages. But, have you ever thought whether the fairy tales from which Disney classics were inspired had the same playfulness and positivity as these movies depict?

It may be surprising for you that none of the original stories of most famous Disney classics had such polished happily ever after endings. From hanging, torture, and death to burning feet, there was all this and much more. Disney very strategically cut out to give the centuries-old stories a modern-day spin and make them lighthearted. Check out how different the original versions of your favorite Disney classics are from its cinematic adaptation.