25 Of The Most Dangerous Not-At-War Cities In The World

We live in a diverse world; and at times paradoxical too. There is good and there is evil; there is justice and injustice; everything and its opposite go side by side—and not necessarily in equilibrium. Sometimes the bad trumps over the good.

Accordingly, there are some cities in the world which are not at war but still very dangerous to live in. Cities in which the bad trumps over the good. Cities overflowing with danger and violence.

These 25 cities are located in the countries which are not at war. Yet, these cities have the highest rate of murder on the planet. Only those cities are included in the list which have a minimum of 300,000 residents.

Note: The high rate of murder in these cities does not mean that they are not safe for tourists and foreigners. While the locals remain the victim of the danger and violence, foreigners are mostly safe in these dangerous cities.

Having said that, let us have a look at 25 of the most dangerous not-at-war cities in the world. Click on “Next” to start the slideshow.