Celebrities Bridesmaids Who Stole The Show

Wedding is the most anticipated event of anyone’s life. It is an occasion to celebrate love, companionship, and commitment. Around the world, weddings are full of celebratory gatherings and festivities, which become all the more colorful with gorgeous dresses, fancy venues, exquisite floral arrangements, delectable food, and congratulatory dances. And, if the wedding guests list has the name of a celebrity, the glamour quotient instantly twofold. Sometimes the star becomes the center of attraction instead of the couple such is the star power of certain celebs. Let’s check out pictures of some of the best celebrity bridesmaids attending the weddings of their famous or non-famous buddies. Despite trying their best to remain in a supportive role of bridesmaid, some of the celebrities couldn’t contain their glamorousness and ended up stealing the show from their besties.