11 Cancer Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

Cancer is one of those things that people are scared of the most. It sounds like an unbeatable disease that only brings destruction and death, but things aren’t like that in every case. Sometimes, if people catch it early, things can end positively with a long, happy life ahead.

The trickiest thing in spotting the cancer is that the symptoms are often mistaken by something less “serious,” and doctors treat it accordingly. Here are the 11 cancer symptoms you should not ignore if you care about your life. Be aware that the last one is most often misinterpreted.

1. Persistent Tiredness

If you feel exhausted or fatigued more often than not, than that should make you raise some questions. One of the most severe reason is cancer, and you should know that both leukemia and colon cancer can be behind these symptoms. When your fatigue moment lasts for an extended period, then you should go to the doctor’s office and see what is going on.