Bankrupt Billionaires Who Lost It All

Being a billionaire is all perks, but it does not mean that one cannot lose it all. Few wrong decisions, and whoosh—everything is gone! These wealthiest persons on earth were different from each other—they became the masters of a great fortune by doing different things, and they belonged to different countries. What is certain is that they were founders and heads of their own companies, and they managed their companies really well. Then, they broke the law, and lost it all. Lies and deceit, conspiracies, theft, etc. became the reason these former 1% lost their fortune, and some were even sentenced to prison for their actions. In this world where the hands of law can knock anyone down, a number of billionaires are still being caught.

So, we have compiled a list of the billionaires who lost it all. Start the slideshow to read their interesting, and horrifying, stories!