Acrylic Nails  vs. Gel Nails. Which is Better? 

Women have been wearing nail extensions since the Egyptian times and back then they had a completely different meaning to what they do now. Wearing nail extensions from bone, ivory and gold, Egyptian women used them as a sign of wealth and status. This concept was followed over centuries and women in the Far East even grew their nails as long as possible to symbolize status.

However, today, nails are decorated and grown for an elegant and classy appearance. In today’s society, unkempt hands and nails are looked down upon and give away the impression of lack of self-grooming and careless attitude. Find out the pros and cons of acrylic vs. gel nails.

Some Background on Acrylic Nails:

Thanks to the dental industry, acrylic nails were born since 1954. Acrylic nails are done using a liquid monomer and a powder polymer to create a hard layer which strengthens your nails or extensions, whichever you apply it over. Acrylic nails are not treated under the UV light and harden naturally.