9 Tips For A Healthy Sex Life

Sex is affected by more than you think. Start by getting enough sleep – a habit that’ll boost sexual function and arousal. You can also strengthen your vaginal muscles with Kegel exercises. To enhance your bond, have a code word for “sex”, make eye contact, and put your phone away. Once in awhile, do it in the afternoon. The unusual time will shake things up. Come nighttime, keep the lights on to enhance visual stimulation.

Sex is intimate, intense, and everything in between. It’s like a secret language that only two people can understand. It’s intense and exciting, all at the same time. Sex is a lot of things. Thankfully, “rocket science” doesn’t have to be one of them. One might argue that it’s tricky to get to know a partner. However, once you do, it’s about keeping the fire alive. You might be tempted to focus on physical technique. Yet, sex is so much more than that. It’s affected by so many factors – some of which will surprise you. Learn about them with these nine amazing sex tips.