8 Flawless Make-Up Tips For Beginners

Make-Up Vloggers makes it looks so easy, that’s because it is! Learn the tricks and tips.

This post is about some basic tricks you should know for a flawless look, especially if you are a beginner. So, without any delay, let’s get started.

Invest In Some Beauty Tools

Having a good set of makeup brushes is equivalent to having good makeup products. Good makeup brushes can provide a perfect application even if you are not good at applying makeup. There are different brushes available for different purposes. So, if you want that flawless professional look, invest in good brushes.

Prep Your Skin Well

Before applying makeup, you must prepare the canvas. Cleanse your face properly and exfoliate, if needed. Then continue with your toner, serum and moisturizer (in this order). You can use a facial mist as well. Let the moisturiser sink into the skin. As the last step of prepping your skin, apply a primer (however, if you have oil skin, you can skip this step as a light oil-free moisturizer is sufficient). The primer will help in smoothing out the skin, making it easy for the foundation to spread.

Shape your face

For shaping your face, you just need to learn the art of contouring. With the help of contouring, you can achieve your desired face shape. The rule is, when you apply anything lighter than your skin tone, it makes that area prominent and when you apply anything darker than your skin tone, it recedes that area.  For desired prominent areas (i.e. down the bridge of your nse) use a highlighter and if you want something to recede then use a contouring shade or a bronzer for that area. This will help in giving you the desired shape of your face. And don’t forget to blend, blend and blend!

Make your lips look fuller

Before applying any makeup on your lips, you need to exfoliate (use a simple sugar scrub) and moisturize your lips by apply a lip balm and let it set in for a couple of minutes before applying foundation over your lips so that the true color of your lipstick will be shown. For fuller lips, draw past the natural lip contour with the help of the white pencil. Now, redo the line with the desired lip pencil. For even application us a  lip brush. With a lip brush, apply your lipstick starting from your cupid’s bow to the outer corners and then from the outer corners to the centre of your lower lip and finish it off with a dap of gloss at the middle section of your lips.

Fake perfect brows

Using brow products directly can be a bit tricky for amateurs. Instead of using a brow pencil or powder directly, try to define your brows first. You can use an eyebrow stencil to define the shape or can draw it directly if you are good at art. Always choose a colorlighter than your brows as darker shades can make you appear older. If you are using powder for your brows, apply it from the outer corner of the brows to the inner, i.e. opposite to the growth of hair. If you are using a pencil, don’t apply gradual pressure; apply more pressure near the roots and while flicking away, apply light pressure.

Apply liner in the right way

When you are new to the makeup world, you try to apply the eyeliner in just one go. This is not possible till you are a pro at it. To make your eyeliner appear perfect, work in smaller segments; otherwise there will be bumps on your lash line. I apply my liner in two segments; firstly, I go from inner corner to the middle of the lash line and then from the outer corner to the middle of the lash line to meet the segment. It provides an even and gorgeous application.

The right way to conceal dark circles

Blending the orange-tinted corrector and a beige corrector to match your skin tone does not always give your makeup a flawless look. It makes your eyes pop out for not a good reason. Therefore, to conceal your dark circle in the right way, use the V or triangle shape method. Using a concealer brush, apply the colour correcting concealer in a V shape from the outer to the inner corner of your eye. Then, blend the concealer with a light hand. This will brighten up your face along with the under eye area.

Conceal with color correctors


Playing with different colors can help you in achieving a flawless look with your makeup. Sometimes using flesh-toned concealer can give your skin a muddy effect. Different color correcting concealers does different jobs; like, orange one will cancel out dark spots on dark skin tones, green one cancels out the redness of the skin, lavender one cancels out yellow tone, etc. So, instead of using flesh-toned concealer, head for colour correcting concealers to serve different purposes.

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