39 Times Actors Refused To Kiss Their Costar On Camera

One of the most satisfying moments in any film is when the protagonist and their love interest share a romantic kiss. It’s like witnessing sparks flying or seeing

the last two pieces of a puzzle finally click into place. However, the undeniable chemistry that often feels so real to us viewers is sometimes non-existent when the cameras aren’t rolling. In fact, some actors were actually forced to do those steamy kissing scenes after they protested.

As for why they were hesitant to pucker up, their reasoning ranged from bad breath and sickness to off-screen tension and religious beliefs. But while some of them eventually gave in and powered through their lip-lock, others flat out refused to kiss other actors, even if that meant losing their jobs. We will admit that all these stars were entitled to their decisions and we completely respect that. See which celebs refused to kiss their costars on camera.

Leona Lewis refused to kiss Chace Crawford in “I Will Be” Music Video

It takes one LOYAL girlfriend to refuse to kiss a hottie like Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford in order to keep her boyfriend from getting too jealous. But that’s exactly what happened! Leona Lewis hired the actor to be in one of her music videos and then refused to lock lips with him. “I think [Lou Al-Chamaa] would [get jealous] if I was kissing them, but I’d never do that,” she said. “They wanted me and Chace to kiss in the ‘I Will Be video.’ But I said no way.” WOW.

Fawad Khan refused to kiss Alia Bhatt in Kapoor & Sons

The Pakistani actor refrained from kissing his on-screen love interest, Alia Bhatt, because he didn’t want to violate his chastity. Though the director did respect Fawad’s wishes, things still got pretty awkward because he had to pull off a cheat-kiss instead. Alia said: “There was a kiss in the film with Fawad. When we did the scene, it was decided that we would cheat-kiss. Still, every time I would go near his face, he would flinch. I had to keep reassuring him I wouldn’t compromise his chastity.” Thankfully, they were able to pull it off without actually kissing.

Tisha Campbell refused to kiss Martin Lawrence in Martin

Gina and Martin’s relationship was the highlight of this classic sitcom. But despite their perfect chemistry on screen, things weren’t going so well between them behind the scenes. By season five, Tisha Campbell not only refused to do kissing scenes with Martin, she also refused to film episodes with the actor and filed a lawsuit against him for sexual harassment.

According to Tisha’s lawsuit, Martin had a romantic interest in her and despite her rejections, he persisted. Over time, she mentioned that he “became increasingly manic and volatile” and got into “uncontrollable fits of rage” for no reason. But that’s not even the most disturbing part. The lawsuit also claimed that when the cast wasn’t rehearsing or filming, Martin would grope and kiss her. It’s no wonder why she refused to film with him (which ultimately led to the end of the series). Fortunately for the fans, though, it seems like these two have since moved on and made up, because earlier this year, it was announced that the cast would be doing a reboot.

Neal McDonough refused to kiss Virginia Madsen in Scoundrels

The Walking Tall actor has been pretty open about not being intimate with anyone other than his wife mainly because of his dedication to his religion. In fact, he was actually fired from Scoundrels and replaced by David James Elliott because he refused to do love scenes with Virginia Madsen. Still, Neal made it pretty clear that he has no regrets.

He explained: “Life is about honoring God and being the best human being you can be and giving praise to God in everything you do. Killing people on screen — that’s fake. That’s not real. When you’re in bed with another woman on screen — guess what? That’s real. I don’t like that kind of stuff. Especially now with kids, I don’t want to have my kids say, ‘Hey, Dad, what are you doing with that lady on screen?'”

Kirk Cameron refused to kiss Erin Bethea in Fireproof

Kirk has done his fair share of kissing scenes on screen, but that was all before he became an evangelical Christian and married his former Growing Pains costar, Chelsea Noble. After that point, he’d promised to never kiss any else out of respect for his wife. So when he had to do a kissing scene with his love interest in Fireproof, the producers came up with a creative solution.

Kirk revealed: “Because I have a commitment not to kiss any other woman, my wife Chelsea came in to the set and wore the dress my character’s wife wore. We shot the scene in silhouette, so when I kiss my wife, I’m actually kissing my wife and honoring our marriage. It’s a personal commitment I have made to my wife.”

Janet Jackson was reluctant to kiss Tupac in Poetic Justice

Janet and Tupac were beyond adorable in the romantic drama, but it turns out that there was even more drama behind the scenes. Janet was reluctant to do love scenes with the rapper because of his reputation as a ladies’ man. She even insisted that he get an AIDS test beforehand (most likely because it wasn’t widely known that the disease couldn’t be spread through saliva at the time). But apparently, the rapper refused because he felt insulted.

We can understand Janet’s concerns, especially since the epidemic was fairly new in the time that they were filming. But even despite her pushback, Janet was still forced to film that kissing scene.

Lindsay Lohan refused to kiss Charlie Sheen in Scary Movie 5

No, it wasn’t Lindsay that you saw kissing Charlie Sheen in Scary Movie 5, that was actually Lindsay’s body double. From the get-go, the Mean Girls star made it clear that she didn’t want to kiss the actor because she had concerns about his wild partying history. But the producers didn’t even attempt to change the script until after filming had officially begun (perhaps they thought they could get her to change her mind by then). While a body double was eventually hired to fill in for some of those kissing scenes, others were completely taken out. As for Charlie, he reportedly had no issues with Lindsay’s requests.

Will Smith refused to kiss another man in Six Degrees of Separation

Even before he became known for popular movies like Men in Black and Bad Boys, Will was busy acting in lesser-known independent films like Six Degrees of Separation. In the movie, he played a gay and charming con-artist who fooled people into thinking Sidney Poitier was his dad (the story was inspired by the real-life notorious con-artist, David Hampton). Originally, there was supposed to be a scene where he passionately kisses another man on camera, but Will refused to do it and his director was not happy. The actor reportedly went to Denzel Washington for advice, who encouraged him not to do it. And so instead, the director had to settle with shooting a fake kiss scene from behind.

Will later admitted that he’s not proud of the decision he made. He said that it was “very immature” and that he “wasn’t emotionally stable enough to artistically commit to that aspect of the film.”

Kevin Hart has turned down roles because he refuses to kiss another guy

You may have gotten to see him smooch the legendary Dwayne Johnson in Central Intelligence, but don’t count on seeing him play a homosexual character anytime soon. In the past, he turned down the role of Alpa Chino (a closeted gay rapper) in Tropic Thunder because he thought the character was “real flagrant.” In an interview, though, he clarified that while he respects the LGBTQ community, he doesn’t feel confident that he can portray those kinds of roles.

He said: “I can’t [play a gay character] because I don’t think I’m really going to dive into that role 100 percent, because of the insecurities about myself trying to play that part. What I think people are going to think while I’m trying to do this is going to stop me from playing that part the way I’m supposed to.”

Sunny Leone added a no kissing clause to her contract

The Bollywood adult actress did her fair share of kissing scenes in the past, but after filming Ragini MMS 2 in 2014, she added a no kissing clause to her contract. The interesting part, though, is that she doesn’t mind doing really intimate scenes, just as long as there’s no kissing involved. Fans who’ve paid close attention to her later works (including Mastizaade and One Night Stand) might have noticed that while she still films her steamy love scenes, not a single one involves kissing. The actress never really opened up about her new ‘no kissing’ rule, but she continues to stand by her decision to this day.

Reese Witherspoon didn’t want to kiss Rob Pattinson in Water for Elephants

They may have pulled off a tender kiss on screen but in real life, kissing Robert Pattinson was the absolute last thing that Reese wanted to do. As for why, it was because the former sparkling vampire had a serious cold at the time.

Reese said: “Rob possibly had the most hideous horrible cold of any co-star I’ve ever had to do a love scene with ever in my entire life. He was literally snorting and snotting through every second of it – and it was not appealing. I’m talking green, infectious, disgusting.” Blegh… Robert did reveal that he felt bad about the whole thing, but still, it’s so unfortunate that Reese had to experience that!

Brad Pitt refused to kiss Cate Blanchett in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (at first)

It’s kind of hard to believe that the Hollywood heartthrob, who did a number of love scenes in the past, didn’t want to kiss his gorgeous costar in this film. However, it turns out he initially refused to kiss Cate out of respect for his then-wife, Angelina Jolie. Most fans suspected that it was because there was trouble in paradise with Angelina, and understandably, the film’s director (David Fincher) was thrown completely off guard. But eventually, Brad was convinced to do the kissing scene anyway. Considering the fact that he and Angelina are no longer together, we’re betting he’s glad he decided to go for it.

Julia Roberts was forced to kiss Nick Nolte in I Love Trouble

In all honesty, this movie wasn’t so great, and one of the main reasons why was the lack of chemistry between Julia and Nick’s characters. It turns out their connection wasn’t believable because the two couldn’t stand each other in real life. Julia once noted in an interview that Nick is “completely disgusting” and that he “seems to go out of his way to repel people,” while Nick has said that she’s “not a nice person.” Yikes.

Filming scenes became so difficult that they sometimes refused to be around each other. So we can only imagine how much resistance there was before the two were finally pressured into doing their one kissing scene (we’d say it wasn’t even worth all the trouble because it felt far from authentic).

Candace Cameron doesn’t enjoy kissing any of her costars

Since childhood, the Fuller House star has done several kissing scenes. But because she’s a devout Christian, she doesn’t really enjoy doing it and she tries not to get too intimate on camera. Like her brother Kirk, the only person that she really wants to kiss is her spouse. She once said: “Sometimes I’m doing my Hallmark movies and we’ve got a new guy in each movie. I’m getting more uncomfortable with it the older I’m getting. I’m like, ‘I don’t want to keep doing this!'”

The actress also mentioned that her kissing scenes are the main reason why her husband doesn’t feel comfortable watching her movies. “He actually doesn’t watch anything that I do for that very reason,” she explained. “Because it is uncomfortable and I totally understand and respect it.” Perhaps this could mean a no kissing clause in her contract in the near future…

Kirsten Dunst was forced to kiss Brad Pitt in Interview With the Vampire

Kirsten Dunst kissed the Fight Club actor when she was just 11 years old, but unlike what most people assumed, she wasn’t at all thrilled about doing it. She actually thought it was awful and she waited years before she kissed anyone else again. She said: “Everyone at the time was like, ‘You’re so lucky you kissed Brad Pitt,’ but I thought it was disgusting. I didn’t kiss anyone else until I was 16, I think. I was a late bloomer.” In Kirsten’s defense, she was super young at the time. Any little girl might’ve been a bit grossed out by kissing a fully-grown adult man.

Denzel Washington refused to kiss Julia Roberts in The Pelican Brief

She was one of the most stunning actresses in Hollywood, and if given the opportunity, most actors might’ve jumped at the chance to kiss her. But in The Pelican Brief, Denzel Washington had no interest in smooching his costar. Understandably, Julia wasn’t too thrilled about his decision. She once said in an interview: “Don’t I have a pulse? Of course, I wanted to kiss Denzel. It was his idea to take the damn scenes out.”

But according to the Oscar-winning actor, it was nothing personal. He opted out because he didn’t want to help perpetuate Hollywood’s twisted ideals of beauty. Plus, he was concerned about how African-American female fans would react to seeing him a white woman. He explained: “Black women are not often seen as objects of desire on film. And they have always been my core audience.”

Vanessa Hudgens didn’t want to kiss James Franco in Spring Breakers

It seems like the High School Musical star wanted to get rid of her Mickey ears by taking on a role that was more mature. Unfortunately, that entailed doing an intimate scene with Spring Breakers costar James Franco, which she wasn’t happy about. The kiss turned out to be so bad that she said: “It was very nerve-racking for me. I told my agent that I never want to do it ever again.” The actress also mentioned that she’d rather kiss a girl again than have to kiss him again.

Liam Hemsworth didn’t want to kiss Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games

When the two did their kissing scenes for Mockingjay, Jennifer Lawrence literally went out of her way to make them as awkward and uncomfortable for Liam as possible. He said: “She’s one of my best friends, I love her, but if we had a kissing scene, she would make a point of eating garlic or tuna fish or something that was disgusting. Right before the scene, she’d be like, ‘Yeah, I ate tuna’ or ‘I had garlic, and I didn’t brush my teeth.’ And I’d be like, ‘Fantastic, I can’t wait to get in there and taste it!'” Oh man… It sounds like he definitely didn’t jump at the opportunity to kiss J.Law.

Jewel didn’t want to kiss Rob Lowe on The Lyon’s Den

Rob Lowe is a certified hunk, but he says Jewel wouldn’t kiss him on the show The Lyon’s Den. After Lowe himself insisted Jewel be cast as his love interest on-camera, Jewel was hesitant of getting kissy with him and even brought her then-BF to set when they were supposed to film a romantic scene. She was hesitant about kissing him — then asked for the scene to be scrapped altogether. Eventually, Jewel agreed to the scene, but the kiss was terrible.

Rob told Ellen DeGeneres, “[The show was] a parade of indignities, and the culminating blow, for me, was having the actress who didn’t want to kiss me in the love scene.” During the Comedy Central Roast of Rob Lowe, Jewel joked that she refused because she “didn’t know where his mouth had been.”

Herizen F. Guardiola refused to kiss Justice Smith at first on The Get Down

Herizen F. Guardiola‘s big break was The Get Down and, despite starring on a show with that name, she never thought about the more intimate aspects of taking on a role. Co-star Justice Smith spilled the tea. “When I was reading, Baz [Luhrmann] was like ‘put down the scripts,’ and we had to do this cheesy thing — this hand thing instead. But then eventually Baz was like, ‘this isn’t working.’ And then just told Herizen [to kiss me].” But Herizen says, “I didn’t want to kiss him. I didn’t know him. I don’t just kiss people I don’t know. I don’t care what the situation is.” Though she’s gotten more used to the idea of smooching a stranger for a role, she insists, “I’m still gonna have to know something about the person before I kiss them.”

It’s a little different for Justice, “I didn’t realize how weird it was, until she made it weird… I’m like, ‘oh, kiss that person?’ Okay, cool, I’ll just go…’”

Priyanka Chopra allegedly refused to kiss Annu Kapoor in Saat Khoon Maaf

Although the newest Jonas Priyanka Chopra claims it’s not true, her Saat Khoon Maaf costar Annu Kapoor claims the mega-famous Bollywood actress refused to do any sexy scenes with him because he’s so much older than she. The two are 26 years apart! She also said out of all her seven husbands in the film, Annu would be the one to kill. So, clearly, there was a bit more of an issue than just age when it comes to this on-screen couple. They just didn’t get along!

Thandie Newton refused to kiss Gerard Butler in RocknRolla

Okay, not going to lie, we TOTALLY understand this one! While filming RocknRolla, Thandie Newton wouldn’t pucker up for Gerard Butler — because he had a cold! The two were scheduled to film a love scene, and instead, Thandie asked director Guy Ritchie to get creative because she wasn’t willing to risk a runny nose for some actor (no matter how hot he is)!

Thandie admitted to it herself, saying, “Gerry was very unwell indeed. So I wouldn’t kiss him. Guy had to improvise. I don’t know how he coped with those problems but it ended up being one of the most brilliant scenes.”

Samuel L. Jackson refused to kiss anyone in 2016’s Cell

When Samuel L. Jackson agreed to be in Cell, an adaptation of Stephen King‘s novel, he didn’t know that his character was gay. He once told Playboy he would never cross-dress or kiss another man for a role, and it appeared he stuck to his word because when it came to filming the movie, he refused to kiss anyone while portraying the gay character.

Justin Bieber refused to kiss male backup dancer in Uber Girl

There are some conflicting claims about why Justin Bieber *really* didn’t end up starring in Uber Girl. Pete O’Neill told PageSix, “He won’t take the part unless the sex scene with him and one of the male backup dancers is taken out of the final script.” There were also rumors he wouldn’t even kiss the backup dancer! Bieber’s reps denied the rumors, but…

Luke Grimes refused to kiss Nelsan Ellis on True Blood

Can you imagine giving up thousands of dollars just because you didn’t want to do a same-sex kissing scene? Personally, I can’t. But that’s the story of Luke Grimes who quit True Blood when he found out his character was slated to get into a relationship with that of Nelsan Ellis. Luke Grimes claimed it was because he had conflicting movie schedules (oh, really??).

Nelsan himself spoke about the rumors to Vulture, saying, “We’re all sitting there going, ‘You quit your job because … really?’ I’m just… I’m over him. You quit your job because you don’t want to play a gay part? As if it’s … You know what? I’m going to stop talking.”

Ranbir Kapoor refused to kiss Katrina Kaif in Jagga Jasoos

Well, this one kind of makes sense. After Bollywood actors Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif broke up in real life, Ranbir decided that meant his former boo wouldn’t be getting anymore kisses — even if it’s for work. The two were working on Jagga Jasoos together, but the actor reportedly refused to kiss Katrina for the Hindi flick. Even further, witnesses say the two demanded space from each other on set and ere copletely uncooperative. Awkward!

Alyson Hannigan refused to kiss Jason Segel while filming How I Met Your Mother

This is pretty interesting because you probably can think of an example of Alyson Hannigan and Jason Segel smooching, but at first, the actress did refuse to kiss her on-screen love! Alyson didn’t want to lick an ashtray and said she wouldn’t be puckering up until Jason quit smoking. Initially, he said he’d pay her $10 for every cigarette he had, but when he was paying up more often than he’d like, he just opted to quit entirely. And, thus, the on-screen kisses commenced.

Pat Boone refused to kiss Shirley Jones in April Love

Pat Boone is another actor who refused a kissing scene on behalf of his S/O. He told Fox, “My first film Bernadine, there were no love scenes in that film,” Boone stated. “Now I go right in for April Love and there are no love scenes in that script either… Our characters fall in love, but there was no kissing in the script. So I never talked to my wife about what happens if I’m asked to do some kissing in these movies I’m starting to make.”

But the director decided to steer away from the script and asked Pat to lean in for a kiss with Shirley Jones during a romantic scene. “I said, ‘Well Henry, this sounds crazy, I know, but I’ve never talked to my wife Shirley about this because kissing in the movies hasn’t come up yet.’” He then went home to discuss it and got his wife’s permission for future films.

Shirley told People a different story, though. “We had this scene on a big Ferris wheel — we’re supposed to have a big kiss — and he wouldn’t do it,” she added. “I said, ‘But you’re an actor.’ He still wouldn’t. The terrible thing was that in his very next film, he kissed the girl.” Yikes!

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder Refused To Kiss On The Vampire Diaries

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder are definitely break up goals. The pair remain friends and Nina gets along great with Ian’s wife Nikki Reed. But after their breakup, Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert’s kissing scenes on The Vampire Diaries basically disappeared. Except for a final kiss in the series’ last episode, Damon and Elena’s epic love story lost some of its steam.

Even while they were together, the couple refused to do any kissing scenes in the rain after the classic Delena rain kiss from season six because it’s so cold in Georgia during filming. Ian told a PaleyFest audience that his jaw froze up during the scene, and Nina had icicles in her hair and later got sick.

Sadie Sink Didn’t Want To Kiss Caleb McLaughlin On Stranger Things

Sadie Sink‘s hesitance to have her first on-screen kiss with Caleb McLaughlin on Stranger Things actually caused the surprise kiss to happen, Sadie revealed in an awkward interview that caused a lot of backlash. When co-creator/director Ross Duffer joked that Sadie would have to kiss Caleb at the Snow Ball, Sadie was so freaked out that Ross decided that he would actually write a kiss into the scene. Sadie said, “I get [to set], the first day of Snow Ball… One of you, I think it was you Ross, you say, ‘Oh, Sadie, you ready for the kiss?’ I’m like, ‘What! No! That’s not in the script. That’s not happening.”

That’s uncool on many, many levels considering these actors were around fifteen years old during filming. That said, Sadie said she wasn’t “forced into” it, it just stressed her out.

Tiger Shroff Has A No-Kissing Clause

Bollywood action star and Indian heartthrob Tiger Shroff added a no-kissing clause to his contracts after shooting only five films in his career deference to his girlfriend, actress Disha Patani, with whom he stars in the Baaghi franchise. He also shares Salman Khan‘s stance on the subject, stating that on-screen kisses go against Indian culture. His father, Jackie Shroff, is known for unpredictability and spontaneity, and Tiger is positioning himself as the stark opposite, being meticulous about his contracts, fitness regime, and personal ethics. His first film to incorporate the contract is be Student of the Year 2 in October 2019.

Jennifer Lawrence Was Uncomfortable Kissing Chris Pratt In Passengers

Jennifer Lawrence did, ultimately, have to kiss Chris Pratt in the movie Passengers, which probably would have been better off without their characters’ love scene in the film. J-Law had to get totally plastered to film the scene because of her guilt over kissing a married man, even if it was just for the cameras. Chris was still married to Anna Faris during filming, and Jennifer was friends with the couple. Jen even revealed to the Hollywood Reporter that she had to call her mom before the scene because she wanted someone to tell her that the scene was okay to film.

Sean Young and Harrison Ford Had A “Hate Scene”

Blade Runner is a classic sci-fi film, but our fave couple in the franchise, Rick Decard and Rachael, really wasn’t meant to be. Actors Harrison Ford and Sean Young hated each other so much, that they barely wanted to speak, let alone get physical. This was exacerbated by Sean’s distaste for Harrison’s facial hair, which she said tore her face up. This is another instance where production got their way, but the cast and crew dubbed the pair’s love scene “The Hate Scene” because their animosity was so well-known on set. Between this and director Ridley Scott‘s perfectionism, the cast was not happy during filming.

Ryan Gosling Tried To Get Rachel McAdams Fired From The Notebook

Okay, it probably seemed way worse at the time, but considering the two-year relationship Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling had after they finished filming The Notebook, the couple’s feud during filming kind of seems really romantic in hindsight. Ryan and Rachel reportedly didn’t want to be in the same room, let alone kiss, and Ryan wouldn’t read his lines for Rachel if he wasn’t in the shot according to rumors. Ryan didn’t just refuse to kiss Rachel, he went so far as to actually demand that she be removed from the cast altogether. Thankfully, he did not get his way, and the pair’s love-hate relationship was apparently super believable for good reason.

Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio Wouldn’t Kiss In Revolutionary Road

Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio aren’t a real-life couple, but they are 100% soup snakes on and off-screen. Their chemistry in Titanic was off-the-charts, but the couple refused to kiss during the filming of Revolutionary Road in 2008. This is because the film’s director, Sam Mendes, was Kate’s husband at the time and because Leo and Kate intentionally tried to avoid any films that had similar themes to Titanic when working together. So, the audience was robbed of the Leo and Kate reunion they’d be hoping for but instead might have gotten the one that they really needed.

Sienna Miller Wouldn’t Kiss James Franco Because Of A Dental Emergency

James Franco and Sienna Miller didn’t have any personal beef. When the actors played newlyweds in the 2008 indie film Camille, there was a conspicuous lack of PDA considering the movie is about a pair of ~newlyweds~. As it turns out, Sienna didn’t want to kiss James during filming not because he’s lowkey kind of creepy and had tried to hook up with at least one teenage girl, but because Sienna was having a big problem with her teeth and had to call an emergency dentist. Poor Sienna has had a history of teeth issues, including getting rejected from a Vogue cover slot for being too toothy.

Eric Stonestreet Wouldn’t Kiss Jesse Tyler Ferguson On Modern Family‘s First Season

Modern Family has been praised for showing an LGBTQ couple on primetime network television, and Cam and Mitchell’s relationship on the show is definitely a step in the right direction. Still, the couple didn’t kiss at all during the show’s first season, reportedly because straight actor Eric Stonestreet was too uncomfortable with kissing a man at first. And despite multiple references to straight couple Phil and Claire Dunphy’s healthy sex life, there still hasn’t been even really a reference to Mitchell and Cam’s sex life on the show. For a show heralded as progressive, it’s actually pretty repressed in regards to its LGBTQ characters.

Kimberly McCullough Wouldn’t Kiss An Older Costar on General Hospital

In a chain of events that exemplify exactly why society needs to *listen to women* and why we need the #MeToo movement, Kimberly McCullough was expected to do an on-screen kiss with a twenty-two-year-old when she was only fourteen on General Hospital. The unnamed adult male reportedly was making sexual jokes about the scene he was going to be filming with an underaged teenager, and Kimberly wasn’t told of her screen partner’s age until the day of the shoot. The producer told Kimberly she had to do the kiss scene when Kimberly complained, but she still refused on-set, and they had to settle for a kiss on the cheek.

Charlie Sheen Fired Selma Blair on Anger Management

Selma Blair was a love interest for Charlie Sheen‘s character on his follow-up to Two and a Half Men, Anger Management. Despite the show’s title, Charlie seems to have had no anger management training after being fired from Two and a Half Men for being a horrible person. In fact, he fired Selma in a text message where he called her a c*nt, according to The Hollywood Reporter. This came after Selma complained about Charlie’s off-screen behavior to producers and Charlie gave producers an ultimatum: she’s fired, or he walks. Not only did the stars refuse to share anymore on-screen affection, Charlie refused to even have her appear on the show period.

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