30 Most Memorable Movie Soundtracks By Ennio Morricone

In my opinion, Ennio Morricone is a musical prodigy. Perhaps this is why he got the nickname– The Maestro. Though this world-famous composer and musician is no longer with us, his timeless music continues to brighten our days and motivate us to progress with an optimistic approach. His mastery over musical arrangements, avant-garde creativity, and incredible sound mixing has immortalized him for generations in our memories to come. So, let’s celebrate his legacy by revisiting the 30 most memorable soundtracks composed by the fabulous Ennio Morricone.

“For A Few Dollars More” (1965)

This harmonious melody illustrates Morricone’s contemporary style perfectly. He shared a special relationship with Leone when it came to composing music and produced some of his greatest hits. The title track holds beautiful themes with scintillating guitar riffs and mesmerizing vocals. The album presents the perfect concoction of the vibrating harp and chiming bells. El Indio’s symphonic watch takes you to another world while creating a clear picture of the character in your mind. The music was so unique that it was compared to Clint Eastwood’s ‘StareDown’.