Hysterical Cats Who Are Overly Attached To Their Favorite Beds

If you have ever owned a cat, you know that they are independent creatures who beat to their own tune. They do whatever they like, whenever they like and what they tend to like most is sleep. They can sleep just about anywhere they want at anytime of the day.

The photos we are going to show you in this post will prove that cats can be comfortable in every kind of weird position: hanging from a hanger, inside a sink, under a dog and even in a boot.

Let’s face it, cats like to sleep and they tend to sleep a lot… pretty much anywhere they can find a cozy warm space to fit their body into or onto. Often times, those place are not the most conventional sleeping spaces but somehow they make it work… and we sure are glad they did.  Find out all the craziest places these cats love to sleep in and hopefully this will put a smile on your face.

Brace yourself because these photos are pure fun!