18 Top Paid Instagram Influencers

Our world today is dominated by technology and, unfortunately, social media. The global connectivity we see today has vastly and permanently changed many aspects of our once-simpler lives. It almost seems like an eternity ago that MySpace was leading the charge in what would ultimately become a revolution in how we interact with each other. Then Facebook exploded onto the scene, and many others were to come in the years that followed. The rest, as they say, is history. Fast-forward to today and we’ve got so many different forms of social media, it makes your Tweeting head spin.

It becomes a somewhat tedious task just to keep up with all the different accounts. Why are we so obsessed with what everyone else is doing? Why do we care that someone has posted a picture of their breakfast, or their most recent bowel movement?  Okay, that last one’s actually kinda funny…but you get the point. And why, in the name of anything decent, do people keep posting duck-face selfies?

These are obviously just rhetorical questions, because regardless of the answers that may occur to you, the fact is that no matter how boring, stupid or ridiculous the majority of social media posts are, there’s really nothing that’s going to change this current trend of silly narcissism. And the reason is because there seems to be something inherent today in people constantly wanting more of this kind of stuff. Was this thirst for a window into others’ lives always a part of us? Perhaps. Or have we just been conditioned to constantly want more of it in the modern age of social media? For some, it’s literally an addiction.

Of course, there are lots of positive aspects of social media, as well. Anyone who is an entrepreneur or a business owner knows the value of reaching thousands or even millions of followers, friends and potential customers or clients with a single post. In this sense, it can be an incredibly powerful tool to grow a business, advertise a product or pitch an idea. There are a vast array of ways to monetize different social media accounts, and you’d probably be surprised just how much money some people rake in from posting on them. Ah, now we’re getting to the good stuff! Money!

Let’s take Instagram, for example. In simple terms, Instagram is just a way for people to post their pictures to the world. Most people are aware of what it is, but how many actually make money at it? How can you make money doing this?  Surely you’d have to be a celebrity of some sort, right? Well…not necessarily. Naturally, celebrity power can certainly make it easier to monetize an Instagram account (since many celebrities or athletes obviously already have millions of followers), but it’s not imperative that you have massive celebrity status in order to make an eye-popping amount of money with your posts.