18 Celebrity Photos They Wish Never Happened

Oh the 90s… a time when these celebrities agreed to photo shoots that they thought would help launch their careers farther… little did they know that these photos will come back to haunt them now that they are A-listers. Let’s looks at how silly, borderline ridiculous they once looked.

Begin Slideshow” and hopefully you’ll have a bit of giggle.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Oh dear… this was before Carrie Bradshaw became a household name in the infamous HBO series Sex and the City that ran for 6 seasons and produced 2 theater released movies catapulting Sarah Jessica Parker to a world class fashionista with a Manolo Blanik obsession. This unfortunate photo was taken sometimes in the late 80s when skorts and white Reebok high tops were the fashion at the time which we can’t blame her for following a trend of the time but what we have to question is why is Jessica spread eagle on a miniature trampoline with a Perrier bottle?