17 Signs That You Have Diabetes

You should know that type 2 diabetes is a widespread condition. 

People who suffer from pre-diabetes have higher-than-normal blood sugar levels, yet doctors don’t think of them as a diabetic person. CDC states that people with pre-diabetes that don’t get treated will develop type 2 diabetes within five years. 

The symptoms for type 2 diabetes can be mild, and you will not notice it. Many people don’t do it until it’s too late. This condition can also up the risk for blindness, heart attack, or losing afoot. Here is our list of signs that add up to diabetes and then go to the doctor. The doctor should know if you have the symptoms of a new dangerous disease you never had before. Diabetes is a manageable disease that can make your life a lot shorter. Check if you have these symptoms, and then go to the doctor’s office.