16 Ways Meghan Markle Lives Up to Princess Diana’s Legacy

In the couple’s engagement interview, Meghan spoke about Diana and said, “It’s so important to me to know that she’s a part of this with us.” It seems Meghan is making every effort to make sure she is.

Meghan is frequently making a point of honoring Diana as she embarks on her new royal life. From her wardrobe to her humanitarian work to her willingness to rip up the royal rule book, it’s perhaps no surprise that the 37-year-old duchess has been nicknamed “Di 2” at the Palace. According to a source close to the royal household: “I’ve heard the duchess is referred to as Di 2, because of the similarities to Harry’s mother. It’s meant affectionately, and I think it’s quite true—they are rather alike.”

Here are 10 ways in which the Duchess is living up to Diana’s legacy.