15 Tips for A Happy and Healthy Relationship

No relationship is easy. It takes hard work. While you may love your partner, there is more to being in a relationship besides saying I love you. You need to show your partner that you care about them. When you show how much you care, your relationship can only thrive. So get started on a stronger, more healthier relationship by following these 15 simple tips.

1. Be Close

To be in relationship that is it working between two people is difficult enough.  So stay close to each other and be a strong unit because life and your relationship will only become harder when children are brought into the equation. Your children might test you; play one parent against the other and this sometimes can cause tension within the marriage if you and your partner are not in an emotionally and mentally solid relationship. Stay connected, be a “parental unit” and team up in raising your kids.

Life and raising a family will take it’s toll, so trust each other (with your heart), remember each other’s needs and stay close. Don’t let your flame of intimacy die. Remember intimacy is not always about sex but gestures of affection to let your partner know they are and have always been your priority despite how hectic life is or can be.