15+ Strangest Ways Celebrities Fell From Grace

They say that success and fame are hard to handle, and we have to admit the way these following 15 celebs fell from grace made us believe in this saying. If success gets to your head, you might end up from a celebrity hall of fame to a hall of shame. Many celebs fall into such wrongful practices that their careers hit a dead-end and only they are the ones to be blamed for their downfall. Check out the dramatic and somewhat bizarre ways some of the top Hollywood celebrities ruined their careers.

For example …

20. Lindsay Lohan

Lohan started her career as a child star and achieved success with hits like Mean Girls and Freaky Friday. She emerged as the ultimate rom-com and teen genre diva. But, she ended up with a set of mugshots, would you believe that. Lohan got into substance abuse and was arrested in 2007 for driving under influence. However, this wasn’t the first time she got involved in legal troubles as she kept getting in and out of detention until 2015. LiLo tried to bounce back into showbiz but now she’s lost that spark.