The 13 Most Evil Stepmothers To Have Ever Lived

These vile human beings posing as stepmothers have done the most unimaginable harm to innocent, helpless children who never asked to be the “step-child.”

We have gathered the most evil and heartless stepmoms who have ever lived and the crimes they’ve committed to these helpless children. Find out who they are and the stories of how evil never gets away with murder….

Heather Leavell-Keaton

Heather Leavell-Keaton was jealous that Nathalie DeBlase her step daughter received lots of attention from everyone, so she separated her from her grandmother. As if this wasn’t enough, she would physically abuse Nathalie and most often put antifreeze in her sippy cup.

Nathalie became violently ill on March 20, 2010 because of the too much antifreeze that her step mother always gave her. The pain was too much so she began screaming. Her father John DeBlase, and stepmother duct-taped her hands and feet and placed her in a briefcase for her to die of suffocation. When she eventually died, they disposed her body in the woods.

The couples were also worried when their 3 years old son Chase, began asking questions about Nathalie’s where about. In other for them to cover up their sinful act and prevent others from knowing what was going on, Heather overdosed chase and tied him to a broom handle where her husband came and strangled him. They disposed his body in the woods

Both couples were guilty of capital murder and was sentenced to death. Heather was the first woman to be sentenced to death in Alabama

Tracey Wright

A six years old girl named Lauren Wright died tragically on May 6, 2009 in Welney, UK. She has always gone through pain right from the day she was given birth to. Her mother abandoned her while they were on holiday in Turkey. Because of that, full custody was given to her father Craig when she came back to the UK. Things began to change in 1999 when her father married Tracey Scarff, who was a supervisor at a school playground. Starting from the day Lauren and her father moved in with Tracy and her two children, Tracy always hated and discriminated her while she shows love to her own children. The painful part of it all is that Lauren’s father was aware of the abuses Lauren received from her stepmother but payed deaf ears to them. Lauren’s teacher complained to Lauren’s step mother about the bruise’s and injuries that was always seen on Lauren’s body, but instead her stepmother would falsely accuse bullies.

The situation got too worst that their neighbors had to call social services. When they came, they noticed that Lauren was covered in bruise’s, underweight and her hair was pulling off. Reports came from the physician who examined her that Lauren injuries were consistent with the explanation that Tracey told them. Lauren was returned to her family and even when calls were still been made to social services, they were not properly investigated. The suffering became unbearable as she could no longer eat or drink. Her digestive collapsed due to a blow she received on her stomach of which eventually led to her death. Tracey was sentenced to 15 years in prison while her husband was sentenced to six years you in prison. Tracey was attacked by inmates in prison.

Elisa Baker


In 1999, November 16, an Australian citizen named Zahra Baker took her first breath in a city called Wagga Wagga. But because her mother fell into depression after her birth and so wasn’t able to take care of Zahra, she had to hand her over to her dad, Adam Baker. Zahra lost her hearing and left leg at age five due to bone cancer. In 2008, Zahra’s condition became better and so she flew to the US along with Elisa who was her father’s new wife.

11 years after their relocation to North Carolina, the police received a report from Adam that Zahra was missing. He also informed the operator that someone dropped a message relating to the ransom for his boss’s daughter after setting his property on fire the day before he had earlier reported to the police.

During the course of investigation, they found out that for the past two weeks Zahra had not been spotted. After a lot of questioning by the police, Elisa gave up the tragic information that she murdered Zahra. When asked how? She said she butchered Zahra inside the bathroom and made sure to scatter her remains at different locations.

She tried implicating Adam but that wasn’t successful because the police had already eliminated him from being a suspect. She pleaded guilty and was given a 25 years prison sentence. In 2013 during an interview, she claimed to be innocent and said Adam was the one who murdered Zahra.

Renee King


In the year 2010, November 20 to be precise, a 29 years old lady named Renee king called the police to say that her two years old daughter Lilly Furneax, was unconscious. And when responders came, she allegedly told them that while she was bathing her step-daughter Lily, her back gave out causing her to drop Lilly. Examinations were carried on the body and according to the Corona’s report Lily had died two hours before her stepmother made the call. Not only that, she had suffered from at least 20 blows to the head and a penetrating injury to her vagina. These injuries that the little girl sustained from were contradicting with the explanation that Renee gave. A trial was set up and it was there she revealed she had temper tantrums and that she was always angry at Lilly anytime she stained her pants. The court sentenced Renee to life imprisonment with no possibility of parole. But because the crime committed was too horrible, she wasn’t only just charged for criminal sexual conduct, child abuse and felony murder but was given an additional 5-7 years for child mistreatment and 50 years for sexual assault.

Heather Jones

In the year 2015, November 25 to be precise, there was a domestic disturbance in the home of the Jones and the police were alerted. It was during the course of investigation that the police noticed that the couple’s seven years old son Adrian had been missing for a long period of time. The police released a search warrant on the couple’s property, only to discover human remains in the barn. DNA test was quickly carried out on the human remains and the result showed it was Adrian. It was revealed by the district attorney that Adrian had been horribly abused, abandoned and his body was given to pigs as food. According to the officials in charge of the case, this was the worst they have ever encountered.

During trial, Heather Jones Adrian’s stepmother, was given a 25 years life imprisonment without parole for murdering her stepson. Adrian’s step-dad Michael, was also convicted for first degree murder and still awaits trial.

Sueanne Hobson


In 1980, April 17th in Kansas, Edward reported to the police that his son was missing. Not up to a month when the police found his body in a deep pit. According to the report, he was shot in his chest and head.

After investigation had been put in place, it was later discovered that James, Chris step brother, commonly referred to as “Jimmy” had a hand in the crime. He was apprehended and later admitted he committed the crime and compromised his mom and Paul Sorrentino (Jimmy’s friend). According to Chris “his mother attempted to poison Chris ice cream”. The plan didn’t work so she arranged two teenage boys that would help her kill her stepson simply because she didn’t want to buy Christmas presents for him. The night the plan was to be carried out, he and Paul took Chris from their house to a spot where they made him dig a deep grave. Before the split of a second, Jimmy and Paul shot Chris one after the other. The culprits, Jimmy, Sueanne and Paul were condemned to life imprisonment. After serving 31 years in prison for first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, Sueanne was released in 2011 at the age of 68 yrs old.

Catherine Lowe

Celeste Lowe had a stomach flu in the morning of January 13, 2011. Instead of her step mother to take her to the school, she took her to work. Her husband Wesley came home and saw his daughter still vomiting, quickly rushed young Celeste to the nearest hospital. But it was too late, she was already dead. The test conducted on her shows that she was already two hours dead before she was rushed to the hospital. The report the coroner gave was that the muscular stiffening she suffered from, had begun to take effect and therefore gave a final conclusion based on the internal injuries that the death was homicide.

But when both couples where interviewed by the police they lied that Celeste had the flu and that they tried everything possible to make sure she got well. Unknowingly to them, Catherine’s co-worker had already told the investigators that when Catherine brought Celeste to work, she was looking pale and could not stand independently. And when she told Catherine that Celeste needs to go to the clinic, she simply said she had called her husband and he said for fear of the Child Protection Service not to get involved, he advised her not take Celeste to the clinic. Catherine and her husband Wesley were trialed in court. Catherine was guilty of manslaughter. While her husband was accused of negligent homicide. Those charges were dropped later.

Melinda Drabek-Chritton


In February, 2012, the police received a report from a good Samaritan who saw this girl walking in the streets of Madison, Wisconsin. On bare foot, putting on pajamas as cold as the weather was that day. She then confided in the authorities that she had been physically and sexually abused. Due to how serious the incident was, her father by name Chad Chritton, aged 42, her stepmother Melinda Drabek-Chritton, and her stepbrother Joshua Drabek, were all arrested and taken to trial.

The day for the trial came and the young teenage girl testified that she was restricted to the basement that had an alarm and a motion sensor. She was beaten, wasn’t allowed to eat any food and was forced to consume her excrete. As if that was not enough, she was sexually abused by Joshua. She also told the court that her own father played a role in the mistreatment. Of all this experiences, that which she feared the most was that done by her step mother. At the end of the trial, her father and step mother were both sentenced to 5 years for child mistreatment, causing mental distress and reckless imperilment. Her step brother was also convicted for sexual and physical assault and sentenced to 5-years in prison.

Danielle Miller


In the 2016, a case of child abuse was reported by a concerned party to the police department in Quarryville, Pennsylvania. Though the name of the woman whose identity wasn’t revealed, said that for three months she has witnessed a boy been physically and verbally abused by his step mother Danielle Miller.

An investigation was later carried out and it was revealed that Danielle, hated the little boy just because he was not hers. She would restrain him by bounding both legs with tape for several hours, force him to eat laxatives, hot sauce and anytime he pooped in his pull-up, she would make sure he wears it all day. Anytime they all went out fishing, she would make sure he sits in the car alone while the rest of his step siblings who are her biological children would go out and enjoy themselves. The painful thing about all of this is that Nathan Duke (the boy’s father), was aware about what was going on between his wife and son but did nothing about it. Various charges such as unlawful restraint, false imprisonment was filed against Danielle. Her husband Nathan was charged for criminal conspiracy and for putting the life of a child at great danger.

Monique Bothuell


It was early middle of the year 2014, June 14 when a man named Charlie Bothuell filed a complaint to the police that is son, Charlie V, was missing. It didn’t take long before the case was known across the nation. About two weeks after the case was reported, Charlie had appeared on a popular news program called “Nancy Grace”. While the program was going on, the news broke out that the police had found Charlie V in the basement of Charlie Bothuell’s home alive. Due to the fact that the case had already gained attention at the national level, the police arrested and charged Charlie along with Monique Bothuell his wife and step- mother to his son, for ill-treatment and child mistreatment.

A trial was arranged in court for Charlie Bothuell and his wife, and it was there that Charlie V testified he was taken to the basement in their house by his step-mom and warned to remain there no matter what happened and overheard his step-mother telling his father that he was missing. Young Charlie remained there for days without food and when the police was carrying out a search in the basement, he was too afraid to come out because of what his step-mother threatened to do to him. The court sentenced Charlies’s dad 18 months of probation and Anger Management class. Justice did not prevail as Monique Bothuell because she took a secret plea deal without jail time involved. It was said that her records was cleaned six months after the trial.

Misty Stoddard

It was reported that her eleven year old step-daughter died from brain damage. Health practitioners testified that brain damage is usually caused by oxygen deprivation. When further investigation was carried out, it was reported that she had tied her eleven year old step-daughter to a wooden plank and had her mouth duct-taped. This was the very painful act that ultimately contributed to her step-daughters death.

Tonya Schmidt

This woman was arrested for burning her six-year old step-daughter’s hands. There was an investigation carried out by led authorities and it was reported that for three years this stepmother has been carrying out this evil act on her step-daughter.

Jessica Ann Cox  

Evil Stepmothers Jessica Ann Cox

Jessica Ann, a 39 year old mother was arrested in the year 2013 for different accusations levied on her. The accused was that she had handcuffed and tortured her stepson. The stepson’s attested to the fact that for the past three days she hasn’t given them food. And as if that was not enough, she would burn their skins with cigarettes, use a rolling pin and hammer(mallets) to beat them. The punishment was so severe that having done all of that, she would bath them naked in a bathtub containing cold water and ice cubes.

Tiffany Moss

In 2019, Tiffany Moss who represented herself and decline legal assistance, became the first woman to be sentenced to death in the state of Georgia for starving to death her 10 year stepdaughter, Emani Moss and then burning her body in a trashcan in order to hide the evidence. Her husband, Eman who is serving a life sentence for his involvement, Emani’s biological father later testified against Tiffany for a reduced sentences. In 2013, then Emani’s body was found, she had weigh 32lbs and had died in bed.