13 Lucky Kids Who Successfully Escaped Captivity

A missing child is every parent’s nightmare and, snatching away someone’s child is the worst crime ever. The growing number of missing children is certainly a cause of concern. Usually, such cases never get solved and parents keep waiting for their children to come back home.

But, there are examples where parents didn’t need to wait long. We have listed 13 such cases for you. These children could escape after spending years in captivity because of relentless investigation, help from the public, prayers of their families, and sheer luck.

Rosalynn McGinnis

Rosalynn was kidnapped at the age of 12 and was held captive for two decades. Ironically, she wasn’t kidnapped by a stranger but by her own stepfather Henri Piette. Piette abducted his former stepdaughter from school and held her as a sex slave. He sexually assaulted her almost daily and she gave birth to 9 children during captivity. Her life was extremely difficult as she was subject to regular beatings apart from being threatened, raped and abused. Piette could evade detection by constantly shifting her to different towns across the US and eventually settled down in Mexico. McGinnis was able to return to her home in Kansas City, Missouri after an alert couple helped her escape.