10 Shocking Anti-Aging Secrets You Can Use Today!

We all want to look younger. There really isn’t a time in our lives after high school that we don’t want to have beautiful clear, smooth, spotless skin

that resonates eternal youth.

So we’ve sent our beauty team on a journey with 1 goal.

That goal is to find the most powerful anti aging tips from top Beverly Hills estheticians and dermatologists that you can use in order to get a glowing, younger looking skin. So get ready and discover what these top professional consider as the top anti-aging secrets they themselves use and advise their clients.

Anti Aging Secret #1: The Power of Led Light Therapy

Led light therapy (red, green and blue lights) was known for decades as a way to treat pain, increase blood flow, and even help with carpel tunnel syndrome and alike.

But did you know it also helps with reducing wrinkles, puffiness around your eyes, and giving you a youthful looking skin?

Red light therapy treatments are extremely popular nowadays yet some haven’t tried them yet. If you’re one of those, get this fantastic anti aging device by eternal beauty and thank us later!

Anti Aging Secret #2: Hydration is KEY

You probably know that drinking water is important, after all, our body is made out of mostly water.

But you probably didnt know that water can help you avoid dry skin and even give your skin a natural, beautiful glow!

According to this article by the heart institute, water will definitely keep your skin hydrated and youthful.

Anti Aging Secret #3: Use LESS Makeup

We all love makeup, well, except our skin. While makeup can give you a “quick fix” to all these little imperfection that nobody but you notices, it also clogs your pores.

Clogged pores can prevent your skin from rejuvenating itself and cause acne, blackheads, and dry out your skin!

Furthermore, makeup will sink into the wrinkles and actually make them look deeper and worse than they actually are!

Anti Aging Secret #4: Avoid Straws! 

If you’re used to drinking out of a straw, STOP! Just drink from the glass.

This terrible habit will not only create more wrinkles around your mouth, but it’ll also increase the amount of wrinkles on your forehead and will even deepen your crows-feet.

Did we scare you enough? good! ditch that straw!

Anti Aging Secret #5: Use Vitamin C Based Serums

A good quality vitamin C serum, like this Vitamin C Serum by eternal beauty (made in the USA), will help your skin repair itself.

vitamin C is a super strong anti-oxidant that will not only protect your skin from sun damage and free radicals in the air, it was proven to repair damaged skin cells!

Anti Aging Secret #6: Chill in a SAUNA!

Not many people know that Sauna have tremendous benefits for your skin and general health.

The heat opens up your pores and detoxifies both your skin and body from all the chemicals and toxins in our body!

We’ve written an entire post on the best facial steamers in case you do not have access to a sauna, these are very effective as well.

Anti Aging Secret #7: Eat Fruit to Keep Your Teeth White and Beautiful

This post covers mainly skin tips, however, your teeth can make you look younger as well.

That natural way of getting your teeth whiter is to consume any food with malic acid in eat, such as grapes, strawberries and apples, will help break plaque and stains on your teeth, its basically a natural teeth cleanser.

Anti Aging Secret #8: Silk Pillowcase is a MUST! 

Sleep on a silk pillow case, this will prevent wrinkles on your cheeks as you sleep.

That tip is super important especially if you’re a side sleeper and your face is smashed against the pillow for the entire night!

Anti Aging Secret #9: Take a power nap!

They call it a ‘beauty nap’ for a good reason, according to this article by Harvard, power naps can not only help your skin, it will also expand your life expectancy! meaning, you’ll live longer!

While you’re asleep some of the most important rejuvenation processes take place in your skin.

Anti Aging Secret #10: Stress Gives You Wrinkles!

Laugh more, worry less; in a recent study by Einstein college of medicine, they’ve found that people that laugh more even live longer!

Most people frown when they’re angry or stressed, and that stress shows on your skin. Avoid stress at all cost if you want anti-aging skin.

So take it easy, relax, get a massage, take a bath, go for a long walk, but keep your stress levels as LOW as possible and you will be beautiful not only on the inside but out.

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