Washer Dryer Combo

Combined appliances for confined space issues

If you have a small space where you live and you want your own washer and dryer a nice
alternative can be a washer dryer combo machine.  The machine combines the benefits of the two separate
appliances into one machine.  Such a machine can do the job efficiently and they also tend to be very energy, making them great for saving on money and essential natural resources.

Types of Combination Washers and Dryers

Washer and Dryer combination machines come in two types which are vented or vent less. Venting occurs and allows the steam and water vapor that is removed from the drying washing. Steam needs to have a place to go otherwise it will condense on the walls and windows of your room causing damp, mold and fungi. It
can also damage your paintwork and cause wood to rot.

With a vented washer and dryer combo machine, a pipe needs to go from the machine and usually through an external wall to open to the outside where the steam can be expelled. For this reason you need an external wall opening to place the appliance or it won’t work well. Some people try putting the pipe through an open window when washing which is less than satisfactory.

Vent less combo machines are the viable option if you do not have the option for a vented combination device. These dryers have a condenser which turns the steam to water which then collects in a tray within the washer. The tray of water needs to be emptied regularly before it overflows and causes you to lose out on dry clothes.

A washer dryer combo machine is a big investment in the home and provides an essential service that has to be reliable and efficient. Do thorough research prior to buying your machine to get one that fills all your needs and requirements. Don’t be pressured into buying a machine from a salesperson and find the model you really need as your home space is limited.

What to look for in purchasing a combo unit

If many countries it is vital to have a combination machine.  Also if you live in a condo or apartment you still need a good washer and dryer but have to consider space.  So when you are researching what models are out there consider certain items when you shop.  Drum capacity is very important as well as it determines how many clothes you can wash at once.  Also consider user ratings of efficiency as well as the price.