These ‘Game of Thrones’ Facts Will Change Your Perspective

We are nearing the end of Game of Thrones, and truly it will be the end of an era. For eight seasons, we have followed the high drama and heartwrenching tragedy that comprises the lives of the characters of Westeros. We watched Sansa and Arya Stark grow up into badass warrior women. Danaerys has come a long way since her marriage to Khal Drogo. Jon Snow has died and been resurrected. Finally, we learned the truth about his parents, and then he learned the truth about his parents, and then he told Dany the truth about his parents, and now they’re all going to fight the White Walkers.

It is safe to say this is a television show of epic proportions, one that will leave a hole in our hearts at least the size of the hole it will leave in HBO’s Sunday night lineup. What better way to spend the last few episodes of the series than by immersing yourself in its world? We’ve compiled 76 insane facts about Game of Thrones so you don’t even have to think about saying goodbye. At least not yet.