The Latest Trend: Lip Enhancement

Restylane, Perlane & Juvederm have become the most popular fillers for lips.  They contain a natural component that keeps water in the skin by binding water and plumping skin and lips.

These sugar fillers are made from hyaluronic acid and are longer lasting than bovine collagen; their gel like texture passes the “kiss test” and highlights a very natural shape in the lips.

We all lose lip volume as we age, and the lips shrink, invert and wrinkle. A little bit of filler fixes this and makes the lips look younger, plump and kissable.

The lips can be filled in two main areas. One is on the vermillion border to add more shape and definition. The second is in the actual lip area to add volume and fullness. Injecting more volume into the lower lip can create a luscious pout. A Cupid’s bow effect can be achieved by injecting added volume into the v of the upper lip.

Give yourself 3-5 days to recover from this as the lips are very vascular and bruising can occur.

Approximate Length of Procedure: 5-15 minutes

Approximate Cost: Approximately $500 – $800 per syringe, An average of 1-2 syringes are used in this area

Average Recovery Time: 3-5 days