Hyaluronidase Injections for Filler Removal

While the results of facial fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm are miraculous for most people, there are a few who do not like the results and want the fillers removed or diminished.

Hyaluronidase is the product that physicians use to remove the fillers. The desired level of flattening can be achieved by carefully titrating the dose. While larger doses completely eliminate the effect of the fillers.

Hyluronidase can be injected after the swelling and bruising in the filled area subsides. Most doctors use this product with extreme caution, preferring to inject small amounts conservatively.

Localized allergic reactions to hyaluronidase are rare. Patients with a history of allergy to bee venom or to the preservative should not be injected. Hyaluronidase is often used for repairing over-corrections made by the injector.

Approximate Length of Procedure: 30 minutes.

Approximate Cost: $850.

Average Recovery Time: Few hours to a couple of days.