Hollywood’s Anti-Aging Secret – Glycolic Skincare


Jennifer Lopez who is 50 year old this year is notoriously secret about her skincare and what keeps her looking ridiculously young. In her recent interview with People, she revealed that “glycolic acid is what gives her that healthy glow and clear skin.”

Glycolic Acid Cream & Anti-Aging Properties

Glycolic acid cream products have become more popular over the years especially amongst celebrities because they have anti-wrinkles properties due to their ability to promote collagen and exfoliate the skin. This acid, derived from sugar cane is an alpha hydroxy acids, which are commonly used in skin care. Glycolic acid cream and moisturizing products aim to gradually exfoliate the skin to get rid of old skin cells to make way for newer, fresher skin. Although creams and cleanser with this ingredient are generally considered safe, keep in mind that glycolic acid can come in different concentration, and some individuals, especially those with sensitive skin may experience side effects from prolonged use.

How Does Glycolic Acid Cream Works

Glycolic acid breaks down old skin and encourages young skin to grow

Not all glycolic acid peel formulation are created equally. Different manufacturers will have different formulation and the strength of the glycolic acid is determined by its pH. Depending on the strength of the chosen glycolic acid cream, this ingredient can accomplish different things for different skin types.

The active ingredient in glycolic acid cream sinks into the outer layer of the skin, known as the epidermis, and destroys the dead skin cells that have built up on the surface. Creams containing this ingredient usually have low concentrations of the acid, and are meant to be used as part of a daily facial skin care routine. Keep in mind that the higher the concentration in glycolic acid cream, the more significant the results, but the bigger the risks.

Glycolic acid for skin peel has been studied for decades with over 100 academic research journals. They can be found here.

Uses of Glycolic Acid in Facial Skin Care

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Glycolic acid creams are not the only skin care products to utilize this ingredient. For example, our staff tried the Ultimate AHA Cleanser and Balancing Toner that came with the Peel On-the-Go kit for 2 month, and loved how cleaned and fresh their skin looked and felt afterwards. The glycolic acid in both the cleanser and the cream was the perfect balance of daily exfoliation and convenience of a daily peel. The Balancing Toner was the cherry on top to remove whatever dead cells was left on the face. The kit came with a double action light yet loaded with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, Cellular Rejuvenation daily moisturizer and primer usage.

Keep in mind that with glycolic acid facial products, the concentrations will vary. For example, a chemical peel will usually have a higher concentration of the acid, such as 30%, 40% and 60% because the peel is left on the skin for a short period of time and is meant to target damaged cells quickly.

What Happens if I want to have the full Skin Peel Experience Since I have Severe Skin Issues?

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If you feel your skin needs a major boost due deep acne scar, severe acne, several dark spots, or deep wrinkles, then you may want to try a full glycolic peel yourself. Average cost of in-spa skin peel is $200-600 per peel. The product we present is $8 per peel using the same products as used by estheticians.

Side Effects of Glycolic Acid Cream

When incorporating glycolic acid cream into your skin care routine, it is important to beware of the possible side effects. The higher the strength of the glycolic acid cream, the more likely it is to leave dry flaky skin on face, and even cause inflammation, peeling and itchy skin. Although this is common with chemical peels containing glycolic acid, that is not the purpose of the cream, so be careful with using too high of a concentration. For user safety, most glycolic acid leave-on cream products typical do not contain more than 10% percent concentration, to prevent serious side effects from occurring.

You also need to be wary of the sun. Glycolic acid can increase your skin’s sensitivity to UV rays, so wear a hat, stay in the shade, and as always, use sunscreen in between treatments. It will protect your skin from harmful (not to mention aging) sun damage. Regardless, if you use cream or cleanser with glycolic acid, it is highly recommended that you wear sunscreen with SPF 50+ to protect the new healthy skin otherwise you will be exposed to hyperpigmentation – discoloration of the exfoliated area.

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