Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Going bagless has never been so popular

With the invention of the vacuum cleaner over a hundred years ago the machine has been cleaning up messes in households ever since.  As the vacuum has evolved so has the invention of its efficiency.  As time has progressed our options are open to several models and several types, including the bagless vacuum cleaner.  With no longer needing a bag to hold the dirt it saves up time and money replacing dirty bags.  More and more households are switching a bagless efficiency for their home.

The benefits of a bagless vacuum

There are dozens of bagless vacuums on the market.  Some are upright vacuums and some are canister vacuums.  The beauty of a canister vacuum is that you can easily move around tight spaces.  The benefit of a bagless system is that you will not have the dirt and allergens in the bag that remain in your vacuum.  You will not have bags to replace and that will save you money.

You will have a clear visibility of the dirt and other small items picked up by the vacuum as they are easily visible through the clear plastic container. So you can easily tell when you need to empty the container. If you mistakenly suck in something you shouldn’t while vacuuming it will be easily apparent and you can retrieve it.

You will have fewer issues with allergies with a bagless system.  This reduces the collection of dirt, dust and allergens being released into the air as is the case when changing the bags used in bagged vacuums. The canister and filter effectively trap the dirt and dust in the vacuum. This is great for people with allergies which are often caused through cleaning activities such as vacuuming. Adding a HEPA filtration system gives it double power.

A bagless vacuum is efficient and durable for your use.  There have been several improvements on the bagless vacuum cleaner since it was first produced. Several of the models available on the market are fitted with high efficiency particulate air filters which trap minute particles, pollen and allergens very well. The filters can be washed several times before you need to replace them. 

The canister bagless vacuum is easy to use on all floors

Not having to handle bags choking with dirt and dust means that vacuuming actually becomes a cleaner exercise with the bagless vacuum which efficiently collects and contains the dirt.  If you want a vacuum that can clean both carpets and floors, you have the option of getting a canister vacuum cleaner which works well on carpet as well as hard floors. It can actually help in sustaining your posture as you vacuum thus making cleaning less of a tedious chore.