10 Royal Engagements Meghan Markle Can Not Miss As Duchess of Sussex

At 93, Queen Elizabeth II is still expected to perform her duties to the British people in areas of public and charitable services each year. This includes attending more than 2,000 official engagements and hosting over 70,000 guests at dinners, lunches, receptions and garden parties.

But the Queen can’t do it all on her own. This is why the extended royal family are integral in performing the multitude of services and responsibilities on behalf of Her Majesty.

Despite being the newest member of the royal family, Meghan attended 45 events in the UK and 51 overseas engagements in 2018 according to the UK newspaper The Times.  In addition to public engagements, she’s expected at private royal family get-togethers as well.

Here are 10 events Meghan Markle can’t miss during the royal calendar year.